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Libertarian Party of Canada Leader Jacques Boudreau with David Sabine, Board Member .. June 12, 2024 Video Mirrored... Streamed live 14 hours ago Topics include: Retroactive crimes in Bill C-63, Central Planners Need to Plan, Argentina Winning [Interesting Jacques Boudreau sent his daughters to Mount Allison University in Sackville NB. He bought them a house to live in. The last MTA President was J.P. Boudreau]

"The answer is nothing less than a return to God" - Jonathan Cahn Official Video Mirrored... Jun 20, 2013 - To get in touch, to receive more, including Free Gifts and Updates, or to be part in the Great Commission, go to: - Or write to: Hope of the World, Box 1111, Lodi, NJ 07644 To get The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, just go online or off to wherever books are sold. Jonathan Cahn speaks from Statuary Hall in the Unites States Capitol Building, Washington DC. Present were former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Representatives Duncan Hunter, Michele Bachmann, Vickey Hartzler, Mike McIntyre, Doug LaMalfa and Lou Gohmer. The event commemorated the Inauguration of George Washington.

In 2014 Kim Clement - video mirrored ... #Disclosure #KingJohnIII #KingDavid #Q #United #Prophecy #KimClement #United Greg Hallett's Website: King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett .. Joins Kingdoms Joins Time.. #JacobsPillow #CoronationStone #FlatLieRoyalsExposed #TerraCartaChuck #SilentWeaponsforQuietWars

Erica Butler blocks me on Twitter.. not helpful really. Sweet gig cheap rental deal for coffee seller Alice Cotton & Pete Stephenson @ Town tourism info centre.. Coffee shops are a license to print lotsa money - good to be in the clique of green #GreenCult - Erica @ CHMA since 2020 moved to town from Halifax NS, Halifax Examiner job with Tim Bousquet et al ..uninterested in the Tantramar Skate Park Project

Fuck off back to where you came from ...
This is London.
Anglo Fucking Saxon

Mirrored from Jason Kessler...on Bitchute...
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Audio from Erica "blocker" on Twitter .. narrative under tight control Erica Butler has little incentive to collaborate with others outside the university in this town of lemmings ... "We don't know what it is.." Megan Mitton Green Party MLA babbler and "climateering" hysteric has happily promoted masks and vaxx .. photography to counter-their-narrative.. as always... someone has to do it... King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett
Jason Kessler is on Bitchute:
Leyland Cecco Toronto report on New Brunswick in the Guardian...
"Lori Ann Roness -- Originally from Quebec, I grew up in Ontario and after many years of roaming, I have come to Sackville. I have been teaching at the MASSIE program since September 2002 and really enjoy teaching the students some of the history of the area and how Canada developed. I've also enjoyed talking with the students and learning more about life in Japan. I look forward to continuing to be a part of a terrific program."

Little Portugal, Toronto, Ontario - Fr. Don Beyers - St. Anne's Anglican Church Was Lost to Fire Sunday, June 9, 2024 .. November 1, 2022 Video Mirrored... -- Learn more about the sacrament of Confirmation and its meaning through this brief video from St. Anne’s, Toronto

Church lost to fire Sunday, June 9, 2024 .. Mirrored video...
Jan 12, 2021 Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the painting "The Nativity" by the Group of Seven's Frederick Varley, 1923. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell.

Church lost to a fire June 9, 2024 - mirrored video..
Jun 10, 2020 Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the painting "The Ascension" by Herbert H Stansfield, 1923. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell.

The church was lost to fire Sunday, June 9th, 2024... video mirrored..
Jun 10, 2020 - Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the painting "The Resurrection" by Herbert Sidney Palmer, 1923. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell. born June 15, 1881 died November 28, 1970

Fire destroyed St. Anne's June 9, 2024.. Video Mirrored...
Jun 16, 2020 #tourtuesday Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the Gospel Medallions by Frances Loring and Florence Wyle. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell. Look up into the dome and we this great 1923 collaboration by the celebrated Toronto same-sex couple. Happy Pride. We look forward to returning to monthly tours of the church on the first Sunday of each month, immediately following the worship service. Currently, the church building is closed during the coronavirus quarantine. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy these abbreviated Virtual Tours. St. Anne’s presence in the community continues to be engaged and vibrant. Find out more:

Church was lost to a fire June 9, 2024... mirrored video..
Jun 10, 2020 Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the chancel mosaics by Alexander von Svoboda, 1960, 1968. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell.

Fire destroyed this church June 9, 2024... Jan 28, 2021 Frederick Varley, a member of the Group of Seven, painted one work in St. Anne's Anglican Church in Toronto, the Nativity and also, did the four prophets too. Tour Leader Robin Sewell tells how that came about. Special thanks for this collaboration between St. Anne's and the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art. This video also includes a segment by Sam Cheung of the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art linking Carmichael's works in St. Anne's with his more famous Group of Seven paintings. Sam Cheung focuses our attention on the clouds and the trees in two of Carmichael's paintings in the McMichael's collection of Carmichael paintings. St. Anne's and McMichael are collaborating in the three-part series featuring the Group of Seven at St. Anne's. Please also see the videos for J.E.H. MacDonald and Franklin Carmichael.

Church lost to a fire June 9, 2024 -- Robin Sewell Tour Leader - J.E.H. Macdonald - The Tempest - Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Little Portugal, Toronto, Ontario.. mirrored video .. August 18, 2020....

Fire destroyed St. Anne's Anglican Church June 9, 2024... St. Anne's Anglican Church Video mirrored...

St. Anne's Anglican Church was lost to a fire 6/9/2024 ... mirrored video... Jan 12, 2021 Virtual Tour of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, featuring the painting "The Adoration of the Magi" by the Group of Seven's Franklin Carmichael, 1923. Tour Leader: Robin Sewell.

Who is paying for the gatekeeper ATN Reports folks? Barb McKenna is an award-winning, seasoned journalist who lives on PEI on Twitter: April 1, 2024...A group of islanders gathered in Borden-Carleton to protest the rise in the Carbon Tax that took effect on April 1, 2024. "Barb McKenna @barbinpei Jul 24, 2023 When I became a journalist in 1984, the prime minister was John Turner.
I covered Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, and Justin Trudeau. I met each and every one.
The worst - by far - was Stephen Harper. He immediately changed the tone ."

Mirrored video from ATN Reports.. so who is funding them? The Usual Suspects. Nova Scotia protestors set up April 1st and are now gone from their spot at the Tourism Welcome Centre in Nova Scotia near the border with New Brunswick "Axe The Tax" Protests - Veteran journalist Barb McKenna from PEI went over to talk to them.. .. so why is ATN blocking me on Twitter.. hmmmm? "We are the first journalists in Canada to interview the carbon tax protesters who have been camping out at the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick border since April 1st. Diagolon? A Pierre Poilievre visit? Trudeau calling them terrorists? We ask the questions no one else has. Support our work: ttps:// Website: " Bruce Wark covered this protest group at his New Brunswick website:

#RobertWillyPicktonDidNotActAlone Episode 18 Youtube Video Mirrored from "The Broad Cast" June 9, 2024 ... Note Some Youtube Commentary: "@silverfox4104 9 hours ago How much you wanna bet that this involves chiefs in B.C. As well, The Kamloops bodies was front and centre about bodies of children only to find out there were no bodies! I felt sickened and felt I was used as a prop for their propaganda. Watch how the news plays it out once everyone finds out there are bodies buried on the Pig farm will they use the Kamloops experience. I believe the First Nations people have many corrupt chiefs ,when money talks they would sell their souls for it."

Both dudes block me on Twitter.. why? They don't want to hear about Greg Hallett King John III Website: May 2024 Interview Video Mirrored... Ricardo's website:
Derek’s Links Telegram - Twitter - Visit the Grift shop at P.O. Box #3631 Cochrane, Ontario, P0L1C0

Faith's video June 7, 2019 .. fasting from meat.. Wednesdays & Fridays
Join me in fasting from meat on Wednesdays and Fridays until October 21 (Canada's federal election), a sacrifice in tandem with prayer for the conversion of our country and for God's Will to be done here!





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Activist Pierre Barns - advocate exposing SOGI 123 - Save Canada Rally April 2024 in Vancouver BC - Website:
Twitter Pierre Barns "What is grooming?"

mirrored video.. Gatekeeper Jones, the actor.. won't discuss King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett.... "King of UK" Youtube .. Jim Fetzer talks to Greg Hallett and talks about Sandy Hoax .. Alex Jones is there to distract people from Hallett & Fetzer.. as is Ezra Levant, Jordan Peterson, Jeremy MacKenzie, Joe Rogan


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