Clay Clark breaks down the shocking agenda by the globalists to begin a new pandemic to usher in population control by the elite.

INSANE Megan Rapinoe Tells Young Girls They Don’t Matter And Wants Men To Compete For The Women’s National Soccer Team

An interview with Jim Gale announcing an event that may well be the most important event to take place over the internet to date. This is an exclusive you want to share.

Mark Davis Pickup joins Kristi Leigh for a discussion about his journey with his disability and also his advocacy for life no matter what challenges it may bring.

Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Mark Sherwood joins Kristi leigh to discuss his 3-point plan for school safety and other ideas he has to be a great governor.

Dr. Jane Ruby joins Mike Adams live via Skype to discuss how self assembling nanoparticles are forming strange tissue clots in the blood of the vaccinated. Scientists Confirm COVID Vaccines Contain Nanostructures Colonizing In The Human Body

Watch X-Files-Firewalker S2-E9 : Spike Protean is In Vaccine They Mico It by Fauci https://www9.bflix.to/series/the-x-files-rj6wm/2-9

Why isn’t the WHO or Public Health warning people about the well known Smallpox Vaccine dangers? How do Airports play in to the Big Plan? Support for my work can be sent here: https://amazingpolly.net/contact-support.php THANK YOU! God bless you all.

Independant Journalist Tayler Hansen Joins Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down why he believes his account of the events from January 6th are being excluded from the committee's consideration.

Klaus Schwab. Joe Biden. Leonardo Di Caprio. World Economic Forum.
“They” do not care about you. All humans are to these men of evil intent, are simply programmable animals. In today’s episode Clay Clark is bringing truth and light where there is such darkness.

Owen comments on the latest admission that the covid vaccine is leading to deadly consequences.

Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to Donald Trump, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss 2020 election fraud and Trump's future run for President in 2024.

Patrick Howley On today's Campaign Show, Patrick Howley investigates the evil of the globalist elites. What is going on at Bilderberg? And why do people keep fighting in public? Enjoy the show!

Cara Castronuova joins Owen to discuss recently released footage from inside the D.C. jails where they are holding political prisoners from January 6th.

Dr. Richard Fleming joins in studio with Kristi Leigh to discuss all topics pertaining to the Forced Vaccine resistance movement, ranging from upcoming events to rifts within the faction itself. This powerful interview gives you an intimate look at the inside of a movement headstrong and ready to fight for medical freedom.

Democratic KKK & Antifa Behind The Shooting Might be also Obama


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