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Alen Salerian, formerly the top shrink for the FBI's Rapid Response Team, who had a highly successful clinic for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain, where, in the course of his research, he discovered that the CDC was faking data to support the false impressions of an opioid epidemic, very much as the CDC has generated fake data to support the impression of a COVID 19 pandemic, and where he paid the price of an FBI raid on his home, the seizure of his computer and cars, and his bank account being frozen. To my mind, analogous to the raid on the home of Roger Stone for being an ally of Donald J. Trump, whom the Democrats are doing their best to demonize by way of the J6 Committee hearings, which are not resonating with the American people but falling flat. We discussed mass illusions in relation to the moon landings, the assassination of JFK, and the atrocities of 9/11, as well as other false flags, where I have brought together teams of experts to sort things out. Very glad to have Alen on the air after his return from involuntary isolation in Athens, Greece, the home of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, where the Greek city-states were the origin of Western democracies, which appear to be on the verge of extinction.

Geezy Truth News (5 July 2022) begins with a review of the staged shooting near Chicago and all that it entails--sounds of gunfire, crisis actors playing dead, phony doctors reporting from the scene--where the Democrats want to distract the public's attention from reflecting on the meaning of the 4th of July and the nation's past, present, and future--which look very glum for their party and for Biden in particular. The recent events in Buffalo and in Uvalde are recent examples, where the mother of them all, Sandy Hook, remains controversial to this day. CIA intervention in Ukraine and the Supreme Court's decision in West Virginia v. EPA heralds a new era of reigning in the bureaucratic state, which is the core of the "swamp" that Donald J. Trump sought to drain. Were he to be reelected in 2024, I believe he now possesses the knowledge and experience to get the job done--but the Supreme Court is doing what it should be doing on behalf of the Constitution and the American people.

The new shooting in Highland Park appears to be one more in an endless string of staged events, where even the Governor was prepared with a well-crafted speech and the motives seem to be (1) to distract Americans from thinking about their country and the direction the nation is taking; (2) to promote an issue the Democrats think is a winner (gun control); and (3) to give Pritzker the opportunity for a campaign commercial with a large audience. The facts are completely absurd with fake doctors and phony suspect. Ridiculous! The CIA has been running ops in Ukraine along with other NATO nations, which the Russians are going to expose along the way. In its decision reigning in the EPA, the Supreme Court has taken a long-delayed measure to bring the administrative state to a halt, where its power and control has grown and grown beyond the confines of a democracy and of the Constitution itself. NIH has finally admitted that it has funded gain-of-function research, even though Tony the Rat has repeatedly testified under oath to Congress that that is not the case. And Biden's efforts to blame Putin for his own policies leading to the loss of energy independence and soaring gas prices are not cutting it with the American people. Absent war with Russia or another medical emergency (a second pandemic), which would lockdown the country and force the use of mail-in ballots, the Democrats are going down BIG TIME in November.

The latest shootings, including one in Illinois during a 4th of July event, are probably staged to distract from thinking about the history of the nation and how Biden and company have massively damaged the United State by virtually every action he has taken. Check out my LAW ENFORCEMENT FALSE FLAG / STAGED EVENT CHECKLIST and see how they stack up. Nice test cases. Meanwhile, the West appears to be eager to provoke WWIII with the most powerful nuclear-armed nation on the planet, which they are prepared to fight but would prefer not to while the West is eager but unprepared. Not a good combination. Not least of the developments, staged events meant to divert from the public's attention, is that we have entered a recession, from which it is going to be very difficult to recover, which has been brought about by Biden's own policies. Any prospect of legislating Roe have been dashed by Sens. Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin. No way out. The Supreme Court's decisions on the 2nd Amendment have been well-founded and appropriate, including sending back cases from CA, NJ, MD, and HI to the lower courts for reconsideration. More and more Americans are becoming convinced that Biden lacks the physical and mental ability to serve as president, where a majority believe that Harris will replace him before the end of his term--and worry that she is even less competent than he. Vanguard and Blackrock are taking over the US food supply, which is not a good sign. And the Democrats want to pass a "Transgender Rights Bill" but its prospects are from slender to none.

On the occasion of the celebration of our nation's founding, I reviewed two remarkable studies, one of Trump's efforts to take hold and take down the deep state--which consists of thousands of bureaucrats who cannot be held accountable--by creating a new administrative structured called "Schedule F", which would have enabled him to fire those who were not performing in accordance with the administrations policies but running their own "rogue" operations--and bring the control of the government back to the three branches as the Constitution envisions--the legislative, judicial, and executive--rather than have a fourth branch of government creating an administrative state non-responsive to and independent of the electoral process. This meant the entire bureaucracy was petrified over the prospect of his reelection and made stealing the outcome virtually inevitable even while affirming his dedication to "draining the swamp", as he so often reminded us. The other is a fascinating study of the Plandemic by Margaret Anna Alice, "A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation", which has to be one of the most powerful critiques of what we are living through ever composed by the hand of (wo)man. Excellent. Good calls during the last segment from Paul in CA and Ken in MI, with best wishes to one and all on this occasion for reflection.

Brilliant segment from the Tom Cowan Webinar on July 1, 2022. Cowan is great at the use of analogies as teaching tools. Here he uses the scenario of a radio being discovered by people who've had no contact with modern society and trying to figure out where the sound comes from to illustrate the vacuity of the obsessively reductionist methodologies of "modern science" to study living beings.

Biden's hope to nullify the filibuster to pass an abortion rights bill has itself been aborted by Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, who have been doing their part to keep the republic from descending into total tyranny. Even though Brit Hume does not appear to understand that J6 was a manufactured event, he can see that the J6 committee is a complete sham with no legitimacy, where Nancy Pelosi appointed the two faux Republicans--Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom are zealous Never-Trumpers--making it no more than a Soviet-Style show trial as a massively produced, long-running DNC campaign commercial, which is unlikely to sway any votes for the coming midterm elections. Biden's press secretary reports he is doing everything he can to "elevate" the pain caused by sky-high gas prices, which he appears to have introduced to promote his Green New Deal and conversion to electric vehicles. But it's not working and overwhelming majorities across the political spectrum either believe he's too old to run again or would vote against him. Blackrock and Vanguard are taking control of the US food supply--and not for the benefit of the people. NIH has finally admitted that it has funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Lab, contrary to Tony "The Rat'' protesting the opposite to Congress and the press. And while progressives are promoting a "Transgender Bill of Rights", there has been a surge of vasectomines in the wake of the court's rejection of Roe.

The West is deliberately provoking nuclear war with Russia as part of the global elite's Great Reset. The coup of 2014 was followed by deliberate artillery attacks on the Donbas, which killed thousands of Russian-speaking residents and--together with the risk posed by some 30 biolabs funded by the US--provoked Russia into taking action to protect them and itself from biological attack. The action appears to have been driven--at least in part--by the collapse of the US dollar and the rise of the BRICS coalition, which, with the imminent addition of Saudi Arabia, provides an alternative to the petrodollar and brings together most of the nations of the world in a broadly anti-corporationist association, which will rapidly become the dominant economic arrangement of the world. Meanwhile, the US economy has officially entered a recession, which has been widely anticipated and, by itself, will have major ramifications for the cost of living and the quality of life in America. The Supreme Court has followed up its ruling on concealed carry by returning four cases--in CA, NJ, MD, and HI--to their states for reconsidering. And, most impressively, the Court has begin to tackle the most pressing factor affecting law and order in the United States, the bureaucratic authoritarianism of the executive branch, by cutting back its power, most significantly in West Virginia v. EPS, which will impose a major obstacle to and probably bring to an end the introduction of "the Green New Deal" via administrative rather than legislative action.

In this riveting discussion between Jim Fetzer and Susan Bradford, Susan reveals how the Vatican and Rothschilds usurped Jesus' sacred authority and rewrote history in an effort to establish themselves as God's temporal authority on Earth. The treachery began when the powerful merchants surrounding the Vatican sought the authority to appoint leaders who would serve their private interests. As the Black Nobility consolidated its markets in Central Asia, with the support of Khazarian, Mongolian, and Turkish mercenaries, they attempted to expand the Vatican's sphere of influence only to discover the treacherous secrets to wealth and power hidden within Asia that they would attempt to employ to rule the world as undisputed tyrants.

With the Rothschilds and Vatican serving as gatekeeper to lucrative markets of China and the Knights Templar providing the funding for Christian Monarchs, the Rothschild patriarch was able to finagle his way into the good graces of Christian rulers and become banker and advisor to rulers while colluding with the Vatican to overthrow all adversaries and seize power, wealth, and natural resources through revolution, war, banking, and color-of-law authority with the view to establishing a world government led by Communist China, the Rothschilds and Vatican. Key to this end game is redefining the terms and conditions required to rule with God's authority, rewriting history and making the people forget who they are.

A key takeaway is that the system the criminal elite class is creating is illegitimate at its foundation and throughout its structures. Moreover, their false claims to authority are based upon fraud, impersonations, and color-of-law authority. By understanding how they created this system, why, and upon what authority, we the people can find our way back and begin the process of reclaiming our freedoms and restoring our governments and nations of, by, and for the free people of God. Jim was fascinated by the connections that Susan drew in relation to the New World Order.

Susan's website:http://www.susanbradford.org

Nearly 8 in 10 Democrats think the country is moving in the wrong direction, which is one more sign of calamity ahead during the midterm elections (assuming they are allowed to be held). Bad news across the political spectrum, where even 67% of Democrats agree the economy is doing poorly. Ukraine has demonized a journalist who exposed fraud by a government official, who was promoting false beliefs about mass rape by Russian soldiers, which had no basis in fact but were beneficial to the government's propaganda campaign. And the leftist media has begun smearing those who are pro-life as "white supremacists" or worse, which has become an all-purpose slogan for the left to deploy against ordinary Americans, who are not "racist" by any reasonable standard. While Biden would like to make abortion an exception to the Senate filibuster rule, it ain't going to happen, where two Democrat Senators have already spoken out in opposition, but where they are now using the idea of electing two more Democrats to the Senate as a theme. The sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years leaves revelations about the heavy hitters who were indulging in her and Epstein's services yet to be publicly exposed and prosecuted for their crimes. And Cornell has removed a bust of Abraham Lincoln from a library "because someone complained", which is a pathetic commentary on the integrity of an Ivy League institution.

The move to war with Russia grows stronger with every passing day. Biden sends US troops to the border of Ukraine, six destroyers to the Mediterranean Sea, and two F-35 squadrons to the UK. None of this is defensive but to position forces for an attack upon Russia, where, under international law, if a nation is about to be attacked, it is justified to make a peremptory strike. Do not be surprised should that happen--and soon. Meanwhile, the "woke" US military becomes weaker and weaker, where training in the use of pronouns has displaced marksmanship and none of the services can meet their recruitment quotas, even when they abolish the requirement of a high school diploma or GED. Pathetic. While the Democrats lauded the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, even The New York TImes has had to admit it was either old news or hearsay, much of which turns out to be false. (I am reminded of the hysterical testimony against Bret Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings of gang rape and the like, all of which was completely baseless and concocted. A new justice has been sworn in for the US Supreme Court, where i8t has yet to be determined if she has anything to contribute to the good of the nation in that role. A new Ken doll can become pregnant and even have an abortion in an hilarious parody that is all-too-close to the truth. Colin Powell appears to have died from COVID shots, which he naively took in the mistaken belief that they were "safe and effective". Sad. And Lionel Nation rants against abortion and the (perceived) absence of any constitutional grounding. While Americans attitudes toward gender are changing, they are not moving in a leftward direction.

In panic and desperation, the January 6th UN-select Committee featured a surprise witness, one Cassidy Hutchinson, who testified that Trump wanted armed men allowed into his speech at the Ellipse, that he had gone bananas in "the Beast" by attempting to seize the steering wheel from the drive (when he would not take the President to the Capitol), and that Pat Cipollone, a White House counsel, worried that they would be charged with all kinds of offenses if his followers were to raise mayhem at the Capitol. Although the news has blown this out of proportion and claimed it was "first hand", she was not at the Ellipse nor in his SUV (not "Beast") and two Secret Service agents have already volunteered to testify under oath before Congress that her testimony was false. I am reminded of the women who testified against Brett Kavanaugh that he had participated in gang rapes and the like. More proof the Democrats are completely unscrupulous. More weapons to Ukraine are only going to make the situation worse, where Russia no longer has any faith in the trustworthiness of the West. Pro-abortion activists are claiming that the rejection of Roe will have serious adverse economic effects, as though the Biden policies had not already reduced the economy to shambles, including via inflation and soaring gas prices. More than 1 million Democrats have changed their registration to GOP, which is one more sign of impending disaster at the Midterms.

A review of the evidence that a monstrous hoax has been perpetrated by allies of the Zionists who wanted to create a separate Jewish State (to be called "Israel") by gaining the sympathy of the world on the basis of false claims that 6,000,000 Jews were put to death in gas chambers using Zyklon B. During the two trials of Ernst Zundel for Holocaust Denial, the prosecutor could not produce a single witness to testify under oath to having seen anyone put to death in a gas chamber (1985); and, during the second (1988), the leading expert on gas chambers in the world, Fred Leuchter, submitted his report that no of the facilities he had examined in various of the camps could possibly have served as a gas chamber. Moreover, at the most, two or three could have been put to death at the same time, which means their extermination would have taken decades--as would their cremation. So the entire story qualifies as mythology, which has been promoted by Zionists in Hollywood and (even) the US government to aid and abet the founding of Israel, where the Israelis have replied by dastardly acts to destroy US forces and control the media in ongoing efforts to spin events in a fashion favorable to the Zionists and their misguided cause of controlling the once-most-powerful nation in the world.

We FINALLY have the case that will see to Dr. Fauci getting locked up, once & for all! Dr. David Martin knows everything about the crimes that the FDA, CDC, & New World Order poster child, Tony Fauci have committed and is DETERMINED to lock each & every one of these reptilian Satanists up! His new breakthrough in accomplishing this, is to find patients who were vaccinated, hospitalized with Remdesivir, & resulting in their death!


INCREDIBLY GOOD interview with Edward Dowd!
“It’s a perfect cover for central banks to print money for an “emergency”….and also put into place medical tyranny systems as cover for the collapse of the financial system to prevent riots.”

“My overarching thesis is that this is cover, you see the global coordination all over the world and the medical systems that they’re putting in place to track, to limit travel, to prevent riots… it’s just a system of control because... I believe the social contract has been broken. People just don’t know that yet. All the pensions are broke, they’re just not going to be able to pay. They need to have a method of controlling the proletariat, so to speak.”

“I’m on record stating that, as the truth comes out, it will get worse, and they will triple-down. You’ve gotta think like a criminal. If you’re caught — and they’re getting caught — they’re not going to be able to hide the numbers of injuries and deaths, the mortuaries filling up, the insurance data — they’re caught! They know they’re caught. The general public doesn’t know they’re caught yet, but they’re caught. They have to triple-down and they have to go deeper into this, and it’s gonna get worse. It’s gonna get weird and ugly and messed up for the next several months. We will win — these criminals will be brought to justice, but I expect full-on chaos this year. It’s just the nature of how a criminal thinks.”


The death of the Senate's Sergeant at Arms (along with the theft of his laptops that had information about the J6 event) suggests the cover-up has entered a new phase, which the circumstances hint that this was a murder. The anomalous plane crash of Dr. Carrie Madej. I wish I could deny that those who stole the 2020 election and manufactured the "insurrection" are not going all the way to prevent the truth from emerging, where this guy was in a key position to expose what was really going on, including the use a network of Blackberries, which was the favorite of former President Barack Obama, whose prints are all of the theft of the election and efforts to smear Trump supporters. Biden expresses disappointment over the Supreme Court's rejection of the New York requirement of having a "special reason" to concealed carry, which reduces the 2nd Amendment to 2nd class status. None is required, yet municipalities such as New York City vow to not allow the rule of law to be enforced in their jurisdictions, ignoring that the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all 50 states. A piece by Michelle Goodwin, which has been republished on my blog at jamesfetzer.org, led to a spirited debate between the three of us, where Joe and Michael disagree with me on Roe, which I regard as one of the wisest decisions ever rendered by the Supreme Court. We included discussion of the emergence of a stronger and stronger BRICS alliance, where the US petrodollar is about to become extinct as a consequence of reckless and irresponsible policies promoted by the US and the West. We have no one to blame but ourselves--and the consequences for Americans are going to be profound.

Delighted to join Peter for a discussion of my efforts to expose the truth about complex and controversial events, such as JFK, 9/11, and Wellstone, but subsequently Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Parkland, Las Vegas, and (most recently) Buffalo and Uvalde. In many of the recent endeavors, where I bring together experts in various domains to sort out what really happened, I have had the collaboration of an excellent P.I., Brian Davidson, with whom I compose a LAW ENFORCEMENT FALSE FLAG / STAGED EVENT CHECKLIST (https://jamesfetzer.org/2022/06/law-enforcement-false-flag-staged-event-checklist/), which you can download from my blog. We lay out a dozen evidential indicators that something is amiss and that an event (although being presented as real) was probably staged, where nobody died (just as nobody died at Sandy Hook). We also reviewed some key proofs related to Sandy Hook and Parkland, including a photo of CT State Police CSI on the scene before the staging had been completed, where Brian used shadow analysis to establish it had been taken early-evening on the 14th, while I had the impression that it had been taken the day before. But either way, the fact that the windows of Classroom 10 are still intact proves they were there before the event had occurred or, at the very least, that they were there before the staging of the event had been completed. Brian found it--along with many other Sandy Hook photos--in the CT State Police archives, where the meta-data for when and where these photos were taken had been removed--an obvious sign of consciousness of guilt. Why would a police unit remove the meta-data required to make these photos admissible in court unless they wanted to insure that they could not be admitted into court (because they implicate the CT State Police in running the scam behind the scene)? We also reviewed proof that Parkland was similarly staged, including a 57-second clip in a classroom using a training dummy with no head and no arms on a pool of fake blood. And we discussed my Petition before the US Supreme Court, which exposes the flawed Summary Judgment Methodology used in this state by contrast with others, which can be downloaded from the SCOTUS docket at https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/21-7916.html

When the Russian Foreign Minister concludes that the EU and NATO are forming an alliance to prepare "for war with Russia", you begin to get the idea that something's up--and it doesn't look good. And when the US Attorney General pops up in Kiev to kiss Zelensky's ass, you know the outcome is going to be bad--very, very bad. As Paul Craig Roberts observes, not only is NATO aggressively engaged in bringing about war with Russia but the West has plans to divide the Russian nation into a series of mini-states, which is not going to go down well with its present leaders, who are not about to allow that to come to pass. So the prospect for war with Russia has been increasing by the day. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has made an excellent 2nd Amendment ruling that the right to keep and bear arms includes the right to concealed carry in public without special permission from the individual states as a constitutionally-guaranteed right that cannot be abrogated. This decision led to the complete mental meltdown of Keith Olbermann, whom I once considered among the most rational minds in the United States, if not the world. No more. And the DOJ has put out an absurd statement of disagreement with SCOTUS, which is not its role, When the Court rules, DOJ should obey. But this government is unconstitutional to the max. Mike Adams warns of signs that the government is tilting the battlefield for the war between the people and their government, which it apparently anticipates is in the offing. And in the UK, studies are detecting adverse consequences for children of government policies as though they were effects of parents failing to deal properly with their kids, which is, no doubt, intended to increase the role of the state in the rearing of children.

The 2nd Amendment decision by SCOTUS has caused meltdowns among prominent liberals, including Keith Olbermann, whom I once regarded as the most rational mind on Planet Earth. And the Department of Justice (sic) has published a formal statement of disagreement with the Supreme Court, as though that were it's prerogative, when the Court determines the law, which DOJ should simply enforce rather than contest. Mike Adams reflects on supply chain problems that may be tilting the battlefield for a second American civil war, which would not surprise many, where the adverse effects of the pandemic and lockdown--including wearing masks by small children, are going to have enduring effects. The end of the Remington case without any determination of whether anyone died at Sandy Hook provides occasion for reflection upon my petition before the US Supreme Court, which calls upon the court to integrate the 7th Amendment within the 14th by making summary judgment methodology uniform throughout the states, where Wisconsin seems to be an outlier. Indeed, "Pozner" has moved to take the book and my blog to satisfy a financial judgment, even though they are not money, where the courts have determined that only money can be used to satisfy them. In my opinion, this case represents yet another abuse of process by "Pozner", who does not want to market the book but to kill and and intends to sabotage my blog if he has the opportunity, which thus appear to me to be additional abuses of the law in Wisconsin. I would hope that this case does not also have to be appealed to a higher court, but at this point in time, that appears to be inevitable.

The threats to Russia continue to increase, where the rush to war by the US and NATO may succeed and bring about catastrophic outcomes for the world's population. The Lithuanian blockade of one part of the Russian Federation from reaching another may be the dumbest move yet in a match where Russia has superior military and economic power and resources, yet the West seems eager for an engagement it appears destined to lose. A high Russian military expert explains that London will be the first target and how the operation will proceed, which ought to be sobering for the West yet seems to have no discernible effects. Meanwhile, major developments from the US Supreme Court, where a gun law in New York has been struck down thereby strengthening the 2nd Amendment and Roe v. Wade has been reversed, which leaves the states open to determining their own policies and procedures vis-a-vis abortion and a woman's right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Liberals have gone into meltdown over both, but especially the reversal of Roe (which I personally believe to have been among the wisest of decisions ever made by SCOTUS). A Biden "cheat sheet" reveals he is told to stand up and sit down and speak or not by his handlers, the primary among whom appears to be Barack Obama. And the Remington lawsuit has been shut down after agreeing upon a $73,000,000 settlement without bothering tro ascertain whether or not anybody died at Sandy Hook. Unreal

AUDIO ONLY. Kevin invited me on to discuss my SCOTUS case, where I have a petition before the US Supreme Court observing that the Summary Judgment procedures in Wisconsin are wildly discrepant with those in Texas, for example, where the suit against me would have been tossed or sent to a jury, but in Wisconsin the Judge had the right to decide upon his own "facts" and dismiss any he personally regarded as "unreasonable", which thereby deprived me of the right to a jury trial in the face of disputed facts (namely, where the Plaintiff bringing the suit and the Defendant being sued did not agree on the basic facts of the matter). Summary judgments are only supposed to apply when there are no "disputed facts", so I am asking the court to use my case as an example to be reversed and to make SJ procedures uniform throughout all 50 states, thus (in effect) incorporating the 7th Amendment within the 14th. We also discussed the J6 hearings and the latest SCOTUS decisions on Roe and the 2nd Amendment, where I deplore the first and applaud the second. My case can be reviewed at: GiveSendGo.com/fundingfetzer.

Today Jim had to be in court for a hearing about taking control of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook from Jim and transferring it to the man who calls himself "Leonard Pozner". Jim's position is that there is a proper procedure for handing intellectual property, which was not being followed here; and that, since the book currently cannot be sold, it has no value. But the Judge ruled that, whatever interest I have in the book now belongs to Pozner. Jim invited Holly from the Youtube Channel "Zoon Politikon" to guest host today on "The Raw Deal" for a special 6-24-2022 show about the history of money and inflation in the United States. Holly describes the massive inflation after the Revolutionary War which led up to "Shay's Rebellion" in Massachusetts. The Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers, and the Constitution are discussed. In the second hour she takes calls and hears from listeners who describe the history of taxation and inflation in the United States.

We begin with the rejection of Roe v Wade by the US Supreme Court, which (even after the leak) I truly never expected in my lifetime. The ruling against NY's concealed carry was impressive and right-headed, which will have the effect of reducing crime, not increasing it (as the Democrats contend). But reversing Roe is going to cause serious problems for women across the land, who are now going to be required to upend their lives to deal with unwanted pregnancies by taking days off at personal expense to travel to other states, where this procedure will still be legal. The Lithuanian embargo looks like the very ingredient necessary to kick off WWIII, but Russia may respond by cutting off gas and oil, which (as they are observing) will hurt the Lithuanian people but would appear to be an appropriate non-military response. Meanwhile, the US is stumbling into a war that will annihilate 2/3 of the US population overnight with a buffoon as president and incompetent aides calling the shots. WHO and Lancet admit that the lab-origin theory for COVID-19 appears to be correct, whereas in the past they have denied it. And American soldiers at Ft. Bragg are dying, where the Army has ceased releasing data, which would demonstrate that the vax is responsible.

AUDIO ONLY - Dennis Fetcho is in rare form for his "Inside the Eye Live" radio program on Revolution Radio, June 23, 2022.

Parts of the Ukrainian military southern front (Zolote-Hirske Front) completely collapses as the Neocon’s efforts to wage war on Russia via Ukraine continues to sour. Putin essentially declares the (((American))) self proclaimed “Gods representatives on Earth” to be global stain and pariah.

Meanwhile, the world has been taken over by “Vaccine cultists”. When the “unvaccinated” ran the world, terms as “die suddenly”, or witnessing children die from heart attacks never occurred, a tribute to the reality that the vaccine cult wants everyone dead.

Brizer from Ireland joins in hour two. Graham Hart, Ireland chafing under a Globalist gangster government, and noticeable push back against the Jewish global homo agenda are but some of the topics discussed.


EXCELLENT new documentary by "Spacebusters" on why "viruses" cannot possibly be the cause of disease. The death of this fraudulent medical-science concept cannot come too soon because it's being used to enslave the entire world using fear of death and the pretext of "keeping us safe from disease."

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ch8v4TVL9yq0/

00:01:21 Dr Rosenau / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments
00:08:14 Goat Island / US Public Health Service failed Spanish Flu contagion experiments
00:10:32 Johns Hopkins / Dr Sellard failed Measles contagion experiments
Dr. Alfred F Hess failed Chicken Pox varicella contagion experiments
00:12:25 NY State Health Department / US Public health Service failed Polio contagion
00:15:13 Dr. Eleanor McBean vaccination caused Spanish Flu pandemic research
00:16:06 Dr Frederick Lamont Gates / US Army Antimenigitis vaccination fiasco
00:17:00 Black Death, Spanish Flu outbreak follows 14-25 vaccinations per person
00:21:30 Unvaccinated doctors and families did not catch the Spanish Flu from patients
00:23:05 Masha & Dasha, conjoined twins who never caught flu, colds, measles from eachother
00:24:17 What is Polio really? Lead Arsenate and DDT trends vs outbreaks
00:27:35 False vaccine disease eradication claims and trends
00:28:44 7 common causes of Polio
00:29:14 What is a “virus particle”?
00:32:47 What is Cytopathic Effect “Theory”?
00:33:22 What is Viral Replication “Theory”?
00:38:28 What is a virology cell or tissue “Culture”?
00:42:00 Cytopathic Effect Theory debunked
00:42:40 Autolysis and Apoptosis
00:44:48 Virus particle Isolation and Purification
00:55:38 PCR test fraud and misuse
01:06:54 CDC Covid PCR diagnostic test fraud
01:08:50 “Insilico” imaginary genomes
01:16:50 John Enders’ debunked Measles experiments
01:23:34 Studies admitting virus particles are indistinquishable from cellular debris
01:29:18 Fraudulent Australian failed Covid isolation experiments
01:32:13 Fetal Bovine Calf Serum RNA
01:34:28 Dr Stefan Lanka control experiments debunk virus theory once and for all
01:47:20 1947 fraudulent Polio isolation experiments debunked
02:01:28 Virology fails Koch’s postulates
02:02:59 Antibodies, Antigen test fraud, HIV
02:11:35 Antibody vaccine theory debunked
02:16:38 Big Pharma re-name disease game
02:16:54 Monkeypox fraud
02:22:51 Real causes of Pox diseases
02:24:28 1957 Monkeypox failed contagion experiments and controls debunk virology
02:31:49 Why do some but not all people sometimes but not always seem sick together?

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