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Actually, I think it’s actually going up a bit.

In which we calm the newly evolved and frenzied Arcanine, get some character development for Irida and return to the village to give our report and receive new orders.

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In which we acquire the ingredients for Basculegion’s favorite food and use it to gain it’s aid in crossing the sea to pursue evildoers.

In which we are assigned by rowan to investigate the three mystic Pokemon but we are interrupted by an earthquake which turns out to be a bomb from Team Galactic. They also cut out my commentary at about 23:38. I might have re recorded but since most of it is intact I'm not too worried about it as an incident. What I am worried about is if it becomes a consistent problem. Hopefully not, but if it does then I can fall back on the stream setup even though I don't like recording videos with it.

The first half didn't get uploaded so I tried uploading it manually but it said the file size was too large, which is strange because it's just as long as this one... Anyway, this is now part 4 because I;m cutting it into pieces. It was originally called Part 2 because I stopped the original stream because I needed to go somewhere but I really wanted to finish this all by the end of the day.
Part 1 is being uploaded as I write this. It actually has all the story until we beat the level in this part.

In which we read some old books in the library in Canalave and then hit the gym. We’re as physically minded as we are intellectual.

Let's see what the big deal is. Personally, it seems to me that people are filling the void of Harvest Moon,

And weird dog sitting

In which we wrap up the distortion and move on to the girl whose name and request escapes me. Something about her being an outcast or something.

In which we meet Palina who informs us that the warden, Iscan, should be able to aid us in our quest. Iscan requires us to catch a certain Pokemon to be able to help, though.

In which we set out on Route 218, and have a surprise battle before getting the chance to heal.


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Current schedule: It's all Pokemon All the time! Legends and Pearl every other day! Don't feel comfortable recording Pearl 'til this puppy I'm watching goes home so it will be a bit later today but I will post it later today after he goes home. Actually, I'm just gonna wait for Tuesday to make it public, but I have recorded he next bit of Pearl.
Youtube stream schedule:
(06/20) @ Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

(06/21) @ Splatoon 2 (06/22) @ Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

(06/23) @ Splatoon 2 (06/24) Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge @ 1000 CST

As for Ring Fit Adventure, last time I tried recording that the sensor wasn't working so I got really frustrated and I'm not very motivated to continue if there's going to be problems like that...
Also continuing to publish old clips I made throughout my current Switch's life (RIP all the older clips from my first system, there were SO MANY!).

WHOOPI! I finally replaced my Switch. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't back anything up (or maybe I did but it became overwritten when I stopped paying for the online service?) so I'm going to have to start everything over, but still, I'M SO HAPPY I COULD SING!... but I won't.

Huh, it looks like they got the automatic upload working. Thanks, BitChute! Update: ugh, it looks like it's not working again... I'll have to contact support if it doesn't work by tomorrow, the 19th of June. Okay, I'll have to get ahold of them. I really don't want to go back to uploading them manually. That took forever. Oh, look! A bunch were just published! Interesting...

Pixel art: (Yeah, it's back)

Note to self: Redo playlist so that series with small games (i.e. Ninja Gaiden, Donkey Kong Country) are in the same playlist so that there can be more playlists on BitChute since I'm not a Gold member anymore (I never did receive a mug for being so for over six month, BTW BitChute). And also get rid of Playing through Mario Maker Levels playlist.