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Man 'finds out' after trying to set his ex's house on fire while she was inside the house with her children.

46-year-old Artemio Sanchez-Ortega lit himself on fire in #NewMexico while trying to get back at his ex.

Sanchez-Ortega was seen on surveillance video trying to run away while on fire.

The ex had watched the whole situation unfold from inside the home. Luckily, she made it out of the house with her kids unharmed.

Sanchez-Ortega fled the scene in a truck. Police are still looking for him.

He was apparently the only one injured during the incident.

Biden, easily distracted, tries to wander off and talk to the paratroopers at the G7 when he's ushered back to the group by Giorgia Meloni. The man is completely out of it. Leader of the free world.

A symbolic extension to the western wall in Jerusalem

A surveillance camera captured the Tuesday night stabbing near Port Authority in Midtown that left a young woman dead.

In the video, which starts at about 10:15 p.m. near the intersection of West 40th Street and Eighth Avenue, a heavy-set, curly-haired woman charges out from the bottom of the frame and heads straight for a smaller woman.

The attacker leaps at the victim, and the two women get into a vicious sidewalk struggle that sends them ping-ponging between the building and the metal legs of street scaffolding.

Authorities later rushed the woman — who had been stabbed in the chest — to Bellevue Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

"The suspect was wearing a white shirt and light blue jeans as she took off down Eighth Avenue, according to police."

There have been no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

A lone Russian soldier is attacked by 3 FPV drones, is wounded by the first but survives and then shoots down the other 2 with his rifle.
Politics aside: What a badass.

PIERS MORGAN: “Do not take my one clarification about the ability of a vaccine to prevent transmission should not be seen as some great mea culpa [error].”

CANDACE OWENS: “That’s a huge mea culpa, Piers. That’s a huge, huge mea culpa because that means you want people to go out and get an experimental vaccine in their arms and encourage them not to listen to independent voices that were saying, ‘Hold on.’ That’s a huge mea culpa. People died from the vaccine.”

Candace says they lied about:

• Vaccine deaths
• Blood clots
• Miscarriages
• Menstrual harms
• Ocular clots (can cause blindness)
• 6 ft social distancing
• etc.

“I want to be clear for people watching this,” Candace said.

“He [Piers Morgan] is saying, still get it. I’m saying, still don’t. Just so you can hear a different opinion. Do not allow the government to put that in your arm. God’s system works. The government is not fixing you in any regard.”

Watch the full debate🔗 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQxNSV32Zkc)

Indian elected Indian politicians are driving immigration policies in Canada.

Canada is a perfect example of how a country can lose itself because of mass immigration.

Israeli soldiers didn’t receive permission to use artillery to burn down vegetation near their forward operating base by the Lebanese border.

They wanted to make it harder for the enemy to infiltrate their base

So they used older methods to burn it down

A diverse pool party in Compton ended in bullets flying and people running for their lives... which resulted with at least one death.

Diverse couple showed up late to the #plane terminal and they're demanding that the staff hold the plane for them and getting upset because that's not possible.

Never feel bad for people who will do the work of the Judeo-system without any consideration for Our People. Never fall for the retarded Cuckservative talking point: "Back the Blue"

Imagine supporting Laura Loomer for YEARS, burning bridges to keep supporting her, then having your relationship end because SHE didn't feel like tolerating YOU anymore. Meaning if Loomer didn't decide to ditch Fuentes he'd still be fine with her. He's now saying all these terrible things about her "she's crazy" "she's a narcissist" "she ruined my Space on X" that's literally the person he'd still be friends with if she wasn't done with him.


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