Milton Keynes Funeral Director John O' Looney and Guests Speak in Leicester about the mRNA Injection (04,06,2022)

DARPA: Artificial Intelligence (2021)

The Vaccinated are the Experiment

Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR Test used for covid detection speaks on its misinterpretation and elements of the scientific establishment.

World Economic Forum: You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy (2022)

The UK Government is full of Corrupt Criminals

5G: Next Gen Health Dangers (2020)

The New Order of Barbarians: The New World System (2013)

THE MOST FRIGHTENING TRUE STORY EVERY TOLD! On March 20, 1969, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan listened as a member of "The Order" delivered a hair-raising speech to a room full of doctors. He and the others were told not to record what they were hearing but, instead to take notes.

The Battle for Humanity (2020)

Dr Carrie Madej: Human 2.0, The mRNA Experiment (June 16, 2022)

Gang Related And Mask: Dictation

Bill Cooper Tells All: Allegations that the Freemason organizations were infiltrated by the Illuminati during Weishaupt's reign are hogwash. The Freemasons have ALWAYS contained the core of Illuminati within their ranks. William Cooper NWO In 1826.

The Plan all along was to Murder UK citizens

Old World: Before and after the Reset

mRNA Injection Injuries and Deaths #3

Mind: More Than Most Can Handle (2018)

Technical Manual TW-SW7905: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Document

Stephen Marley: Mind Control

How Your TV Controls Your Mind (2022)

Frankie Goes To Nowhere: A Covid-19 Musical

What is 6G Technology (2020)

Dr Burzynski Discovered the Cure for Cancer in 1976

The Best Kept Secrets of the Deep State

The Ruling Class are Murdering You

Disclosure Hub: 100 Conspiracies That Will End Up Being True (2022)


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