SC Uproots The Unelected Administrative State
4 July 22

A Supreme Court ruling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could reel in government overreach by restoring the constitutional process for creating laws. Agencies will now have a more difficult time when bypassing the legislative process to create regulations. This follows other recent rulings from the Supreme Court that bring back a more traditional interpretation of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden wants to drop the Senate filibuster in order to codify Roe v. Wade into law, but this will depend on whether he can win over several Democrat members of the Senate who have previously been wary of such a move.

Margaret Anna Alice, Writer
Corona Investigative Committee
#111 • 1 July 2022

Substack: Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass

•Synopsis of the past 2 yrs:
profit, power, democide
•Definition and nature of a Philanthropath: a psychopath masquerading as a philanthropist.
•The reality of the unfolding democide and progression to one-world dictatorship
•Depopulation agenda:
Club of Rome 1971
Kissinger Report 1974
Yuval Noah Harari 2020+

"COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance."

Old Man In A Chair
Vernon Coleman, MD
3 July 2022

James Canton, Phd
Apple Computer Exec, fmr
Georgetown U • 20 Mar 2017

"The Singularity"

Prequel: Terminator
Tools: Hybrid Systems
Era: Rise of the Borg

More . . .
Mad Scientist Initiative, TRADOC pt 2
Modern War Institute:
Wet Drives

James Giordano, PhD
Chief of NeuroEthics
Georgetown University • 8 Aug 2017

"Hard Weapons"
(Physical influence/deterance):
- chemicals
- microbes & toxins
- hybrid cyborg systems
Q: who owns patent on ☝️the "tools"

More . . .
Mad Scientist Initiative, TRADOC pt 1
Modern War Institute:
Wet Drives


Mind Wars: Brain Science & Military
Jonathan D Moreno, PhD
50 yr history of brain sci/tech

"Resetting The Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the US Food System"

Rockefeller Foundation
8 July 2020
(7mos after 9Jan20 WHO C19 announcement)

Historical Review:
Medical Misinformation?
Profitable Propaganda?

Karen Kingston, Biotech Analyst
Corona Investigative Committee
#110 • 24 June 2022

Karen Kingston - Biotech Analyst and med-legal advisor with over 20 years of experience in commercialization efforts for medical devices and prescription therapies.
Owner of Varitage Strategies (since 2014)
Was once a Cardiovascular Sales Representative for the Northeast Region (NY) at Pfizer.

•an Infants and Toddlers study by Pfizer:
“It is statistically and clinically impossible to conduct a
clinical trial that will prove a vaccine will be more effective than a child’s natural immune system.“
•BLA/FDA approval (not shielded by EUA research)
•new insights into the 2-SP Spike: “It’s a weaponized trimerized prefusion spike with 2 Proline modifications, aka optimized codons in Comirnaty and all other COVID-19 shots”
•About the Operation Warp Speed contracts, especially the DoD/Pfizer contract.

Harald Walach, Phd • Germany
Corona Investigative Committee
#109 • 17 June 2022

A study measuring the inhaled air of 45 children wearing face masks was first published last year as a research letter in JAMA Pediatrics and viewed nearly a million times. It sparked protest and was retracted by the journal under very questionable conditions.
After another successful peer-review process, the study is now republished in the journal Environmental Research."

Who Is Milton Friedman?
Professor & Author
Nobel Prize Economist

Children's Health Defense Challenges FDA Authorization to Inoculate Children Age 5 mos+

VAERS 5-11yos

Manipulating The Masses:
Thought Control, Mass Formation, Propaganda, Compliance

Defining the Narrative
Grooming the Mouthpieces
17 June 2022

Mattias Desmot, Phd
Professor of Clinical Psychology
17 June 2022

Sad Little Man

Plants are smart enough to reach for the good things in life. They're not dumb. Don't forget that. (anonymous)

Who do you believe:
the govt/corporate paid scientists .. or the plants that want only to live?

HISD Board Meeting 2022
What's she talking about?


Groomer Schools: The History
Groomer Schools: WHAT they're doing
Groomer Schools: WHY they're doing it

. . . . . . . . .WE ARE THE 99! . . . . . . . .

Thomas Sowell, PhD
Dismantling America
10 Aug 2010

Climate Czar Gina McCarthy says: "Clean Energy" is cheaper than Fossil Fuels" . .🤔

Stopping herself before uttering the dirty word “coal,” Zimmerman said, “I betcha there’s a bit of co — they’re heavy on natural gas, aren’t they?”

charging stations:
A 350kw generator uses 12 gallons of diesel per hour. It takes 3 hours to fully charge a car to drive 200 miles. That's 36 gals to drive 200 miles .. 5.6mph!

Dismantling America (audio)
Thomas Sowell, Phd
10 Aug 2010


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