Kai Volter Airwalker

Reverse dives and flips

One week of diving highlights

Getting better results on back one and a half.
And compilation of other dives.

Or as I see it one and a half to potato.

Hucked this after training to overthrow 302b

A few selects from recent training sessions.

Working on technicals and overall more power.

Forward, Backward, Inward, and Reverse skills.

I usually just am able to train one or two directions but on this day, I hit all 4 directions.


I love doing reverse dives and flips. Just need to train them more often.


Harnessing the flex of the diving board while staying balanced on the board is a skill to continue to train.


Training inward one and a half tucked

Training a few dives on one meter.

Inwards Training

Some 1 meter springboard diving training from autumn.

Front one and a half tuck and Front one and a half pike kickout training for improved entries.
103c and 103b.
From Fall '21

Drills and key points to learning the Reverse Dive Tuck and the Reverse Flip Tuck (also known as the gainer flip) on 1 meter springboard. Diving 301c and 302c instructional

Day three of Double Backflips (204c on 3m)
and First time sending 2 and a half front dive. (105c on 3m)

I have been able to do a reverse dive from 3 meter for a few years but have never tried the reverse (gainer) flip until recently. This is my first few 302c on 3m

Back at it again with doing double backflips on the 3 meter springboard. Became more aware of the rotation but I still need to practice the kick out to get it to drop in just right.

Sent my first double backflip on 3 meter springboard

Recreational Pool Session 1 meter and 3 meter. These boards texture had worn off

Found some clips from 2021 spring sessions that never name it into an edit.

Getting better height and rotation on my 104c and 204c

Had an opportunity to dive under the sun. It took sometime to adjust to the sun being in my eyes and really did not get the dive performance I wanted but, it was a great day as you can tell by the video.


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A journey of flips and flops.

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