17 new commandments of the New Economy (and/or for the Master Mind.)

How to survive or thrive in this new economic environment complete with dystopia, weaponized idiots, decentralization and etc.



Wanna become a king? Gotta beat the elites and their servants.

Hopefully my Libertarian brothers will act on these social cues. They're more wholesome and upright than the social cues of crooks.

See https://mastermind-university.com to find the commandments for kings and some other helpful items.

Hola, this is a short video on several lessons learned from participating in a Master Mind group since 2002.

I realize the economy is scary. But I think you'll find strength and ideas in my books and at:

Avatar, here are eight reasons to form a MasterMind group.
Enjoy the scenery.
Also, save months of time, effort, energy and trial and error by checking out these two pages:

Here are ten wealth building ideas from mastermind-university dot com.
I hope you're using your weekend for an e-comm biz or a side-hustle.

7 keys, compiled by me, to a mindset that'll help you build a business that can stand the test of time.


Eight fatal flaws of the Oregon Republican Party.
Will Oregon Libertarians, and Republicans outside Oregon learn from these fatal mistakes?
What do those of you from the #CRNC and #LeadershipInsitute make of this?

Here are the top ten economic and political rules, according to me.

1: ex-communicate is not equivalent to emulate and masturbate.
2: Extracting value is not the same as adding value.
3: The leaders of the Republican party want to hold the elite’s piss pot instead of the Democrats.
4: The elites think they are filling in for God and they are jealous of outliers.
5: The larger the audience the worse the information.
6: You cannot be so against change that you neglect to respond to threats and opportunities.
7: Don’t throw principle, reason or morality out the window when disruption occurs.
8: Social skills are good. But are not a savior or a catch-all excuse.
9: You can count on your critics to derelict their duties to bait or discredit you.
10: All global politics is local.


Use MMU to pound out a financial plan for yourself or just to find workable ideas.

Ask old JB who is on "our" side and you get the answer in this video.

Use your brain, avatar. Do not confuse these orgs with flophouses.


A few more items to consider when plotting for 12-figures.

This is just the opinion of Jive Boy and is not intended as any type of professional advice.

See: https://www.amazon.com/Lieu-MBA-Financial-Independence-Assignments-ebook/dp/B07XBM988L/

A short history of MMU. Includes origins and what worked and what didn't.
The webmaster still holds that MMU is more effective than most degree programs and the MSM for financial education.

Question for the avatars, everywhere in Cyberia...

See: https://mastermind-university.com

JB discusses a few points about becoming a billionaire in the world of well-credentialled crooks, unthinkable conspiracy and a couple important business considerations.

No to be construed as any type of professional advice. This is just JB's opinion.

Got $3 and 90 minutes? Purchase In Lieu of an MBA. Available on Amazon.

Hola avatar, today I explain the RINO's defense against being cucks.
Cucks deflect scandal and crimes against humanity with "you're an anti-semite."
I'll highlight 5 Jewish figures libertarians and principled conservatives should pay attention to.

Several billion-dollar opportunities that are possible at the present time.

Mentioned: Dan Pena, Dan Bilzerian and Peter Thiel.

Beautiful scenery, wouldn't you say?

Swing by the chat room at https://mastermind-university.com

A mastermind group can keep you from getting shafted by legit institutions and keep you from getting ripped off by bottom feeders.

You can allow the Pravda press to make you chase your tail or you can read Black Book.

Don't wait for influencers to approve. Bypass them and read Black Book.

"This book was published with the intention of giving advice to the most vulnerable of the young generation: college students.
Because the new movers and shakers of tomorrow are on a college campus full of bright-eyed "Progressives," they are at a place where there is no "opposing view."
This book is a guide to common sense, logic and reason, three things not usually in large supply among the New Social Justice Warrior Class.
His observation about the Tea Party is spot-on as well:
"The Tea Party has been commoditized, weaponized, astroturfed, and made palatable for (globalist-feminist) billionaire donors and their normie volunteers."
The mantra of using Mastermind Groups to offset the group-stink of The Left is brilliant."
- Gerald Loeb


Here are a few ideas of what you can do is the economy worsens.

Lessons learned and perspective on running a CR chapter before the dystopia.
This video includes two flyers we posted in 1993.
Given the situation(s) described in this video, why did the GOP cave to God-knows-who and largely reject the chapter?

A short video on lessons learned in the CR's. The 20% of the worth-a-damn members of the CR's shoulda reached the conclusion that 90% of the normie population of the U.S. is NGMI and wants to sponge off the elite.

Take a look at https://mastermind-university.com when you get a free evening.

Bernie bros have been in the FI-RE movement since 2010.
Socialists and others have been trying to water down FI-RE tea since the 08 Financial Crisis ended.

A few economic items that might work in your favor (soon).

30 rules to follow to become a king.
These rules come from JB, Min Liu, Dan Bilzerian and others.

Other names several MasterMind groups have gone by.


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