Laura Loomer is well aware of how the law can be abused to strip people’s rights. Laura has never been convicted of a felony. She’s never committed domestic violence. But right now, she is banned from owning a gun, because she got placed onto the background check database after she confronted and embarrassed James Comey during his joke of a book tour.

We’ve brought you a lot of CPS horror stories over the past month: Children left permanently disabled, sexually abused, or separated from their families because the state’s appointed kidnappers swooped in to take them away. Today, sadly, we have to tell a story that’s even more difficult and horrifying than usual. Today, we have to talk about the worst possible outcome of the CPS racket: When a child dies because of CPS.
Kara Witkowski was the mother of a two-year-old son James. Sadly, Kara was in an abusive relationship with a man named Tom. Tom would claim to have dissociative identity disorder – also known as multiple personality disorder – and he would claim that when he abused or raped her, it wasn’t really him doing it, but rather another, more evil personality within him. He would string her along by promising to start therapy, which he never did. If she threatened to leave him, he would hit back by threatening to commit suicide. It was a classic toxic and abusive relationship.

Maria Zeee is joined by activist James Roguski to discuss the fraud of the published child injection trial data, the dangers to children and an urgent plea to parents not to inject their kids, with Maria showing footage from doctors who are outraged at the decision to authorize these injections for children.

Dr. Rima Laibow is the doctor who blew the whistle to Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura in 2009, advising there would be a future pandemic where the globalists would depopulate the world by 90% through vaccines.
In this interview, she shares the devastating reality with us of how this will be achieved if we keep going down this path, that it may already be too late for many, and what else they have planned for mankind based on her intel and research.

Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists IMMUNE, Repairing DNA – The "elite" bloodline that is immune to the bioweapon attack, whether viruses actually exist, the possibility of repairing human DNA, and more.

Transhumanism, Technocracy, And Global Transformation: Taking Down The Demonic Dictatorship

In 1980, a young man named Terry Fox became a Canadian hero when he attempted to run from one end of Canada to the other, at a pace of one marathon per day, despite having lost one of his legs to cancer. Terry only made it about halfway before his cancer returned and took his life, but he’s endured as a Canadian national icon ever since.

Now, another Canadian hero is imitating Terry’s feat, not to raise cancer awareness, but to protest against the Trudeau government’s demonic vaccine mandates and other Covid tyranny.

20 Million children nation wide are now the target for depopulation, sterilization, & retardation. Dr. Jane Ruby exposes Pfizer’s plans to make vaccinations approved for 6 month – 4 year old children.

The True Tragedy of War with RThe True Tragedy of War with Russia with Alex Christoforou

KKK Joe Biden Is Second President of Confederacy

Dr. Jane Ruby: Human DNA Poisoned, Pfizer & Moderna Vials Devoid of Bio Material, Monkeypox Gain-of-Function

Dr Jane: PureBlood Dating Dangers, Embalmer’s Findings, And Monkeypox

Curious: Smallpox Jab Re-Approved In 2019: FDA Nods Smallpox And Monkeypox Vaccine


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