Pelosi Bitch Cunt

Hey lefties, come out to the country areas..please

A Russian Kinzhal missile at 12,000 kilometers per hour, 10 times faster than sound, was, reportedly, used today to destroy a Ukrainian weapons depot 136 meters underground.


FIREFOX SUCKS: 2 tabs open and 24 firefox.exe running, 100% cpu usage
HELP any fixes????? Tried everything I know and still can't fix this shit.
Firefox use to be good, now it SUCKS

and she'll sue the home owner because the railing couldn't hold her 600 lbs

All you need to know about Biden in one picture

Protected by "Fuck around and find out" Surveillance

NASA FAKE SPACE VIDEO: Yet in this video you see the whole earth..

The human visual field of view is approximately 120 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical directions. If we construct a right triangle where one angle is 60 degrees (half of 120 degrees), "d" is the distance to the earth, and "r" is the radius of the earth, then d = r/tan(60) = 6371 km/1.732 = 3678 km = 2285 miles. This says that you would have to be 3678 km (2285 miles) away from the earth to see it as a full disk. Since the ISS is orbiting at an altitude of 347 km (216 miles) perigee and 360 km (224 miles) apogee (the mean is about 353 km (219 miles)), you will not be able to see the earth as a full disk from the space station.

So, when you observe earth (r = 6.3 megameter) from ISS (h = 0.35 megameter), some 95% of earth's hemispherical area will be missing from your view.

They say Blondes are dumb

Americans getting ready to go to war

Leftists when Musk bought twitter

Start of a good joke

Lightning Tree Strike I filmed

A real Duel in 1896 : Colorized Video

Biden gets it right

MSNBC: Controlling what people think is our job

First-Person Video Of Tank Firing At Group Of Ukrainian Soldiers At Close Range (21 +)

Hitler returns as Anti-Racist Warrior Hero

It's Great being White

Funny's about women

Loved this as a kid

Gen Milley Americas villain

Haven't heard anyone talk about this 911 Subliminal message in Afghan photo.

Both are dummies with someones hand up thier ass


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