A tune by Florence and the Machine with some video about... I didn't make the video, I just cut it a bit, played with the timing and added the song. *shrug* I thought it worked but.. your milage may vary.

From John Mark Dougan's YT channel where you can also find the latest interview of Aiden Aslin. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSysY_dKuN4JKVGu6BvUWAA

Rex Murphy and Jordan Peterson spend an hour going over the same ol' complaints we all (Normal Canadians) share. You've heard it all before but if you haven't.. or you know someone who needs to hear it again, who better than Rex and Jordan, two of our 'formerly' most respected intellectuals. *thumb* I can take or leave Jordan but! Rex is the Man.

A South Front video https://southfront.org/ I've uploaded a few of their videos and highly recommend them. *thumb*

Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting this steal anchor, my bedroom closet has over $3G of Canadian & American bike, I just think... it's kinda retro chill. *shrug**thumb* Video sourced from iEarlGrey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMGV3SHfVfiAt_w8lnmI8g

A song by Karan Casey with some pictures from the Denver Airport of Masonic Symbols, Paintings & Statues. While I am far from... Pink, I have a soft spot for the 'Diggers', in their own way, they were fighting many of the same battles we are today. Not sayin' they were right, I'm just.. sayin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diggers

Ummm... yes. *rollseyes**frown* When you take a long hard look at the numbers, we're f*cked if we keep this up.

Like the title says.

While I may be guilty of playin' to the War Porn™ audience, I still get a kick out of.. other subjects. The cat in the first clip.. is one cool/badass... cat. *thumb*

A song by the Rolling Stones with a few clips of hits on Ukies.

A Beck song with some footage of... reasons to always wear your helmet!!

A performance by Leon Redbone of an old Ager and Yellen song with some footage from...

A song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with a few clips of the O group touring the frontlines.

A performance by Elizabeth Mitchell of an old Huddie 'Lead Belly' Ledbetter song with some footage of...


The American Embassy now has to use the name of the DPR, who they refuse to recognize, as part of their official mailing address and a poster plastered up next to the British Embassy in Moscow. *laugh**thumb*

A Tif Ginn song with a couple of clips from in/around New York with the 9th regiment of the NM of the DPR.

A song by the Wooden Birds with some un exciting footage of an ASVK 12.7 mm Sniper Rifle with special MDZ instantaneous Incendiary Cartridges.

A track by Sound Defects with a clip of Kornet Anti-Tank Missile System crews at Work.

A Kid Loco song with some footage run at x2 speed.

A track by David Holmes with some footage of...

Like the title says.

A song by Alabama 3 with some video of...

Some footage with a performance by T. Rex of an Eddie Cochran song.

A few clips from Lisichansk featuring artillery, strikes, fighting and a few POWs.


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