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Hello everyone!

The name's "Krow." I'm an Old School gamer, dating back to the NES, and original GameBoy. I have a passion for stories, lore, world building, and some of the most insignificant details that would make even Robert Jordan roll his eyes at. I've been on Youtube since 2006, and used to have a few videos on my channel, back when videos were capped at 15-ish minutes long, but have long since lost them.

In recent years, I've noticed a real need for guided, video walkthroughs and tutorials when it comes to video games, and mods specifically; in no small part because, of my aging father's recent exposure to mods, and now owning his first PC. This channel, I hope, is meant to be a repository of any video game tutorial and/or video game mod gameplay walkthrough I happen to create. I also plan on uploading a variety of Lets Plays, and Live Streams here as well; so, keep an eye out for those.

Well, until next!