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Father's Day trip with my daughter.


Former site of an old resort built in the early 1800s. Views of the Hudson Valley.

We were here in March 2021. I never took the time to put a video together for this and just came across this footage.

Tour was OK but not worth the money. We saw a few crocodiles but not an abundance of wildlife.


I took my wife here for Mother's Day.

Back in the USA. Stopped in New Orleans, then FL, then....

Spent 2 nights here this trip. This is the most remote sea-type area I've been to in El Salvador.

Our recent trip ended here. This is the highest point in El Salvador at 8956'.

The weather here was about 25-30 degrees cooler than San Salvador.

Initially we thought this was a walk thru a natural macaw habitat. Ends up it's a refuge and incubator to help the macaws.

Macaw Mountain – Bird Park and Nature Reserve

We spent 4 days here. Of the old-town Central American towns I've been at I liked this the most. It's more authentic.

The Hacienda de San Lucas was an excellent restaurant.

Here's the BOO-teek hotel we stayed at: Check out Hotel La Escalinata on Booking.com! http://www.booking.com/Share-QdJbxV

Ancient ruins, the site was inhabited for 2,000 years with its peak being around the seventh century. Loved this place.

The music interspersed in the video is authentic Mayan.

I first uploaded a 1080p (3GB) version to YT then downloaded this video from there. Please let me know if the video quality is no good.

Copán - Wikipedia

My wife loves sunflowers. This is a nice farm, $1 to tour it.

Scarlet Macaus have been protected and re-established here. At the Mayan ruins, they have bird feeders set up for them and you can get very close to these wild birds.

This ended up being a 10.5 hour ride vs a 4.5 hour as per Google Maps. Guatemala doesn't allow anyone unvaxxed to enter the country so we ended up taking a very long circuitous route to avoid it altogether.

Cool, small town known for surfing. The beach is actually named El Tunco (the pig) because of a rock formation on the beach that looks like a pig on its back.

I made a few nature videos from this area two years ago. In this video I try to give you a better idea of what it's like here.

Friends took us to a sandbar that forms part of the year between the estuary and the Pacific.

We're in Central America for 2 months for the holidays. I hope to be making some videos, possibly going to a few other countries too.

$26.95/pp, nice place to visit.

Home | The Dallas World Aquarium

A short stop at a funny to me tourist trap. Great fudge though.

Uranus Fudge Factory

Worth doing once at least. The light show isn’t as elaborate or technologically advanced as I expected. Had a nostalgic 1960s feel to me though.

Brewery Lights

Good 1.25 hour plant tour including two free beers. 🍺🍺

Budweiser Brewery Experience in St. Louis, Missouri

Surprisingly nice light show synced to music. Came out to about $39/car.

Schaumburg - Chicago Drive Thru Christmas Light Show | Shine Light Show

Another religious site at my wife's request. Nice place really. It includes a lot of Polish Saints and Holy-people, interested me as my father's parents were from Poland.

Welcome to The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy | The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy

A nearly 170 year old Cathedral in the Capitol City of NY.

Organ music in the video was recorded by me during our visit.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – Cathedral Albany NY

We decided to try out the other rail ride near us in the Catskills. $46.50/pp.

The Catskill ride is much more scenic than the Cooperstown one. Also, during the Cooperstown ride it was often too easy to pedal while the Phoenicia ride is much more similar in effort to a bike ride.

Experience the magic of the railroad like never before - Rail Explorers USA


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