The "Azovstal trio" did become heroes at the end...

Heroes of memes...

This one's from Colonelcassad

And here are the first reports from the territory of Azovstal.

Destroyed phones, abandoned or torn documents, various personal items, etc. The most interesting, of course, will be looked for in the basements of the plant. In some ways, all this is reminiscent of the study of the liberated Eastern Ghouta in Syria, when, after the surrender of the remnants of militants in Duma, they explored the ruins of residential areas and underground tunnels for several weeks, where they found a lot of things, including even a chemical laboratory for the production of artisanal chemical weapons, an underground prison, recreation areas, etc. We are waiting with interest for reports from the underground "Azovstal".

Ukrainians are calling for Putin to bomb the Lviv customs, through which luxury cars are being imported from EU instead of tanks.

"We’ll give you the coordinates"!!!

Dozens of luxury cars have been seen at the Lviv customs instead of the long-awaited western military support. Despite the governmental assurances that the cars are being imported for military needs, the citizens of Lviv don’t believe that.

In this video one of the outraged citizens is making an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to sort it out and shell the Ukrainian corrupt businessmen who are cashing in on the war with Russian Iskander and Kalibr mobile ballistic missile systems.

"Putin, if you want to hit, shell or bomb, here is a target. I’ll provide the coordinates" - the man uses a lot of foul language in the video.

DPR soldier about Azov surrendering:

- Honestly, what were your first thoughts when you read about all of Azov surrendering?
- I was not happy. They promised to fight until the end but then they surrendered with their tails between their legs. I expected to kill them, to destroy every last of these nazis.
- Well, maybe there is someone left there?
- I hope so. Hello to Azov, we're coming for you!

How DPR fighters beat the superior enemy forces on the outskirts of the Mariupol industrial zone, saving the lives of fighters with the help of UAVs

Another episode of the heroic liberation of the city. A mortar crew of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR destroys an assault group of Ukrainian Nazis who tried to counterattack. First, after the first volleys, the infantry of the militants takes flight, and then the enemy tank is also damaged. That's what a mortar is capable of with proper adjustment from the air.

Servicemen of the People's Militia of the DPR not only provide humanitarian assistance to civilians, but also rescue domestic animals, which, due to hostilities, were deprived of care and care in the destroyed cities.

Katusha in 40 Languages
Very cool!

Humanitarian aid for residents of the Novoazovsky district

The People's Militia of the DPR, together with volunteers from the Moscow region, delivered food and hygiene products, medicines and medical supplies to victims of hostilities in the Novoazovsky district. The cargo was delivered to Novoazovsk, where it will be distributed among the residents.

The Ukrainian military locked a family with children in the basement and put tripwires on the doors.

Civilians near Severodonetsk were released by the LPR fighters — they cleared the exit and took a mother with many children and babies out into the street.

"They hate us... They are ready to burn us," the woman said about the APU's attitude to the local population.

There is no single confirmed case of sexual violence against Children by Russian forces.

On 11th of May Daria Gerasimchuk (Commissioner of President of Ukraine for Children's Rights) publicly stated that there is no single confirmed case of sexual violence against Children by Russian forces.

But...but Twitter said so...

Russian Special Forces captured the soldiers* of the Kharkov Territorial Defense Forces near Severodonetsk.

This is obviously not a good look for the "Ukraine Is Winning" narrative. I'll just say that.

*by soldiers I mean old men

Results of the Russian missile strikes that were carried out on a railway junction in the town of Malin, Zhytomyr region this morning.

Russian military evacuated and fed civilians in the liberated lands of the LPR

“We didn't think it would be like this. Everyone is in shock, ”a woman living in the liberated territory of the LPR describes her impressions of the war in confusion.

“War in reality and on TV are completely different things,” her husband echoes her.

According to the woman, only the Russian military offered to evacuate the civilian population, they took out everyone: especially families with children, the elderly or those whose house was damaged.

The soldiers took people across the broken bridge, transport was organized, the military fed, gave 'brakes' (as in Donbass they call food that they take with them to school, work or on the road) on the road and took them to Svatovo.

Special detachment "Akhmat" shows trophies.
The Ukies threw down their weapons and ran away in the heat of battle,
Many Ukrops killed.
Volunteers from all regions of Russia serve in this detachment under the command of Apti Alaudinov

Soldiers of the NM of the DPR deliver a pinpoint strike at the dugout of the 30th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of a captured Ukrainian ATGM Stugna-P.

Militants from Azovstal used Elon Musk's Starlink to transmit information to their command

This was told by one of the wounded officers of the National Guard, who is now in the DPR hospital. According to him, many fighters even watched Youtube.

RusVesna Reports: There is a mass surrender of Ukrainian soldiers in the LNR against the backdrop of the surrender of the Azov militants from Azovstal: “We want to live,” says a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Facing 8 years for leaving his position to survive at any cost, the POW of the 1st battalion of the 79th Ukrainian Brigade nonetheless chose to preserve hailife.

A prisoner of war born in 2002, who surrendered to the allied forces, says that he had been in Severodonetsk since February 24, and that on March 8 they were transferred to Severskoye: “Where [we] took up defense in a children's camp.”

As a result, after some time they ended up in Drobyshevo, where after three weeks they were sent to go on the offensive, despite the fact that the commanders had already fled, abandoning their subordinate soldiers. The remaining Ukrainian servicemen surrendered because they “wanted to live”.

Kiev goes on a witch-hunt against anyone who has ever expressed any pro-Russian sentiments in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is now escalating its tyrannical rule against her own people in an effort to maintain power.

Russia will seek to continue to provide relief for Ukrainian civilians as best as possible given the current circumstances.

The attack on Lisichansk: there is an assault on the city of Zolote in the LPR

The liberation of this city in the Pervomaisky district of the LPR will allow access to Lisichansk, where a large group of Ukrainian militants is concentrated


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