Islam is a Mental Illness

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Islam is a Mental Illness

Islam is a Mental Illness


Brigitte Gabriel tells the story of how Islamists overran her country Lebanon with the aid of Islamic countries in the 1970s. This, unfortunately, is the fate of Europe in the years to come...
Turkey was once Christian. So was Syria. Afghanistan was once Buddhist. Iran was once Persia. Christian Nigerians were once safe. Wherever Islam goes, blood flows... Free Lebanon instead Palestine...

👯‍♀️❤️🤗 2009 video of him:
I wish your country to navigate through the Islamic threat & overcome it!

Take Borax instead of Pharmaceutical!
She should have also said all those nutrients can be found in red MEAT & eggs. (She is pro - plant based) plant based is what the NWO wants us all to be because MEAT is good for us. Check out the NWO DIEt documentary video..

These lectures linked below were recorded in Invercargill, New Zealand. Want to know how to naturally heal / cure anything? I am sharing a 17 part series that Barbara made and each part deals with different ailments...
Link to part 1 here:
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People don't get arrested for lies, they get arrested for telling the truth... 🐌 vs 🐛 Germany sacrificing it’s women on the alter of multi culturalism.
Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, a young politician from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, who was recently convicted for inciting hatred. This conviction followed her public discussion of gang rape statistics linked to Afghan migrants in Germany. Kaiser's case has ignited a fiery debate on the balance between free speech & hate speech, especially in the context of discussing sensitive statistical data. She should be lauded, NOT persecuted.

This video has been demonetized by YouTube for stating the fact that "36% of French Muslims want churches to be turned into mosques" which is literally from this survey.
You can read more on the survey here:

India : Hinduism vs Islam
Sri Lanka : Buddhism vs Islam
China : Atheism vs Islam
Israeli: Judaism vs Islam
France: Christianity vs Islam
Myanmar: Buddhism vs Islam
Middle East : Islam vs Islam
I must say Islam is very peaceful religion...

There are NO French Muslims, only Muslims living in France. Their loyalty is to their hateful religion, never the country they happen to live in!

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Your intestines has about 39 trillion microorganisms in it. And yes I said trillion. We call this collection of organisms the microbiome and it consists of mostly bacteria, but also viruses and fungi. Collectively it weighs about 3 pounds which is about the same weight as your brain.
We feed these organisms and they produce chemicals that we need. They send messages to the brain through the Vagus nerve.
Several factors determine whether or not your have good vs. bad bacteria:- (1) Diet (2) Medications (3) Age (4) Sleep (5) Activity level.


Or Herbivores are opportunistic omnivores, since always...? 🐦🐦🥚🥚
During the new epidemic, the WEF "world economic forum" shall impose a ban on the consumption of red meat!!!!

TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse:

Electric universe + Copper: I have been drinking out of copper water dispenser I feel amazing! & the rose water.. I am addicted to it. It is so good cold! We now need to use Gold as well... We are now shifting gear to the next level so that we will never be enslaved again by the dark forces.

Have you ever read the great book The Secret Life of Plants? This came out back in the 1970's, & it features Sir Agadis Chandra Bose in one chapter. Chapter 17 is called "Alchemists in the Garden" & it proves that plants are capable of making new metals from lower-level elements.

The exact date of the destruction of Lemuria / Kumari Kandam / Terra Australis / the Continent of Mu, etc., is documented in historic records - as is the timeline for all our continents, our mountains, oceans, cliffs, canyons, calderas, craters, ice shelves, glaciers, ocean trenches, our broken & subducted tectonic plates, etc.
The original Lemurians seems to be in Tamil Nadu and living on HyperSpace just above South India... They did not die they just moved up and its their children's who are occupying earth realms now but they seem to push and take whenever they decide any space.

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Americans Are Being Wiped Out Silently: Part 2 - Clarifications & sequel
Shocking Truth About Tamil Language - Alex Collier in 1995:
The Black goo wants to wipe the memories in order to make us repeat mistakes! Samsara & Reincarnation... Putting us back to sleep so we never evolve. And now with the metaverse they want to drag us even deeper in the matrix.
We have been lied to forever. Subtle truths are there if we just look for it with an open & critical mind.

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And yes over the centuries if you were not aware of it, they have altered the bible greatly. By altering the bible they have disrupted many things on a spiritual level. Some of these videos reveal more lies we are being told!

What do we do about it now that 5G is already come to pass... How do we fix it now? "It seems I received this message too late."
First of all, it's never too late! Second, you're a Sovereign being and nothing and no one can ever destroy you! Third & most important, there Is No Death! The word "human" consists of two syllables hu and men, hu is electromagnetic by Nature, man is biochemical - you are a hu inside a man, just like in the movie "Avatar". The only way out of this Luciferian labyrinth is from within.
Here is some more information: Mayan Forbidden knowledge. Shortcut From 3D to 5D:
You need to obtain more knowledge. Some of my favorite old movies:
"Out on a limb" (1):

"On a clear day you can see forever":

Good luck. Know this, I only speak the truth, there is no money in it for me, I wish I could help more. May the force be with you.


- Marijuana helps you think, it opens up your mind, but it doesn't raise your vibrational frequencies, so it is useless in this particular undertaking. But common Marijuana is either GMO'ed or hybridized.. So, it's a trash, never try it unless it's in the form of CBD oil.

- Ayahuaska is the greatest medicine on our planet, the great teacher, it can heal your soul, but it will not unplug you from full immersion virtual reality 3D Matrix video game that we call life.

- The only way to do it is plant-derivative cocaine for only ONCE!!! to use. (Never use synthetic cocaine)

🐱 -_-Mirrored Description Message-_-
Get unplugged from demonic MATRIX.
In 2014 I've put together 14-16 short clips (5 to 12 minutes each) with one purpose, which was to explain the source of all evil on planet Earth & how to eradicate it. They traveled throughout the world, being watched in almost every country on a planet (at least 82 to be exact) & when viewing time reached 40,000 minutes it stopped, it flatlined. There were no more views for the next 6 month. I wanted to find out how many hours are in 40,000 minutes, so I divided by 60 minutes, & this was the number that I got ------------ 666 ------------ and 6 in perpetuity, I realized that Satan? himself was talking to me directly, who else would have such power to stop viewing everywhere on a planet so abruptly & so precisely. I honestly got scared & with one swift motion erased all off my hard work & betrayed all of my loyal followers. Few days later I came to my senses & tried to get them back on line, but after few days of incessant trying I understood that it was impossible, so I uploaded again, now I know that majority of people do not click on YouTube posts with low number of views, I don't need quantity, I am only looking for a few brave souls who are ready to wake up. I am searching for my crew & I know you're there.

Alien Black Goo, this's not a theory, it came out of me, it looked like black snake. Alien Black Goo is E.T., A.I., nanotech, binary, liquid crystal programmable matter & it's inside every human on Earth. We're all running on a faulty Alien Hard Drive. This's why we all became binary psychopath with no empathy, everyone could be bought & sold for the right price. War everywhere. Divided & Conquered. We're going through a process of silent assimilation.
My experience can be reproduced in any lab under strict supervision, we're in a process of building one right now & we desperately need your help & participation We're running out of time.
Do you remember, in the first movie Matrix, when agents inserted a bug into Neo's body? It's maybe too sophisticated for anyone to comprehend, but let me tell you, we have all been bogged and that's exactly what I saw coming out of me. It was not a worm. I've explained everything in great detail in my Lucifer exposed part 2 video.


No virus has ever been isolated or seen, they simply don't exist! The truth does not care if you like it or not.

Americans are being murdered off in millions to wipe out of history of human race in present civilization & No One Knows About It!!!!!! They make western countries as some form of Utopia for Third world people while its hellish everywhere!
So much for that Jesus dude coming to save us eh?

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There are also entities that can shape-shift into people or animals...
The video's of celebrities with the black eyes is when they insert a vril worm into their eye, from then on they are no longer human.
All celebrities and famous people may start off as human but when they sell their souls they become non human entities.

How did the Sentinelese Tribe Survive the Biblical Flood & ice Age?
The caste system in India is the paradigmatic ethnographic instance of social classification based on castes.
Brahmins & aliens...

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Important documentaries below:
Super Soldier Racheal Video: (got deleted but I'll put it if I found it out)

David Griffin Thule Falkland War:

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The Mandela effect is the confirmation of this virtual kingdom.
Trials comes from the outside & moves into your life. It also brings life along with it, which leads to maturity. God brings the outward trials into your life.
Temptations comes from the inside out. It also brings death along with it, which leads to a maturing of sin (sine wave). God does not bring the inner temptations; those come from within you.

The video cover Thumb Impression, Cosmic Water, Harmonic Center, Fibonacci Series, Fibonacci Storms, & Holistic Science. You must watch the below videos!!!!!!!!! 🦔🦔
(1) Shocking Truth About Tamil Language - Alex Collier in 1995:
(2) Naadi Palm Reading: How it works & what happens. Prophecies & Spiritual Insights:
(3) Naadi Astrology - Discovery Channel Documentary:

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The astral real is the same thing as Muslims paradise of 72 virgins & Christians' heaven where they'll meet their unfulfilled desires then recycle back to Earth with wiped memory (but with a dealt up desires)


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