AmeRYicAN Identity

Rough draft of the first time since dinosaurs filled the earth that this 3D Map has been read. DNA written in pre Eber pictographic Hebrew. That died out approx 4000 years ago.

This is half of the instructions on how to build a Super Soldier. The greatest information for the safety and security of our nation that exists.

MK Ultra Monarch Mind control.

The only way to create one is with The Oath of The Melchezidek Priesthood. Without which, they leave themselves only these vastly inferior dollar store generic models.

Beware of the deceptive lies of the translators.

Faith the size of boulders, often crushes the faithless to powder. Destroyed by a lack of scientific knowledge.

Of the 3 sources describing yhshua ( He Vau Shin He Yud ), 2 mention his blue eyes and 2, that his hair was Blonder then his mother. All together verifying that he was in fact, The legitimate son of the first exceedingly fair, rosy cheeked, red flecked haired Adam. The first white man.

An arctic base, almost Adamite worker, brings his lunch to work.

The problem is. It's not ultra kosher and its been a life long diet and lifstlye. Unbeknownst to the rest of the staff.

Because of one almost American, one by one the entire facility is possessed by demons. Until only the Power and Blood of yhshua is able to finally banish the demons back to Hell, where they belong.

Ever ready to return and walk the earth again. In you!

( one of the best examples Hypothetical Science ( Scify ) has to offer and one of the best examples of an effective scientific excorcism. Much as is in Proctology )

To think: The total destruction of a fully funded and staffed million dollar facility, traced to one strip of bacon.


It's already happened.

Did you think it was just a cartoon?
Just a myth?

Better think again.

We see ancient and modern coalesce in the moment of time where we are expecting the emergence of The Archangel Christ Uriel.

( This is a teaser for future expansions )

After surviving the fictional hellish Holohoax. Some poor Cainite Edomite Idumean Judeans gather in mutual support. Yet we see them like in the latter days of Atlantis - Azgaurd. Where the serpents are unmasked. To us the viewer.

When dealing with any intense prefabricated fictional trauma that never existed, its important to learn how other deluded and outright liars like yourself, make it through on a day to day basis.

HSA being a Roman Catholic Church of Satan Group teaches that anyone joining the group only has to believe ( as the demons do ) to be saved. Sprinkled with Vatican toilet water and have the sins of satans body on the earth, washed away and forgiven by

Baal (The LORD) X (Chi) Zeus (SATAN) -

The LORD Jesus

Their father.

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Aint NOBODY gotta die, fo no Nigga Pie.


[ Song ]

The natural enemy of The Rattlesnake is The BOA ( Avenger Of Blood ). The one who has a higher claim then any other.

Amidst Covid shots.

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Unless one accepts the kingdom as a little child, they will in no wise enter.

A child like David.

What if you could go back and be nicer to your mother.
If you and Dad had just one more game of catch?

Dont wait for a chance for something that will probably never happen.

Live a life without regret and make those memories today.

Rule #1 Know your God.
Rule #2 Don't complain when it's the wrong one. Especially when the book warned you of him specifically.

"The Show"
A Church Round table discussion: YHVH Bless!

#1 Please forward to ten people A Church discussion, YHVH Bless

Episode 4.

"The Show"
A Church Round table discussion: YHVH Bless!

#1 Please forward to ten people A Church discussion, YHVH Bless

Episode 3.

"Who are the real children of Israel?"

Part 2 in a 3 part series filtered and scrubbed of twisted doctrine & propaganda.

When an enemy keeps comming in an unending wave, yet it all comes from some form of faulty logic.
Best to neautralize it at the source.

The final part in a 3 part series showing what a lifelong postitive message to America could have looked like.

Instead of supporting the fair blushing gods, he choose to try and elevate himself past his postition. Demeaning us in the process, like the enemy does and banks on.

Flood their sites with this complete series. Especially South Africa and surrounding territories. As they need as much enemy hatred neutralized as possible.

Part 1 of 3 in a series filtered and scrubbed of propaganda.
Download the series & flood their sites to neutralize the problem from their end more effeciently.


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