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You must be born again! You must be born IN Christ. At birth we are born in Adam with our sin nature by default heading to Hell. Repent! Call on Jesus NOW to be spiritually born again!

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Lage I.Q. ''Medische'' Tirannie Liefhebbers, Handhavers, Opdrachtvolgers en Praktiseerders.

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Project GOeD.

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Terrarium Firma.

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By Terrarium Firma.
( I, Jos Goossens DO Not Agree with Evolution Theory!)

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I actually believe that it is possible to educate someone very quickly to be a relatively functional, run-of-the-mill psychiatrist. This video points out how such an education might unfold, including unscientific diagnoses, massive overuse of antipsychotics and other psychiatric drugs, and general lack of ethics in the field, and sometimes downright fraud. Also, if what I've said seems too farfetched, check this out: ''.


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