Wave Of New Evidence DAMNS Fauci, CPS Survivor EXPOSES Rape And Pedophilia, J6 Committee LIES. Kajal Emmett tells her story about the horrific circumstances she was placed in as a child in CPS. Thomas Renz joins to talk about how the media is covering up vaccine injuries and DEATH with other vaccines to forget everything they’ve done to us with COVID. Derrick Evans is awaiting his injustice of becoming a POW to the Reptilian Luciferians, due to live-streaming the January 6th rally.
He joins to bring awareness to his, and the others who are suffering because of their PEACEFUL attendance of J6.
Misty Lucas joins to expose the DISGUSTING crimes that CPS workers do to children inside of foster care.

BREAKING: Azov Battalion Burns Americans ALIVE, Dr. Madej In ICU After Plane Crash, 800m Trek! .Edward Szall joins to expose the murderous secrets that the Azov Battalion is trying to hide from the mainstream media! . Keith Menefee, a former US Navy Special Ops Chief, traveled 800 miles via KAYAK, from Virginia to Florida to raise money for the Lieutenant Dan Foundation.
America’s military needs to be fought for, and that is what makes this trek worth it for Keith! . Erin Elizabeth joins with the heartbreaking news of Dr. Carrie Madej being rushed to the ICU after a lethal plane crash.

Stew CONFRONTS Dr. Ben Carson, Radio Wave Frequencies Kill, Gov Data Proves Fake Pandemic. Christopher Key joins to expose the radio wave frequencies that are LITERALLY killing the health of the human race!

Dr. Ben Carson joins to expose the lies about the disgusting curriculum of Critical Race Theory!

Dr. Martin: Prosecute NOW! Baby DENIED Heart Transplant For No-Vaxx, Comirnaty EXTREMELY Toxic. Dr. David Martin knows everything about the crimes that the FDA, CDC, & New World Order poster child, Tony Fauci have committed and is DETERMINED to lock each & every one of these reptilian satanists up! His new breakthrough in accomplishing this, is to find patients who were vaccinated, hospitalized with Remdesivir, & resulting in their death! . Dr. Jane Ruby joins the show to announce the newest Breaking News revolving around the Covid Vaccines. First, The military has been given disguised Clot Shots that do NOT have FDA or BLA approval. The vials that are being administered have been put together with different packaging to trick military members into taking it! Then, we have VAERS actually DELETING data on Jab-Induced Child DEATH! . Naomi Wolf tells the heartbreaking story of a baby denied a heart transplant surgery because she was unvaccinated. Hospitals are now following in the steps of eugenics as they are deciding that unvaccinated children are LESS VALUABLE than children who ARE vaccinated. Brian Moran joins to discuss the KRYPTONITE of the communist takeover, which is getting off of BigTech, and getting ON to the parallel conservative tech that places like Gab, Rumble, Gettr, etc are establishing.

Roe V Wade OVERTURNED, Demons Flood Streets, Two Year Old Raped And Tortured To DEATH: Stew Peters discusses what it means to have ABOLISHED Roe V Wade in America, & what we need to prepare for when the riots start! Kara Witkowski is a mother of two, who was in a sexually abusive relationship with a man named Tom.
After Tom threatened to kill himself and their children together, Kara tried to get full custody of her children, which did not end well.
Instead, Kara’s children were stolen from her and gifted to Tom and his father.
Kara’s children had both shown explicit evidence of sexual abuse, and no one cared.
CPS did nothing, and due to this sexual abuse, it ended in the death of her two-year-old son while in full custody of Tom and his father.
This is a tragic story and needs as much exposure that we can get.
Laura Loomer joins to discuss her Second Amendment rights being STRIPPED away by BigGov.

Those who stand with the FLAG, will be an IMMEDIATE target for losing Second Amendment protection. Bishop Leon Benjamin speaks on how this betrayal will impact us as everyday citizens, and how we fight back against this TYRANNICAL infringement of our rights.
Ed Szall joins to expand on the BRICS issue, & to call out congress for NOT having a plan to keep America SECURE!

Jake Lang stars in the new documentary by Gateway Pundit: “The Truth About January 6th.” He was put in prison as a POW because of January 6th, & hasn’t seen the outside world since. Jake needs his story to be HEARD, & supported in his time of complete HARDSHIP!
Wade Lightheart joins to discuss the benefits of magnesium, and how will change your life for the better!

EXCLUSIVE: J5 Letter To Pence Proves Treason, Vaxx Cmte Lied To Get Approval, Nurse Kidnapped. The FDA has data showing the vaccine doesn’t work and is deadly, but they refused to end the mandates. They are allowing 6 month old children to be vaccinated, its pure EVIL.
Evangelist Stan Lovins has new footage from Jan 6 of white vans being escorted by police and unloading antifa.
The Feds have ruined Karen Federighi life, they stole her property and froze her inheritance then forced her into assisted living against her will.
This week on Ask Dr. Jane, she answers your questions about the anti-human shots, and shows video of HUGE blood clots being removed from the vaxxed.

PROOF: Biden Molested Daughter, Elites Use Mind Control & Occult, McCarthy Donors Fund Commies. Teddy Daniels, exposes the Republican Party for taking money from Democrats in exchange for their vote. Sean Stone joins to talk about the secrets of the deep state, and how they use MK-Ultra mind programming in the masses to ultimately seek human trafficking, normalizing occult practices, and the use of Monarch Programming.
Patrick Howley joins to tell his story of deep state destruction after he was the first to report on Ashley Biden’s diary, and had his life tampered with by the deep state elite.

Baby CRIPPLED By DTAP Vaxx, Child Molester Caught On Tape, Comirnaty Emerges On Military Bases , a BRAND NEW episode that will leave your jaws DROPPED.
Jordan Grim tells the story of her son who has been left permanently crippled after receiving the DTaP vaccine.
Dr. Jane joins the show to expose the vials of Comirnitay, that were administered as the COVID jab for our military soldiers.
Congress has gone FAR too long without the dominance of America First.
Jerome Bell joins the show to discuss his running on the TRUE America First Platform!

Shellfish Venom Bioweapon EXPOSED, Gorka BLASTED, Docs Find Nanowires Amping Radiation Therapy. brings you a jaw dropping episode to kick off your weekend! James Otto joins to discuss what his and Dr. Brian Artis’ findings are on the deep state’s next new bioweapon is, and how it is linked to Shellfish venom!
Dr. Aryiana Love joins to back up Dr. Jane Ruby’s findings on tissue scaffolding technology and microspheres used on vaccinated people.
Mike Lindell has been CANCELED by Walmart. He joins to discuss his next steps, and how we fight the Globalist agenda on free speech!
TR Sartor joins to discuss what Virginia parents might face if the school board passes a mixed-gender curriculum.

Patrick Wood On Transhumanism, Technocracy, Global Transformation, 10k Cows DEAD In Kansas

BRAND NEW episode that exposes ALL the corruption you know and HATE!
Dr. Judy Mikovits presents her findings of medical fraud, and how Fauci was involved in her arrest AND career destruction.To further support Dr. Mikovits, visit https://pathtotruth.ticketleap.com/t/Stewpeters/
Dr. Jane Ruby joins the show to answer all of YOUR questions and more! To submit your questions for Dr. Jane Ruby to answer, follow her Telegram @DrJaneRuby !
Meghan Walsh tells of her horrific experience between her family & CPS stripping her right as a mother away with no due process.

Crimes Against Humanity EXPOSED, Vaxxed Military Pilot Crashes, And Canadians March On Trudeau brings you a new show that will have you ready to fight the Globalist Agenda like never before! Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer who has collected enough evidence to prosecute multiple nations for using COVID as a crime against humanity.
James Topp is determined to march across all of CANADA for the right to freedom! He joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss his journey and more!

A US Marine joins to tell The Stew Peters Show that the COVID vaccines could have responsibility for sudden Naval plane crashed. Maria Zeee brings breaking news from Australia,

The Stew Peters brings you a NEW episode that helps you get PREPARED to take on the Globalist agenda head on! Clayton Llewlyn joins the show to give his expert advice on what next steps you and your family should take to prepare for the Planned-Famine! Jennifer Orten won’t stop until the swamp is drained in Utah, and election integrity is restored!

It’s REAL: Satanic Ritual Torture, CPS Whistleblower Tells All, Public Trials Upcoming An anonymous whistleblower has joined to tell a horrific story of a rescued 5-year-old girl that was used by a CPS trafficking ring in Satanic Rituals.

Peter Navarro 1-On-1: J6 Arrests Inch To Trump, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Kid Brain Chips

Global Elites Make Covenant With Demons, Pastor Calls For Fauci Execution, Depop Crisis Inc

How Israel Attacked America! Biggest Cover-Up In History Finally EXPOSED On World Stage!

Horrific Discovery in Warmed Vax Vials, Cerebral Organoids Cause Autism, LGBTQ Targets Kids

Breaking EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi’s & Child Depravity, Vaxx Baby Data Shows DEATH, NYC Gases Subways

BOMBSHELL PROOF: CDC & DOD Use 5G & Monkeypox As WMD, CPS Starved Kid, J6 Patriots Convicted

They Tried To Kill Me” Remdesivir Survivor WARNS, Pureblood Dating Perils, NWO Attacks TRUTH

Evidence Monkeypox Fear & Vaxx PLANNED, World Has 10 Weeks Of Wheat Left, WHO Seizes Freedom


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