Video taken of inside of AZOV HQ in Mariupol.

What happens when NWO politicians go out without the police protecting them.

Upload of video removed from Youtube showing Putin's stance on Bolsheviks.

How the Brits will take advantage of America's economic downturn.

Some truth

Well researched analysis of the Las Vegas shooting.

Pastor Ray Haggins on the Swastika

The video speaks for itself.

Some details on the burning of porn and Marxist propaganda.

Would an attack on Iran mean the end of the Rothschild fiefdom?

A little info on another propaganda outlet

The lies of history.

Tarpley explains the globalist machinations of Obama.

Dr David Martin lecture on Covid and vaccine with evidence and citations.

If you still think Trump's allegiance is to the US after this evidence, you deserve whatever hell these people send your way.

Trump responding Pompeo about the Live Exercise

Lin Wood, dropping some truth. Trump knows Bush and his Mossad buddies did 9/11. If he starts blowing smoke up our ass about Muslims, it's because his Israeli buddies come before Americans. It's as simple as that.

Minus the bullshit

Police officer describes extent of Freemasonry's influence.

Rabbi comes clean about Hollywood and the Holocaust scam

Synopsis of Hitler's Antithetical View Of Communism.

Time To Wake Up, the Jackals are at the door.

Jesus is the Egyptian Sun God

Solid counter to Myle's attack of Fred Leuchter.


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