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Congratulation for the most popular and also the most DEMENTED president of the American history.

How can anybody on his or her sane mind can think that the majority of the people voted for this? Even if they just voted against Trump, they have had other options.

Oh, and just don't forget: he has the nuclear codes. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Here is the worst part: NOBODY will save you but you! If YOU don't do it, you have no chance!

Don't wait for god, Trump or anything else. It makes you passive and this is EXACTLY what they want!

YOU must do it!

Decoration politicians, fake viruses, fake coups, fake media, fake people.

It is ALL a theater, you know.

Is it real? Does it mean something?

Who knows?

Trump's call his own supporters terrorists, then assure the people to a peaceful transition to the communist regime.

Of course this is a satire, but it cannot be made without the ever lying fascist/communist media.

The fight was heroic, but the police won!

How many evil have been committed just by following orders?

Following orders is not an excuse to ANYTHING! These guys are worthless human garbage.

Everything is perfect in this:

1. The guy reads the prayer because he didn't memorize it.

2. He wears a mask which is useless anyway while standing alone.

3. "Amen" is a Biblical Hebrew word: אמן. It is a word simply meaning "may it be so." It has nothing to do with the word "man" or "woman", which is literally known by everybody on this planet.

It IS intended cultural marxism to undermine and destroy the culture of normal people, installing communism as its ultimate goal.

Of course every politicians are corrupted to the hell. No surprise in this.

We do NOT support ANY of them, but the worse of the worse are truly the socialists / democrats.

The CRISIS ACTOR industry is hiring!

When the guy climbs in and they can’t lift the gurney... that part needs some Benny Hill music.

They don't even know how that thing works.


Empty Hospital In the UK With Not A Single Person Inside.

But there is an ongoing pandemic...

We all gonna die...

It is world-wide and it is EVERYWHERE!

Therefore the only virus here are called POLITICIANS!

Not everybody are afraid to death from a virus you only know about from the media.

Of course, mininazis trying to lecture her.

It is extremely good to see that not everybody is a useless coward human garbage.

I personally know about big cities where 70-80% of the people don't even wear masks. Of course the media is keep silent about them. All they can talk is that the measures are work.

Here is the thing: if they know about the whole scamdemic yet, they participate, they can be crazy enough to do this and other dances, even if the corpse is fake (why would it be?).

If they know about the whole scamdemic but FORCED to participate, this is one way to gain public attention.

There are ZERO other possibilities.

Fiction no more.

They're always claiming that this is against foreign aggression, while in reality, YOU are their real target.

Just look at all the FAKE PLANDEMIC measures taken by ALL the governments WORLD-WIDE. Do you really think we don't have a One World Government already? They aren't the enemies of each other. They are the enemy of YOU!

More people are dependent on the state, more people are defenseless since the covid lockdowns.

Just as they have planned...

Good thing we have saved grandma except we sent her in a death camp where they finished her off, labeled her as covid casualty in order to gain more TAX money from the state.

Just as they have planned, again.

If you think I'm exaggerating you better buy a tent to yourself.

Do they really think we are so stupid?

There is nothing in the syringe, and she doesn't even try to pretend she is pushing it down.

That nurse grasping the needle after use? No alcohol prep or bandaid! How unsanitary!

The show keeps going: empty promises, empty tents, empty minds!

This guy just did more legit reporting in 1 min than the entire fake news MSM has in 4 years.

More horror from the overwhelmed hospitals.

All of them have been died, so we can draw the conclusion that the vaccine has worked!

Seems like Bitchute censoring specific words in video titles, such as Bill Gates, Vaccine, etc.

So much for the freedom of speech. Fascist-socialism catches everybody at the end who don't have enough integrity.

"If you tell the truth, you don't need a good memory." -Mark Twain

And why are we only seeing them receive their vaccinations from a distance? Could it be that they been back to the well so much so that the masses have cottoned on to their deceptions? Do they honestly think we are that stupid?

What a great man, right? Like Bill Gates, he knows what to do!

Are you paying attention yet?

It is not the Chinese or the Russians. It is ALL THE GOVERNMENT vs. the people!

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Police State: Riverside Sheriff beat a man inside a market, in which he died from the injuries (presumably).

According to Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, on December 15, deputies were responding to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon at a Jurupa Valley grocery store and trying to detain Ernie Serrano as a suspect.

They released a statement saying when their deputies arrived they saw Serrano fighting with a security guard, and at one point he tried to remove the guard’s firearm.

According to this video, these are never happened. He fought with nobody, though he resisted, but non-violently.

We do NOT have enough information of the victim, so we don't know whether he was an idiot or not, but the police measure was clearly a piece of garbage.

He could also have died by drug overdose, judging his behavior and pain tolerance.

Who knows?

Welcome to the most blatant governmental HOAX in human history, which is even bigger than the global warming.

May the vaccine will be with you!

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Sometimes I upload videos here which I suspect that going to be deleted on their original place (usually Youtube).

I consider this saving rather than stealing, which is important in the current world-wide fascist-communist political climate.

Few things I know (meaning, I'm not believing in it but actually knowing it) for sure:

1. We already have a one world government, pretending to be different governments, managed by the ruling elite (the 0.00001%) behind the scenes (see the covid-19 measures).

2. Communism (fascism/socialism) is everywhere around you, including in your house, ready to eat you alive.

3. Without wide-spread economical knowledge, we're doomed as the human race (Thomas Sowell is a good starting point).

4. David Icke is right about that no human can do what the governments do, to other humans (draw your conclusion).

5. The entire covid-19 stuff is a SCAM. The casualties are either killed by the hospitals or would have died anyways.