‘Jane Roe’ confesses on her deathbed that she was paid to say and play the part.

They just needed a manufactured case in order to legalise abortion because it’s an incredibly lucrative business.

Child murder and sacrifice is one of the tenants of the luciferian elites.

None of it is about woman’s rights, they don’t give a damn about women! In any case nobody should have the right to end another being’s life!

We must end the legalisation of murder.

THE TRUTH will not be hidden forever.
Australian Medical Professionals Society - Medico Legal Summit
Australian health professionals and legal experts come together to finally speak out for the Australian people.
This was a 3 hour summit. I am going to post up a screen grab of each individual speech and share them one by one this week!
The first speech goes for about 23mins.

The evidence of the cruel and dangerous assault on humanity is here. The statistics of the injured she deaths from the j…. Are shocking and the evidence of our doctors being gagged is here.

This must get onto everyone’s screens! I will share more over next few days!


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