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Sums it up, US and Canada at least if not the rest of the world!

Trump said about his wall "We either have a country or we don't"
NO KIDDING! Biden allowing 10s of 1000s of migrants just walking over the border.
Trudeau is paying migrants to move to Canada.
Trudeau said from the beginning of his /her Queenhood, he hates "Old Stock WHITE Canadians and they can and WILL be REPLACED!"
Here you can hear about Europe as well.
Listen to Eva's words. She makes perfect sense.

Young, once healthy "influencers" diagnosed with all kinds of illnesses. They were paid to influence people to take the shots and take them themselves. Well now they are paying the price.

Must note that this is the same way "influencers" get people to vote one way or another. The same methods used to talk people into taking the shots.

One of the Dr's (the guy in the video thumbnail) that developed the injections, admit they have not had the injections themselves. Says he is legally bound to NOT have the injections! Why? Is it so bad, they need him alive to finish his work?

Here we see three clips, Canadian politicians saying the injections are Safe and Effective
Then we hear from two Vaccine VICTIMS injured FOR LIFE! Their lives will never be the same!
Just as those that died, their families and loved ones who remain behind will never be the same either. The perpetrators should be hanged for Crimes Against Humanity contrary to once declared LAW during the Nuremberg Trials that stated no human shall ever be experimented on without their consent or knowledge. The punishment for this crime is death.
We also hear from Actor Terrence Howard speaking on Joe Rogan podcast.

ūüí• This goes on for 15 minutes. Imagine if it was up to date (2024) how many more would be added to this list?


ūüí• And note that 95% of the names are FOREIGN!

Doesn't he remind you of "Chucky" from Son's of Anarchy who had the Masturbation Disorder? Like he can't help himself!?

Biden sniffs and Gropes while president

Clinton has sex with intern Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Orifice .. I mean Office, and pays Paula Jones 1M in "hush money" while President

Let's not even go there with Hillary, Podesta and the rest of them!

Not one of Epstein's client list gets jailed, charged or EVEN MENTIONED!

Yet Trump gets 35 felony convictions, wasn't even President and deny's he even met Stormy Daniels.

Left is out to censor and destroy the conservatives

Former terrorist Tedros Ghebreyesus will not fire 83 WHO staff engaged in abuse including rape and forced abortions, with one victim 13, claiming rape and forced abortion do not violate WHO’s policies because the victims were not receiving WHO aid.

Should be called World Health Organ donation

SENATOR KENNEDY: What's the FBI doing to investigate the other people involved in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking rings?

FBI DIRECTOR: Well, I'm not sure that I can, um, confirm any specific individual.

KENNEDY: He videotaped sex acts with prominent people...do you have those tapes?

FBI DIRECTOR: I can't discuss the specifics of our law enforcement operations related to Mr. Epstein or Ms. Maxwell. But obviously, we had a very active investigation related to both of them. But whether it extends to other people, I'm not sure that's something.

KENNEDY: But here a suit was filed yesterday against one of those prominent people by one of the young women sex trafficked, allegedly said he was part of the ring...I just want to know if these prominent people are above the law?

FBI DIRECTOR: We've devoted significant resources to the investigation.

KENNEDY: Is it ongoing?

FBI DIRECTOR: I'm not sure that I can tell you whether or not there is ongoing work being devoted to this.

WHO is this man/woman in charge of YOUR HEALTH!?

Hunter Biden dragging a female back into a room somewhere!


They are pushing to normalize pedophilia. The want to add "MAPS" to the end of LGTBQ etc MAP = MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS. They don't like the "STIGMA" attached to the word PEDOPHILE!

Pope Francis says Klaus Schwab is more important than JESUS!

This SATANIC PUPPET is put in this position EXACTLY like the politicians put in their places by the Satanic "Elite".

Doesn't matter what clothes they wear. It's the INTENT that makes a difference!

PS, I don't think Francis is the Antichrist. He's just a puppet like the rest of the puppets.

... and the roots of communism is SATANISM! Karl Marx, "father of communism" was a SATANIST! Look it up!
"Socialism" was designed as a stepping stone to communism.
This video says they've been at it for 100 years. Well if you READ THIS BOOK,


... you will see that Satanism goes back at least to Ancient Egypt.
But yes, of course, throughout history, evil has always fought against good and each step of the way has used what resources they had available at the time. Like now, there is internet and AI which has certainly boosted evil's ammunition. 100 years ago, they had their own thing you know?

Schizophrenics disassociate with reality. They think they are two or more people. In this short clip, you can see that Soros easily dissociates himself with any of this wrongdoings. It's also known as "Alter ego" or "Split personality" or .... POSSESSED.

The clinical world will say this is a disease (dis-ease) The body is not as ease. So what is causing the unrest? Sure, it could be chemical imbalance, or neurological. This is what our brains normally go to because we feel there is science behind this. A LOGICAL explanation.

What if it's not? What if this is really some unknown, unseen energy that makes people think and act this way?

Science itself teaches us to have an open mind. Science is only hypothesis...Hypothetical answers to questions we have no other answers for. Once some answer is formed, it becomes, normal. A baseline, a reference, a precedent until (unless) the answer is proven to be wrong or there is a better explanation.

Clearly there are things in this world we don't understand. Things we can't explain.

In this 7 min video below, you can see how Soros is tied to Satanists;


then you must watch this, which sums it up perfectly;


see the ties between Zionism, Transgenderism and the Baphomet which is male/female and animal.

Roseanne Barr comes out of the closet on Joe Rogan podcast. Always knew there was something off about her.

* All kinds of drugs are LEGAL now on the streets (IF you buy them from a GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZED DRUG DEALER - AKA "LICENSED")

* Chief of Police said "leave your car keys near your door so when the car thieves break in, they can easily find your keys and take your car" (Im not even kidding! Look it up!) because THEY don't want to deal with the car thieves because they have GUNS! (contrary to the Trudeau take your guns act)Instead they enjoy Drag queen entertainment and donuts on your dime Mr and Mrs TAXPAYER.

*Their cars are covered in gay propaganda

Folks, I do my best to edit out the annoying sound at the end of "TICKTOCK videos" and I keep asking the friends don't let friends use TICKTOCK and not to make vertical videos.

How fucking hard can it be to hold your phone horizontally while making a video? It's not like you have to have a production crew with you to make a 15 second clip. Just turn the fucking phone horizontally! Is that too much to ask?

and DON'T POST IT ON TICK TOCK! OR THEIRTUBE! They are all commie leftist data harvesting programs! Lets quit giving them what they want which is traffic, which = advertising dollars which = more power to the satanists!

Why the fuck don't the cops celebrate Heterosexual Month? Or a reading from the BIBLE? No, have to have faggots and donuts.

I pity this world in a couple of generations.

can you blame them!?

Q: "What has been your favorite part of this event [pride parade] so far?‚ÄĚ
A: "I loved going out there and seeing all the kids"
They keep saying the quiet part out loud...

Fuck Fact checkers. These homosexual satan lovers are now being called out.

gotta start somewhere

Tedros (aka Teddybear) Head faggot of the WHO gets all his/her amendments signed. This means the WHO will have total control over YOUR HEALTH GLOBALLY! This means any threat (created by them) like the new up and coming "BIRD FLU", the whole world will have to comply, take mandatory injections, restrict movement, be tossed in COVEY CAMPS, (ya we haven't heard about the COVEY CAMPS lately have we? You think they were building them for the good of our health? and on and on.

At about 9 minutes, Chris Sky sums up what this means.

More here...



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