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Amy' video mirrored. . -- Two young sons starting out in school life. Find Amy on Instagram @amylivesoutdoors Amy says: "I discuss what it's like having young kids in Clown World 2022. I talk about how I handle the transgender agenda, sex education and other things. Hug a parent today." See: THE BLACK NOBILITY

Sean is fighting for his life with throat cancer -- - Host Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot June 22, 2022 video mirrored -- Sean's radio show Hawks Nest at -- his book Sean's email at [email protected] .. "As Dr. Theodore Humphrey Jr. stood in front of the turbulent, glowing, pulsing portal before him, knowing, when he stepped inside, it would take him to another time and place. He hated the events that brought him to this moment. He had been careful to cover his tracks before diving head first into this maelstrom of the Space/Time Continuum, even making arrangements for his will to be carried out by The Group after his departure. But it was all in vain! One after another, worlds he visited had been devastated and destroyed. The ravaging alien forces were headed for Earth, but he discovered they were hunting him, Ted Humphrey, for the galactic bounty on his head, worth more than whole solar systems, and even upon his return...the hunt continued! On Earth! Who was the traitor that had given these planet-killing marauders the ability to track him? Was it all part of a greater and much grander plan to blame The Group for a cataclysmic terrorist event so it would be ultimately dismantled so Earth would be left defenseless? To uncover the truth, Ted's only option is to turn to "The Visitor" he knows he cannot trust."

mirrored - "I discuss the Merovingian bloodline, the dynasty houses, the Vatican and my thoughts on the Antichrist." says Amy who deleted her Twitter she links to a private Instagram - Amy says the devil resides in the Vatican -


Jordan's video from today from Jordan's Bitchute -- Read Appendix 13 Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome in the book "Hitler Was A British Agent" By Greg Hallett & Spymaster

mirrored -- "Awaken with JP" talks up health, wellness, fitness, spirituality, freedom, social commentary -- JP Sears on Twitter - Tucker on Twitter - "Awaken with JP" Youtube Joseph Gregory Hallett, King John III "King of UK" Youtube & Bitchute "King John III" Bitchute "Greg Hallett Archives" Youtube - blacklisted architect, author of 17 books, born in New Zealand September 15, 1961 Common Law Court Great Britain & International This Royal Family Channel Youtube video mirrored from 1998 archives

Joseph Gregory Hallett @ King John III - Video mirrored from M Seeker youtube - Cirsten W was a very recent addition to the 'community of truthers' and a friend of Scott Mackay, Michael Jaco, David Nino Rodriguez "Pay"triot community, Roseanne Barr, Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone, et al

Deceased Cirsten W Bitchute channel video Nov 20, 2021 - panel discussion with Sacha Stone, Scott Page, Michael Jaco, Sue Wong - King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett has claimed Kingship in Common Law Court Great Britain & International

Tucker on Twitter - Theo on Twitter - Trauma survivor and former Canadian NHL star Theo Fleury is noticing that governments are purposefully inflicting pain to get citizens to obey. He joins Tucker to explain why Trudeau is the 'worst of the worst' but there is hope for Canada [ Theo Fleury was born June 29, 1968 in Oxbow Sask ]
See his group "Canadians for Truth" thanks for sharing this one folks! Thanks Theo! (306) 275-2271 [email protected]

2011 video mirrored -- -- 'carbon tax is theft' carbon capture is a con-- -- David Keith has worked near the interface between climate science, energy technology, and public policy for twenty-five years. Best known for his work on the science, technology, and public policy of solar geoengineering, David led the development of Harvard's Solar Geoengineering Research Program. He took first prize in Canada's national physics prize exam, won MIT's prize for excellence in experimental physics, and was one of TIME magazine's Heroes of the Environment. David is a Professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Harvard Kennedy School, and founder of Carbon Engineering, a company developing technology to capture CO2 from ambient air.

Reminder there is no queen of England--- /\ /\ /\ ArAngA! ---
Video mirrored from youtube-- - More subversion and distraction media by the usual suspects - See King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett and Common Law Court Great Britain & International a superior claim of Kingship filed by Greg Hallett

mirrored from "Greg Hallett Archives" "The British Royal Family is Colour of Law Only from 2016"
Joseph Gregory Hallett King John III Kingship claimed, a superior claim to the Throne filed in UK's Common Law Court Great Britain & International
There is no Queen of England
see "King of UK" Youtube and Bitchute "King John III" Bitchute and "Greg Hallett Archives" on Youtube

Death cult for Crown's 'silent weapons for quiet wars' - 22 dead in Gabriel Wortman shootings - a ritual murder spree courtesy of the freemasons of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick all working together for the Crown - see: Greg Hallett
Youtube video mirrored --

mirrored video from Anton Petrov
Good telescope that I've used to learn the basics: Get a Wonderful Person shirt: Alternatively, PayPal donations can be sent here:
Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about yet another update from James Webb Space Telescope - it got hit by a micrometeorite. But is this going to cause issues? Links:

mirrored video ---
Jason Verbelli’s sites : -- -- presentation at their youtube archives too ---- Crystal commenced the 95th FESIG Meeting introducing SEG’s Jason Verbelli, an independent investigator and researcher of unconventional technologies, dedicated in exotic experiments in both electric and magnetic, committed to studying and applying the concept of magnetic waveforms. Jason has been an integral part of developing the unique magnetic materials. He educates the public to bring these revolutionary concepts to the mainstream. His passion and enthusiasm is paving the way for the next generation to better understand this emerging new branch of science. Jason wears a lot of hats in his day-to-day roles which include Lab Technician, Media/Public Relations, Operations Manager and President of SEG Magnetics, Inc. He talks about the following in his 2 part sessions with FESIG at this 95th Meeting.
• SEG, The Searl Effect Generator
• The Rebirth of Classic Physics: Time, Light & Gravity
• Anti-Gravity & Microgravity
• Cymatic Magnetism : Magnetic Waves, combining Cymatics with Magnetism.

He introduced how John Searl started his work on his Searl electric generator. How he 1st developed the 11 ft diameter flying disk, with crazy experiments powering his home. The story of how he seeks funding and Jason and team now continuing his work, validating his claims providing his technology to the world. The SEG is a game-changing electrical generator, designed to operate without fuel costs, pollution, noise, machine wear, and to operate 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions. It is scalable to power homes, any electrical transportation system, off-the-grid communities, and even industrial power plants as a World Class energy solution. Jason showed us so clearly how the SEG works with many beautifully illustrated diagrams and videos. He showed how the electric, magnetic and motion works together. Shows how everything spins together as one. He demonstrated the Homopolar Motor, the design of which to be tested as a generator. Energy has to come from somewhere… The magnetic waveform that John Searl learnt how to impress into a magnetic field – created a waveform effect in a rotation.
Electric must be radial. The rollers will spin and everything will spin as one - forming petals around the circumference. The height of quantum theory… the centrifugal force of the spinning magnets…magnetic waveform operates thus. The spinning magnet will not touch the copper – levitating (maglev). John Searl said the magnets will spin and levitate. North south, north south – gradient of magnetic potential which when spinning creates a sine-wave of magnetism like cymatics when you vibrate sand on a plate it gives you notes of activity. So this is electric magnetic Cymatics!

Justin Trudeau is a minion for the Queen's "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Agenda" .. Chris Hall @ CBC also a minion ---
thumbnail: Bob Moran Cartoons

mirrored video
lots of great short videos at this channel Velyanimov's Pig Pen


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Promoting Greg Hallett since 2010 in Eastern Canada - indie publisher/blogger/highly censored by Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spreaker, Twitter, Vimeo and "the Community". [Hitler Was A British Agent, Greg Hallett & Spymaster]

Notice was duly given by Greg Hallett in 2007...

from the book "Stalin's British Training, Breeding Concubines, Paedophiles at War" as follows:

"8 March 2007

Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Your Majesty the Queen,

Its worse than we thought.

Official British History is bunkum. The Reverends, Bishops, and Boy Scouts sent out to the colonies turned out to be army colonels who colonised through paedophilia, torture and arms.

The war heroes you most honoured turned out to be homosexual, child-sex, abusing necrophilliacs. Your supposed enemies turned out to be your agents who removed your cousins in opposing monarchies. Your prime ministers turned out to be your nephews and your bankers turned out to be your parents.

Your genealogy is illegitimate and the only consistent breeding line has been secret society spy bankers who used you to declare war whenever you were prepared. Never has a double agent family, like your own, been so completely involved in treachery, and such expansive treachery.

From the close scrutiny of history, which is your history, I have come to the conclusion that the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, Windsors, and Mountbattens are illegitimate treasonous double agent families who should be exiled from anything commoners call integrity.

You are the descendants of a long line of anarchists and in the correct light of history you have pirate status.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Hallett" King John III "King of UK" on Youtube & Bitchute "King John III" Bitchute "Greg Hallett Archives" Youtube

Joseph Gregory Hallett commentary-- "You mean the Yellow Vest Road. Sure I have a plan. The plan has already been written. To state the plan makes it easier to circumvent. Politicians state what they're going to do, and then do the opposite. so stating everything before it happens is counter-productive in the extreme. All things in their time. Yes, after 20, 30 or 40 years on this, there is a certain amount of glee as it approaches. The gate is narrow - the effects enormous. I don't object to the occasional 'Thomas' and won't try to convince you otherwise. I've had the moustache and goatee for years. It was others who said I looked like Walter Raleigh, and so I expressed this, as it also tied in with the story. And yes, others look like Raleigh, but so do I. Also, the areas of England and Cape Cod where there was 'Hallett' was match this, like John Hallett of Cape Cod, and his famous daughter Maria 'Goody' Hallett. History is written by people who do not make connections. Most of the history you've read has been fake and organised to a structure supporting those who stole power while suppressing true stories of far greater interest and influence. This is a new path, and to be on it - well there's no one whose done it before and said 'this is what you do next'. If you have an major predictions of yourself, repeatedly, and down to the specific, please let me know. In the mean time, evidence continues to emerge, and the world at large continues to react ... and it appears the time is right, at the end of Tribulations ... so hurry up and make your claim. The Yellow Brick Road is unfolding was we walk."