We get ambushed by monkeys.

We lie to people.

We defend ourselves against aliens.

We trick some kid and steal his holdings.

We defeat soulblighter and end the war.

We go to the desert.

Alric kills everyone.

We beat up a bunch of bandits.

We hunt down a crazy woman.

Story.......that is all

We defend the damn dam.

We go hunt for artifacts and get destroyed by ghosts.

We blow up all of Soulblighters WMD's.

We destroy a robot ninja and blow up a flying ninja fortress.

We escape from prison and beat the crap out of Soulblighter.

We fight against gravity and win.

We go into the furry pocket dimension and assassinate their leader.


We destroy more robots.

We Invade the home of the Furries.

We destroy some robots.

We barely defend a ruined city against giant furries.

We beat up trash man in his home of trash.

We look for a crown in some spooky catacombs.

We ride a horse ninja and throw stuff at people and machines.


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Just a guy playing games on his free time.