Me running my mouth about the skel who shot up the parade.

Me running my mouth about them so-called rights!!!

Took this hour long presentation made it shorter, mainly for friends of mine that don’t ever look into this kind of stuff.

“Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah,
nothin’ll happen yada yada”…

These sluts would rather take a coat hanger to their own womb then to admit they’re obvious mistake, Discernment !!!

If having the baby is dangerous to your life, then your duty as a mother, is to die during childbirth 📌


If you’ve ever been to a skateboarding competition in your life, you know how (silly) and lame they are, (they are popularity contests) and the “best trick” as thought by actual skateboarders rarely wins.

Me running my mouth about my distain for baby killers and murders of convenience.

Roe overturned…!!!

Clips of speeches cobbled together.

Me running my mouth about the blame game…

Me running my mouth about our
current conundrum in discourse…

Me running my mouth about the con-job and the coming round two of the scam, missing terrorists and blameshifting super sleuths on the inter-webs…

(It’s from mink farmers, but facts is facts)

Animal rights activists have injured and killed animals, so it stands to reason overzealous groups tend to have massive amounts of unintended consequences and collateral damage!!!

Curated clips cobbled together…

It’s pretty fruitless.

The UK government and NGO’s are trying to get Tommy’s kids killed…!

Plus a song I made when I was drunk, about Tommy’s first arrest, don’t care what you think 👌

So this stupid bitch comes to my page, comments on a video, I reply, she replies, I reply, she replies, her ginger wannabe weightlifter boyfriend gets in on it, I reply, she replies, (her boyfriend does not), she replies again, and again, and again, (so I keep replying) I say “you reply again And I’m making a video” — here’s the fucking video @blacksunvictory, I bet she assumes I’m Jewish 😂👌✌️🙈📌👀💐🕊🤷‍♂️

Other suggested videos:

NaziFags - the og video that began the interaction.

Here’s another: Not A Hater (my thoughts)

Just a silly video commemorating the day (let’s put a clock on it), before they come up with a new excuse…

(More ex-abortionists please)!!!

Me running my mouth and cursing about abortion intermixed w/ a lady who’s much more polite, explaining the vile “procedure”.

(This video is made more for people I actually know, and asked them specifically to watch)

Me running my mouth about free speech.

A song I did, like it, or don’t…

Me running my mouth about cures, I don’t necessarily believe in germ theory anymore, or at least the way they frame it.

Me running my mouth in vain to Instagram about threatening me, while claiming I was threatening others, (with my words) and trying to get my [second account] banned through selective enforcement.

Me running my mouth in a rhetorical sense because there is no perfect solution and there is no utopia and nobody fucking listens anyway, just some thoughts…

Curated clips cobbled together.

Me running my mouth using a meteor as a rhetorical device on the subject of predictions.

https://search.brave.com/images?q=metoer%20car#21 😂

Me visually pointing out something interesting about words, their usage, and mosts lack of understanding thereof.


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