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I've talked about years ago from time to time about AA 2C confirms, where you've jumped already for whatever reason was ways to convert after the jump.
I only realized yesterday that I never uploaded a video of the conversions I'd talk about in the discord.

I don't think I've mentioned it often, or made a vid on this before now, but catching someone with a drive redirect and it being a counter hit can be turned into a huge conversion if you can position yourself to hit them with 5aCA at the right height as they're falling.

Of all the "good enough to save the recording" solos, I'll likely never get such run like this without a huge mistake for awhile.

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I swapped out cooldown reduction and tried all attack boosts to see how fast I'd clear it then, and would consistently get under 15 min clears.

Good thing for background recording, cause I couldn't even get close to this time when trying to record on the capture card.

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I got curious while watching @LeaflitAsari stream more solo runs, if Io was capable of winning this fight by herself.
The time limit was the true boss in this run, cause my first clear was with 41 seconds left on the clock. This is the 2nd clear after that..

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Narmaya's so damn sick in this game.
I'm definitely picking this up on PC when it drops.
Solo no death run.


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