STOP! What you are doing and watch this and then SHARE it EVERYWHERE!!! On March 7th of 2021 The Fake Regime in Washington ordered over 600 Federal Agencies to secretly federalize our elections. Here are the details and yes they are SHOCKING....

Just yesterday I covered the Project Veritas video that caught an actual Democrat pretending to be a Conservative (shocker) and running in Red Utah. Well, here is an UPDATE to that story. Also, as I predicted, Dr. OZ is no Conservative and was only using Trump for his endorsement. Oz is a fake Republican traitor and turncoat who if elected will be the next Mutt Romney in the US Senate. And sadly, someone who my brother met a few times and knew of through his close friend The "Goose" Tony Siragusa passed away today in his sleep. He was a retired NFL Defensive Tackle who won a Superbowl with the Baltimore Ravens. He was 55. May he RIP...

14 turncoat scumbag TRAITORS have reached phase 2 which is they have agreed in principle now on the framework for gun control legislation that includes RED FLAG LAWS... This is a SERIOUS assault on our Second Amendment rights and we MUST FIGHT BACK NOW... Phone Numbers are in the THUMBNAIL.. Also, God Bless Project Veritas as they have uncovered yet another Democrat running as a Republican, this time in Red Utah. Gee, how are all these Red States turning Blue? Because of shit like this...

Plus, any business that allows under age children (i.e. a bar or nightclub) should immediately be closed down and the owner arrested on child grooming and endangerment charges. I covered this filth back on June 25, 2018 almost 4 years ago and my sentiments and reactions are not only the same as they were 4 years ago but my methods of dealing with these sick pedophile bastards is also the same. Another livestream off the rails but entertaining lol.

The company who makes these products "claim" they are not working with our military but I find that very suspect. Why? Because it is a known fact, (and I have previously shown videos on the show to prove it) that Boston Dynamics is working with law enforcement already in at least 6 cities in the US. They say they would never work with our military but in their own description on THEIR website it says, "our products could be used by military personnell in the future." If we had a permanent communist regime far worse than even Biden they would just confiscate the business and take over production. So don't believe the lip service from Boston Dynamics. Every American should be terrified of these products, especially those American patriots who fight the government and their policies like I do everyday. NEVER give up your ability to defend yourself, ignore unjust laws, and buy as many guns and ammo as you can get.

I was running late and finishing up another interview so I actually come on at the 9 minute mark.

Was back on with Ray and Ron from Hub Radio Phoenix tonight and we covered a few different topics. One of which was the SCOTUS and the upcoming decision on Roe V Wade. I have heard from two separate sources in Washington. One source say the SCOTUS is leaning towards overturning Roe V Wade. The other source is telling me Roberts as usual might be the holdout. They also told me the recent attempt on Brett Kavanaugh has given the court second thoughts and they may not act out of fear for their lives. Either way the decision should come down towards the end of this month, perhaps the 28th. We will see. If it is overturned which I pray it is, abortion will no longer be a Federal issue and instead will be a state issue.

I hate to say it but maybe this video would have been unfortunately easier to make if I list those who were not Rinos instead? The sad reality is the Republican Party has been infested and taken over by globalist scum. This is just a partial list of all the traitors and betrayers in the House and Senate. They all need to become politically extinct.

January 6th was a well orchestrated, pre planned, and pre meditated military, political, and intelligence operation designed to accomplish 3 goals. Here are those details. Also, meet Kim Sill, a wanna be no talent D listed actress owns a posh Pet Store and Dog Shelter frequented by the stars in Thousand Oaks, CA This twisted leftist has a disgusting message for every supporter in America of our Second Amendment: Get your pets someplace else...Lets BANKRUPT THIS BUSINESS!!!! Details inside.

10 Rino Republicans have agreed in principle on future legislation to take away law abiding citizens guns. This could be a fatal mistake for any officer of the law who is dumb enough to follow these unconstitutional orders. Millions of Americans take their Second Amendment rights very seriously and will not relinquish them under any circumstances. I am a huge supporter of the police and law enforcement. However, any officer that would follow unconstitutional orders such as confiscating gun rights from an individual deserves whatever happens to him or her. Please CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and go to: CONTACTMYPOLITICIAN.COM and find their name and number. There you can send them a pre written message telling them not to support any laws that infringe on your Second Amendment rights. Tell them the Second Amendment is your gun permit and you will NOT OBEY any law that goes against your Constitutional rights.

Ray, Ron, and myself discussed this out of control communist regime and what their plans are next. Last weeks show I was told by Ron was REMOVED from Fedbook and Youtube and their channel received a strike. All I did was what I always do, speak my mind and speak the truth. I wonder if this one will get censored too?

Not only did I manage to NOT drop an F Bomb in a livestream for a very long time lol but I did a few things different this time as well. We covered a ton of topics, had a few laughs, and a good time as always. Hope you enjoy!!!

Just as the Nazis used the Reichstag Fire to consolidate power so to has the Democrats used the Jan 6th infiltration to steal an election and seize power. In fact, Joe Biden and Adolph Hitler have a lot in common as they both seized power illegally. Hitler killed his political enemies but Joe Biden just dreams of it. Here are 10 questions that the January 6th Committee should be asking but never will. SEE YOU ALL ON TOMORROW NIGHTS LIVESTREAM!!!

Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Nobody really knows what it is or what it means. Heck, I even have a T-Shirt that says it. But what I do know is anything this child touching, hair sniffing, demented sock puppet says is total bullshit. Here are 173 SO FAR, LIES this illegitimate prick has told to the American People...

Researchers at the world famous Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have conducted a trial on 18 patients with advanced stage rectal cancer. For the first time in medical recorded history ALL 18 patients went into remission! This is an incredible and very promising development in the treatment and race to cure cancer.

It wasn't bad enough people were suffering from pericarditis and myocarditis. It wasn't enough perfectly healthy people were dropping dead like flies. It wasn't enough that people were having strokes and blot clots. No, now add degenerative brain disease to the list. This story is sad and sickening...

Because of where I moved I will no longer be in studio with the guys but I will continue to do the show via zoom each week. Now that I'm settled in and have everything all set up I will do the show and many others more regularly.

This livestream was chocked filled with crazy stories. I was angrier than usual because of the nature of the content I was covering. Sometimes that happensd which typically leads to a more "colorful" livestream lol. ENJOY!!!

How bad is America's one sided two tier justice system? How about left wing judges now asking if any of the jurors are Trump supporters and now actually doxxing their own jurors!!! Plus this asshole Judge is trying to remove a juror in order to convict a triple amputee veteran!!! Also, the corruption is so bad in one border town that the Democrat operatives are working with and being controlled by the Mexican drug cartels to steal elections!

This story even shocked me if you can believe it. I said no way is this true? But sadly for future childrens safety unfortunately it is. Instead of protecting schools and children from school shootings this state is putting a sign on the door that says, " ATTN SHOOTERS:" Please feel free to murder our kids at your leisure." Why do I say this? Because if this absolutely batshit crazy new bill ever is signed into law many more children will die.

UPDATE: This was breaking after I recorded this. Paul Pelosi, who just caused an accident driving drunk KILLED HIS OLDER BROTHER David Pelosi in 1957 in you guessed it...a Car Accident! He was speeding and lost control of his sportscar and his brother was strangled to death by a neck brace he was wearing due to a diving accident. This fucking piece of shit murderer and drunk should have never been given a license!!!

Biden DOJ sues to re-install mask mandate on airplanes. The SCOTUS shreds the Firrst amendment. And the 2 tier justice system lets off another guilty leftist criminal...

Hillary Clinton AKA "Cankles McPantsuit" is the picture of health. So much so, she was seen today wobbling down the street in a parade wearing anti-seizure sunglasses. But nobody even noticed her. Maybe if she dropped and had a seizure she would have been noticed. Also, drunk asshole and China loving douchebag Mob tied Paul Pelosi was allowed to sober up for 4 HOURS before given a breathalyzer test. This way his BAC levels will be reduced and Nancy's husband will get off scot free ready to get back on the road and maybe next time kill someone. Rules for us but not for them. When are these demons going to just fucking die already?

I am so tired of the media LYING to the American people by saying the trans movement is made up of non violent innocent victims and the Uvalde killer was extremely rare or never happens. BULLSHIT!!! Here is something the Presstitutes in the media would NEVER do. List violent sexual deviants, rapists, pedophiles, and even murderers who were ALL Trans-testicles...

Democrats hates guns. They call them unnessary "weapons of war" and that everyone would be safer if all Americans were disarmed. That is NEVER going to happen. So if Democrats hate guns so much why don't we just keep them from owning them? See how they do when criminals and Deep State Intel Assholes are the only ones with guns. Meanwhile we patriots will be lock and loaded and ready to take on the communists.

Columbine. Parkland. Aurora.Buffalo. Uvalde. What do ALL these mass shootings have in common? (Well, besides being carried out by liberals) They ALL happened in GUN FREE ZONES. MORE guns in Schools NOT less guns would have prevented this horrific shooting. But of course common sense goes out the window and the attacks against law abiding gun owners increases. In the name of Florida Representative Randy Fine, "I have news for the embarrassment that claims to be our President — try to take our guns and you’ll learn why the Second Amendment was written in the first place." I SECOND THAT NOTION!!!! SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW NIGHT FOR THE LIVESTREAM!!!!

Remember, anytime the left brings up a new strain, or a new virus you can bet the farm they created it. Monkey Pox is no different and just their latest attempt to try to kill us. These mother fuckers need to be dealt with and hopefully in time they will be.


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