Gun vs Knife | AN In-Hand Option When Your Handgun Isn't Enough
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Why Taking The Fight to the Ground Can Get You Killed
Knife Defense for Concealed Carry
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The SIRT 115C (Glock 19) is here.

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Defending in Confined Spaces | Steering Wheel Reversal | IDS Weapons Based Wall Work Vol. 1

It’s not uncommon for spontaneous attacks to occur in confined spaces and up against walls or barriers. In these cases, the wall or barrier is either your strongest asset or your biggest liability. When concealed weapons are involved, there are extraordinary variables to consider.

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EXCLUSIVE REVIEW! G-Spot Fire Starting Kit by Refined Savages

Weapons Based Grappling | Countering Bicep Control and Modified Kimura for Integrated Counter Attacks

Case reports suggest 31% of violent attacks end up on the ground.

If your attacker enters your guard and employs bicep control it's a BIG CLUE so you better know what you're doing - especially if you're carrying a force multiplier.
Note: Accessing your weapon and transitioning to higher force requires legal justification and I believe moral necessity.

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Todd Fossey's 2A Speech West Lawn of US Capitol 2019

Writing and delivering this speech was very raw and personal for me. To be honest, there’s a part of me that hesitates to even share it, not because it doesn’t represent my deepest beliefs, but because it does.

It’s time to step out and step up for what’s right regardless of the cost. If we can’t speak freely, we’re simply not free.

The Training Mutilator

Turbo Charge Your Dry Fire Practice | High Noon Drill

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This Is How You'll Know You're Getting Great Training...

How to Retain Your Weapon When Entangled with a Taller Attacker with Long Arms.

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How to Use Commands and/or Handgun as a Deterrent

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Sport vs Self-Defense | Clearing Up The Confusion

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Carbine Range Day

Preemptive Strike -> Higher Force

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This Will Make You Rethink Firearms and Self Protection Training

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Appendix Carry Weapon Retention in Confined Spaces

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Fix or Fight Drill

Shooters vs Defenders Pt.2 (of 2)

Shooters vs Defenders

BJJ Submission Nightmare

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For the past 18 months I've kept this private...
I just felt weird about sharing it publically...
Until Now...

Why Weapons Based Grappling is Like Multidimensional Chess

This is Why Carrying Multiple Weapons Can be a Dangerous Proposition


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