Doesn’t even feel right to rebuke anyone now. Better off finding the cures, and going “Wabbit” hunting…#resist

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“Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine
Taking graphene oxide as carrier” patent:
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This is the document pfizer was holding out on for 75 years. Pg 30!
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Vaccine side-effects compilation:
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Vaccine magnetism compilation:
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La Quinta columna Bluetooth codes in humans:
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DIY #covidchallenge
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Plandemic predicted in 2009:
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Powerful speech about the vaccines:
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The Story of Bluetooth Humans (2022) documentary
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Vaxxed tracked by scanners.
Vaxxed bodies got magnetized.
Vaxxed have a QR code.
Vaxxed have a Bluetooth MAC address.
Vaxxed can be tracked in public w/ Bluetooth
Vaxxed have a nano-computer inside.
Vaxxed are now LIVE in the iOt server.

Don’t be an idiot, or you will turn out like the movie “Cell”.

If you support the vax and Fraudci, please explain this from your mascot, and he’s just granted me a way to no longer be nagged by you to get vaxxed. By you LISTENING to him.

“The Story of Bluetooth Humans” is a thoroughly-researched, fact-checked, evidence-based approach at waking up your pro-vax friends with a documentary, that speaks from the direct mouths of the public figures they’re trusting. This film is a roller-coaster ride through who is behind the lies, behind the money, behind the vax, and what it’s shockingly doing to the blood. In the secrets of the mRNA “vaccine”, lies the key to “The Story of Bluetooth Humans (2022)”.

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La Quinta Columna saben acerca de qué pasado y qué ellos negocios diablos son haciendo en el mundo y los países. Ellos son cambiando humanos organismos, y ahora después del “vacúna” incluye un código:

Bleak. If this is prep for the MOTB. Lord help us.


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