New documentary. Who Are "They" released 4.10.22 step by step of Trump investigation. 30 mins in, the foundation to build the...New World Order.

Why would Trump supporters (military, vets, retired police, firefighters) who normally support the police etc become violent toward them? B/c the Capital Police were preventing them from saving people's lives.

Western politicians have yet to grow past the 1949 mindset of NATO while the rest of us have long since ended the Cold War. Listen well to his speech (in English: Stop creating wars for your money, power and control.

Sad about Omicron curing people rather then letting them die from Covid Spawned Viruses
Bill Gates - Nazi, freedom hater, Jesuit bunny, child of Nazi Eugenics teachings, the only person not afraid of the law, law agencies or American patriots.

The guy who was behind spreading AIDS, then intentionally vaccinating the innocent for it, with the intent to Xill over it, is now spreading COVID intentionally and vaccinating for it. Ultimately all the blame will be put on Russians and Jews. Naturally they hire a few corrupt Russians and Jews so later they have who to blame. Watch the “Gates Sad” video.

Radio frequency COVID 19 - virus bacteria creates perfect environment for pathogens and deficient human immune response. This is how it is done you will suffer whether or not you took the vaccine.

The United Nations (which is in bed with the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros) is in Canada to clear the Freedom Convoy Truckers.


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