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Hey, when we agree, we agree. Another fantastic takedown of the American Oligarchy by Jimmy Dore

Don't look now but BILL MAHER is turning redder and redder (in a good way) every day. Once again we find Bill Maher agreeing with conservatives. Hey, better late than never, I always say!

This is the BEST takedown of the January 6th UnSelect Committee I've seen AND IT'S FROM THE LEFT! I know it's over 12 mins....but it's 12 mins of FUN! Watch the full episode at

If anyone deserves to be charged with a crime, it's Sen C Schumer (Socialist-New York)! DIRECT call for violence.... SCHUMER IS GUILTY!

The Cultural Civil War has been brewing for decades and is now coming to a boiling point. Will the US survive this turmoil? Can we have a peaceful divorce? We certainly hope so.

Watch as CNN has to remind it's viewer (singular) that the election isn't until November. It's like they're talking to 3rd-Graders.... Well..... Anyway.... It's a fun watch! NOTE: I think the only reason they are reporting this is to work on removing Biden immediately after the Midterms.

Now we learn that the #CowardCops in #Uvalde want to transfer their cowardice onto people who are trying to actually do something to stop the slaughter of kids!

Here is the whole show...

Early indications are that the police that responded to the shooting in Uvalde TX behaved more like Quivering Cowards than heros.

In this CLIP Scott Adams points out why President* Biden hasn't solved the easiest solvable problem EVER!

Scott Adams performs a 'One Act Play' to demonstrate how to deal with someone that insists that the 2020 election was NOT stolen.

Styx explains why Obama and Biden's foreign policy was so inferior to Donald Trump's. Watch the full episode here:

Watch as Timcast IRL crew discuss the possibility of another lockdown.

Watch as Comedian Russell Brand talks about (laughs at) the Democrats insult that's not an insult,

Watch as Justice Clarence Thomas gives his thoughts about the state of our institutions, specifically, our universities.

Watch as Jimmy Dore eviscerates Democrats and their new Ultra- MAGA slur that's not a slur. LOLOLOL

Watch as Tim Pool explains why he thinks that Twitter has defrauded its shareholders and Elon Musk by overstating their user numbers.

Watch the full segment at:

Tim Pool gives his take on the Joe Biden situation.

Watch as Mr Shapiro discusses the serious breach of trust likely committed by a Leftist clerk (Probably Sotomayor's clerk)

Watch as Scott Adams eviscerates the White House Correspondents Dinner and President* Biden over one of his 'jokes' and how the relationship between government and media is dangerous.

Mr Shapiro takes a short, to-the-point, eye-opening (to some) evaluation of what the Leftist Democrats' position on major issues.

Watch as Tim and the crew discuss the potential problems the Board at Twitter may be facing.

Watch and learn how to recognize when someone is PROJECTING their crimes, thoughts, or current misdeeds onto someone else. It's another form of hypocrisy. And Dems are good at Hypocrisy.


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