Jayland Walker was fatal shot to death by white racist caveman police

Kobe Bryant tragically passed away along with his daughter, Gianna, and 7 others on January 26th, 2020. With the first anniversary of his death being today, I decided to write him an open letter to commemorate his legacy.
I hope you enjoy it.

Today we head up to Flint, Michigan to check out the state of things, speak to the people and business owners, and document how the water crisis, government policies, and pandemic have impacted the city. I haven't forgotten about you, Flint!

Surviving Bottom-Shelf Brad No. 25.

Surviving Brad No. 27

Surviving Bottom-Shelf Brad No.24

MJ Retired what a sad day

Texas School Shooter Salvador Ramos White Neanderthal display this barbaric DNA by slaughtering 19 innocent children

On Thursday may the 5th Black Male Advocate, And YouTube Superstar, Image Consulting/ Kevin Samuels passed away RIP Brother

life is hard yes it is

If The World Was To End now


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All Negro Bed Wenches Must Die