This is a lecture given by Viktor Efimov to the students of the Saint Petersburg State Agrarian University on the 30th of September, 2015.
The main thematic of the lecture is worldview security, into which Efimov delves by means of a wide range of connected topics.

0:28 - The Main Task of the University
5:49 - Manipulation by Mass Media and Transnational Corporations
9:58 - Psychological Imprinting, Alcohol, Smoking
12:51 - Manipulation through Nutrition (sugar, flour etc.)
21:20 - Nature is the Gospel of God; Providence in Life; Scriptures
25:03 - Interpreting the Song of the Nightingale
27:25 - The Technology of God: The Atta Ant, Sai Baba and Teleportation
32:07 - The Genius of Nature in: The Warbler - The Basilisk Lizard - The Ichneumonidae - The Tooth-Nosed Snout Weevil - The Paper Wasp
35:23 - Nature and "Love for the Homeland"
36:11 - Bees and their Attitude towards Alcohol
40:05 - The Law of Time
44:13 - Money; Loan Interest; Inflation Rate, etc.
49:30 - The Levels of the Human Psyche
51:11 - Likeness to God
54:12 - The Concept of God
57:39 - Hierarchy of Intellect in Creation
1:05:27 - There are No Accidents
1:11:49 - Types of Psyche Structures
1:16:44 - Method for Concealing the Truth
1:18:49 - The Priorities of Generalized Means of Governance/Weaponry
1:29:00 - "The Grape-bunch Effect"; How Alcohol Affects the Brain
1:31:59 - Beer
1:34:28 - Smoking
1:36:17 - Conclusion

"For you, first of all, to succeed as specialists - this is one of the most important components in general and your fate in particular, your well-being - this is prosperous work. But there is an equally important task - this is a task becoming a Human, a Human with a capital letter, a reasoning Human..."

"To put it bluntly and succinctly, I want you to understand that you need to learn first of all from nature, and not from TV. The fact is that in the conditions of globalization we are talking about, today such a unified corporation has been created, if you like, the globe. Look at the mass media in any country in the world - they are one and the same. Those programs, those channels of ours, those entertainment shows of different roles - they are one and the same in all countries of the world. And our media, unfortunately, do not invent anything new".

" the way, in the USA, about 60-70% of the absolutely physiologically sick population are overweight. And two teams work well: one team works to make people fat, and fat is sugar first of all".

"Therefore, our task is to instill in you a sense of measure, to instill in you the quality of distinction, so that, having watched or seen something, you may understand why it has been given to you, what they are trying to do, what problem they are trying to solve, whether directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is ne

Former Miss Brazil died after heart attack and brain hemmorhagge or whatever...

Another jabb victim?...

Another young man died...

Olympic Swimmer Anita Alvarez talks about het ."V". status in may 13, 2021.
She fainted during a performance in Budapest.

An athlete from Cherkasy, Diana Petrenko, supported Ukrainian soldiers who defended Mariupol at a boxing tournament in Hungary and unfurled the Azov regiment flag. A girl managed to become a vice-champion and won a silver medal. Although later, the tournament organizers made her lower the flag.

Defenders of Mariupol are temporarily in captivity in Russian-occupied territories. Ukraine is negotiating to bring brave soldiers back home.

Video from Daniel Liszt - Dark Journalist.
Date: 13-06-2022

It seems Rammstein also supports the global maffia.
Drummer Christoph Schneider is holding a sign that says "Wilkommen" (welcome)
This is perhaps about welcoming the Ukrainian refugees,
Europe is continiously fludded with "refugees",
This is all part of the Replacement Migrations agenda from the United Nations.
But the Idiots at this concert simply applaude and cheer while our country's are being destroyed by migrants.

live in Zürich 30.5.2022

A woman who peacefully demonstrated outside Joe Biden's motorcade yesterday in Los Angeles has been violently arrested by police.

The elite are afraid of the people, that's why they use so much violence!

Could this possibly have something to do with the experimental injections?

Health officials in Montreal have begun offering monkeypox vaccinations to people who are at high risk of catching the disease, including those who have been in contact with confirmed cases in the last 14 days, amid rising infections in the area.

Polish bodybuilder Paul Poloczek passed away just hours after competing in a bodybuilding contest. He was only 37. Paul’s name is now part of the latest high-profile bodybuilder to pass away in recent months. His death came in just a month after fellow bodybuilder Stacey Cummings passed away unexpectedly at age 31 and 5 weeks after the passing of Cedric McMillan.
Check out this video for more details.

Richard Hall Mentioned this in one of his presentation, this video shows a clearly faked terror attack that was apperently filmed by someones security camera.
It was presented in the mainstrem media as a real attack.

I couldn't find the original video, this is someone filming it from a laptop.

Shinty is a team game played with sticks and a ball. Shinty is now played mainly in the Scottish Highlands.

Newtonmore Camanachd Club led the tributes to Andy Mackintosh, who captained the Highland team when they lifted both the Camanachd Cup and the MacTavish Cup in 2018.

Dozens of heartfelt tributes have poured in for a talented Scots shinty star who died suddenly aged just 31.

Andy ‘Tosh’ Mackintosh, from Newtonmore, sadly passed away on June 1 leaving behind his devastated family, friends and teammates.

The former Scotland international has been hailed as a “true soldier” of the sport, with clubs across the country sending their condolences.

Newtonmore Camanachd Club led the tributes to Andy, who followed in his father Iain’s footsteps by playing for his hometown team.

The club took to social media to share touching photographs of the defender, who captained the team to a Camanachd Cup and MacTavish Cup double in 2018, and his young family over the years.

Elze van Hamelen interviews German author and journalist Ernst Wolff. He talks about the current power structures in the world.

Would you like to see more interviews from De Andere Krant? Let us know in the comments and by leaving a like on the video.

A University of Massachusetts Amherst lacrosse player from Long Island died Monday morning at just 19 years old.

Aidan Kaminska, who was raised in Port Jefferson, died “unexpectedly,” according to an obituary notice and the university.

Neither the obituary nor the university’s announcement lists the student’s cause of death.

Kaminska was a sophomore communications major and a midfielder for UMass Amherst’s lacrosse team, the Minutemen.

probably a cardiac arrest.

Krishnakumar Kunnath, 53, popularly known as KK, died while performing a concert on Nazrul Manch, Kolkata on 31st May 2022. He was a popular Indian playback singer. He was regarded as one of the most versatile singers of his generation. Born to Hindu Malayali parents, Krishnakumar Kunnath was brought up in New Delhi.

The guy died after this heart attack, he was apparently 78 years old.
I don't know if he was vaxxed.

Julian Assange supports the official narrative about 9/11, this tells you everything you need to know about Assange and Wikileaks...

video from

Jerm Warfare podcast:

Thierry Baudet is a Dutch author of 12 books and the founding director of the Forum For Democracy, a Dutch thinktank and political party.

He is a member of parliament and a renowned public speaker.

Thierry chatted to me about three, what he refers to as, mega-trends currently shaping the West. They are mass immigration, global governance, and climate change.

All three mega-trends are dangerous.

I wonder if he was jabbed...

Efforts are bring stepped up to improve survival rates from cardiac arrests in Singapore. Cardiac arrest cases outside of hospitals more than doubled in the last decade. Sherlyn Seah reports
22 may 2022


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