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Atheistic Fools are Vile & Profane.

"We Are the Experiment!" - FDA Approves Omicron-Specific Shots With ZERO Clinical Data

Dr. Toby Rogers: "The manufacturers were asked what their production timelines [were], and they said out loud, 'So long as we don't have to provide any clinical data, we'll have them ready by August and September.' "
"So the FDA is going to introduce the shots into the population with no safety data whatsoever, and then try to catch injuries after the fact in the population using the safety system no one's ever heard of [Sentinel Initiative] while ignoring the system [VAERS] that is showing a massive signal in the data right now. So we are the experiment!"

David Knight Reports: Blood Clots, Cancer Appear with Warp Speed

President Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington:

“I think the bigger question is what are they trying to distract us from? How is this an emergency hearing, when your star witness is a 25 year old Swamp Social Climber who literally said a bunch of lies that are disprovable in about 2 minutes?”

⛽ Maxine Waters Says To Hell with the Supreme Court. We Will Defy Them!”

There no objective scientific proof that COVID exists.

This court case is but one of at least two in the world, in Canada is the other, in which the National (Socialist) Health Care couldn't show proof of COVID-19 being EVER isolated.


There's no proof that COVID even exists.

How's that smell?

It smells putrid, to me.

WHY do we get 'hungry'?
Our body needs ENERGY.

"The longitudinal waves are the ones our minds transmit between each other, that's the ones cells use to communicate with each other.

What you have, is 4 capacitors in a cell-like structure. It's my theory, the capacitors are the cell membranes of the cell & the coil is probably DNA. I have a feeling that's how nerve fibers work & that's how life itself develops energy from the Ether & Scalar Fields.
Einstein KNEW but was NOT allowed to divulge it" - - Eric Dollard & Chris Carson

FOOD is not only NOT giving us the ENERGY we need, it's poison! In turn, we buy & feel the need to consume more, making name brand food companies' wallets fatter, we get sicker, making Big Pharma's & the medical conglomerates' wallets fatter.

The REASON to suppress Nikola Tesla, goes MUCH deeper than 'Free Energy'.
It spans into BIOLOGY / physics / metaphysics.
These monsters are keeping the people sick via food, for profit.

The Mystery Behind The Resignation Of Pope Benedict XVI by Brother Alexis Bugnolo

How To Avoid The Mark Of The Beast by Brother Alexis Bugnolo

Athletes Dropping, Record Life Insurance Deaths: On a Clear and Convincing Basis, It's Because of the Vaccines

The Bradford Hill Criteria for Causality Confirm

- Is there a large signal? Yes, an astronomical number of deaths.

- Is there a temporal association? Yes. It turns out that 80% of these deaths occur within a week. 50% will occur within a couple of days.

Seriously, he's not a physician, viologist, or college graduate.

He can't even make a computer operating system that's virus-free, but you're gonna heed him on caring for the most complex operating system, the human body?

Why does anyone listen to Bill Gates?

Predictive Programming

Hunter Biden Packing Hooker Gun Shame On POTUS

Just when his father pushes for tighter gun laws, Hunter Biden once again provides more embarrassment for the president after footage of him romping with a sex worker while waving an illegal firearm emerged.

Politico reports that Hunter lied about his drug addictions to be able to buy the gun, which his then-lover and late brother’s widow Hallie Biden tossed into a trash can just yards from a high school.

Senator Ron Johnson has urged POTUS to rigidly enforce existing gun laws, including for incidents involving his son, otherwise attempts to tighten Second Amendment laws would be hypocritical.

Hunter shooting dad in the foot again.

'Vaccine in the Brain. Period': We Must Oppose Anything and Everything With the mRNA Platform

Dr. Richard Urso: "Right now, there's no way to create any kind of delivery package that's controllable, so anytime you hear lipid nanoparticle, messenger RNA anything, you know you're gonna vaccine in the brain. Period."

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda - New Film from CHD

"If you do not stop World Health Organization, when they are through with Africa, they're coming for you."



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