Turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck, then those are stuffed inside a deboned turkey and held together with a net. It makes for a very juicy bird. It's my favorite meat; I just couldn't wait until Thanksgiving.

3AM F2 tornado damage at the Springdale Country Club. George Elementary School gymnasium was destroyed.

So far so good on the DIY wiring harness installation.

Happy holidays everybody!

Part 1 installing a new wiring harness to replace the old and brittle one. Not a step by step video, rather a general overview with progress updates along the way. Any helpful tips are appreciated, as we've never done one before.

Enjoy the good times! No one is promised tomorrow. God bless!

A couple of late 80's Daytona(Chrysler Laser) turbos. The white TurboZ would be a good candidate for bringing back, but unfortunately not for sale. I guess he's just gonna let it rot into the ground. What a shame. . . .

The car was wrecked in 1971, went to the salvage yard, and a restoration was began around 2013, where it has sat inside a garage since. She is driving on her own power at long last!

Sandblasting and powdercoating original trim and bumper parts is an inexpensive way to achieve a custom look on old vehicles.

Highest mountain in the state of Arkansas. 1-2 weeks away from fall changing of the leaves. This is the film location of "True Grit" John Wayne 1969 Oscar winning performance. Beautiful country still. . .

Sends a cleaner message than the original phrase. I don't want to be responsible for "Mommy, what does f*%k Joe Biden mean?"

A couole of nice old trucks with a lot of potential. The C-10 looks like it's doing 100 mph standing still. . .

I ran into some of these outdated screws working on the car, and you need the proper tools to deal with them.

Found-2 original Chevy 302 (Z28) 4 bolt main engines. It's the engine that dominated the IROC in the late 1960's.

First time firing up the 283. Motor is originally out of a 1966 Chevelle.


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