New York City Mayor Eric Adams appears so eager to grandstand and fearmonger that if the government doesn't stop having its armed agents threaten innocent people who own guns, the already violence-ridden Big Apple will become like "the Wild Wild West" he doesn't bother mentioning how his "gun control" paradigm has FAILED to stop violent crime. He also doesn't realize how completely ahistorical his statement about the "Wild Wild West" truly is. Find out the powerful information that pop movies and pop politicians like Adams won't tell you: that the "wild west" was very peaceful, and its people created that environment pretty much sans the statist imposition of taxation and "the polis". Voluntary association and private property respect were the keys -- oh, and the right to self-defense. Check out this informative video! And be sure to subscribe! you can find Liberty Conspiracy at Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, and Gardner Goldsmith's Substack is here: Please visit Gard's work at MRCTV and find him on Twitter as @gardgoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith Youtube does have some of our older LC videos, but we're being careful there, and likely will only publish entertainment-oriented vids soon, perhaps vids that make reference to these political-philosophical vids... Be Seeing You!

Greetings, fellow Conspirators! Here's the overview! Shortly after the ruling Thursday, June 23, that recognized the fact that New Yorkers are supposed to be able to carry a firearm in public without having to argue a "special need" to state enforcers, our friends in the pop media spouted the erroneous claim that the Thomas-written majority opinion “expanded” the right to keep and bear arms. Let's tell those popsters some facts about logic, the word "rights," and the philosophy of freedom that God laid out for us. Check out our content on Rumble, Bitchute, and Odysee, and find Gard on Twitter as @gardgoldsmith and GAB as @GardnerGoldsmith and feel free to subscribe to Gard's SUBSTACK and please visit MRCTV dot ORG and MRCTV's YT and Rumble channels! Be Seeing You!

As numerous Supreme Court rulings emerge from the halls of that tax-eating body, we dissect the key aspects of a decision that's gone relatively overlooked. This pertains to a dispute between parents and the Maine government that saw the government allowing tax subsidies to parents sending their kids to non-religious secondary schools, but NOT allowing subsidies to be spent on religious schools. The ruling might prompt some so-called "conservative commentators" to applaud, but, both on their "constitutional" level, and the deeper moral level of whether the state is justified in the first place, this is a much bigger and more complex issue than they assume. Check out the analysis, going back to the Constitution, the late 19th Century push by politicians to destroy privately run education, and the foundational principles telling us that the polis is a problem - a big, big problem. We hope you find the information valuable! Feel free to share, especially with students! Subscribe at Bitchute, Odysee, and Rumble, and visit Gardner at his Substack and at - You also can find Gard on Twitter as @gardgoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and find Gard's MRCTV videos on YT and Rumble! Be Seeing You!

Greetings, fellow Conspirators! Thanks for grabbing the info in this video and taking the big lessons to others. In this production, we explore PA Gov. Tom Wolf's (D) recent meme-post promoting Red Flag statutes. Not only does this pertain to his state and the people trying to live free within that tax-grabbing corral, it connects to the federal "gun" bill being pushed by Dems and many Republicans in DC. If you believe in rights and want to see where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are failing beneath the crushing bootheels of Wolf and others, this is for you. And, even more important, if you understand the illegitimacy of the state itself, you'll see how the right of dissent is being targeted. Check it out, and visit us on Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute! Find Gardner Goldsmith on Twitter as @gardgoldsmith and on GAB as @GardnerGoldsmith -- And definitely check out Gard's work at MRCTV dot Org and the MRCTY YouTube channel and Rumble channel! Be Seeing You!

Take a look at this coverage of the change in CDC "policy", and see why not only the CDC is illegitimate according to their US Constitution, but also that claims of federal "power" over immigration are illegitimate, as well. This might help students of history -- and anyone interested in understanding the US Constitution. Even though none of us signed the thing as some kind of real contract, the politicians the their bureaucrats and military swear oaths to abide by it. Thus, we can gain intellectual ammunition by knowing how THEIR rules are supposed to operate. Check it out, and please feel free to subscribe at Rumble, Bitchute, or Odysee. Gardner is on Twitter under @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and you also can find his substack here: and see Gard's work at and the MRCTV YouTube and Rumble channels! Be Seeing You!

As collectivism throws more and more of the language into the government-run Tragedy of the Commons, we study the latest chapter in that long and tragic tale. This time, it's about how the CA government will "define" "bee", and why... The long-term lessons are here -- lessons about private property, valuation, free will to express human subjectivity, liability, and the price system, and simple human ethics. Check it out! Send this to a student you might know! Find us on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, and find Gardner on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and visit Gard's Substack for multiple pieces each week that will help reveal long-lasting lessons about economics, ethics, current events, and history. Be Seeing You!

Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), recently inspired a great deal of justified criticism for his stunning outburst as he pushed for additional attacks on the right to self-defense. Calling rights "Bulls**t", Cicilline openly insulted not only his vaunted rulebook of the US Constitution, he offered us a chance to look more closely at the concept of rights, at the Constitution, at his background (as Mayor of Providence, RI, from 2002-2011, notice the crime graph we offer in the video) and about his previous grandstanding about rights. Ah, yes, a class act. Check it out! And feel free to send this to students to offer them info about rights and the right to self-defense. You can subscribe at Odysee, Bitchute, or Rumble, and visit Gardner Goldsmith on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith - Subscribe to Gard's Substack, as well! Be Seeing You!

Welcome to the Conspiracy, and thank you for being interested in the principles of peace, liberty, and Natural Rights. In this production, we look at recent statements from Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Prez Joe Biden (D) about "doing something" they are neither constitutionally or morally allowed to do: take people's money to fund government agents who will threaten people, to the extent of using firearms on them, in order to prevent them from owning firearms or selling them. The language they, and others, use is revealing. Thank you for being here! Please visit Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and subscribe to Gard's SubscribeStar Share the videos and subscribe any and all of the platforms that carry the Liberty Conspiracy - Look for us at Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute! Be Seeing You!

Numerous leftists were pleased to see conservative icon, and well-known actor, Jon Voight recently support the idea of political blocks against peaceful private firearm ownership. Not only are the specifics of his position problematic and counter to statistical info, they are inherently immoral and unconstitutional. Mr. Voight seems like an earnest and caring man, and this video offers information that counters some of his mistaken beliefs, then dives deeper, to expose fundamental truths about man v the state. Check it out, and feel free to subscribe on Rumble, Odysee, or Bitchute! Visit Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith, and visit Gardner Goldsmith's Substack, right here:

As expected, the unconstitutional and immoral Department of Homeland Security has NOT shelved its unconstitutional and immoral "Disinformation Governance Board" aka The Ministry of Truth. DHS Head Alejandro Mayorkas has tapped deep,deep,deep-state former DHS head Michael Chertoff to "manage the image" of the Ministry. Let's look into Mr. Chertoff's background, and find out why that dark background perfectly fits the disastrous bureau. Thank you for watching! Visit our videos at Rumble, Bitchute, and Odysee, and check out Gard's MRCTV videos at the MRCTV YT and Rumble channels! ALSO, subscribe to Gard's Substack here: and find Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith Be Seeing You!

Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland appeared speechless and unprepared when Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) confronted her with a press release HER OWN DEPARTMENT let fly while she was sitting before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (the very fact that there is such a committee reflects the power-grabbing, immoral, unconstitutional nature of claimed fed powers over energy and natural resources). What Manchin read aloud was quite revealing, and allows observers to question not only the trustworthiness of Haaland and her agency staff, but the power the feds claim they have over land, water, and other natural resources. Ever wonder what kinds of land the Constitution allows the feds to "run"? The answer is in this here production! Hey, subscribe on any (or, better yet, ALL) Liberty Conspiracy channels at Rumble, Bitchute, and Odysee) and share the vids! ALSO, subscribe to Gard's Substack! That's: Follow Gard's Twitter feed @GardGoldsmith and Gab @Gardner Goldsmith and visit the Liberty Conspiracy FB group, where new news links go up all day and night! Be Seeing You!

On the whole, the story of the US Dems and GOP today is the same as it was thirty years ago (and farther back in time, to the late 19th Century): overthrow foreign nations, plant puppets friendly to US corporate and political interests, herald the meddlers as heroes for "freedom", and rob from locals and American taxpayers. This clip-comp offers info from Jimmy Dore, the YT Channel "Redacted", C-Span's nearly 20 year-old interview with the great liberty-minded writer James Bovard, and more. Thank you, all, for doing your part, and please check out the sites of the people who have offered such keen insights into the corrupt nature of government. - Find Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and subscribe to his Substack!

Welcome, fellow Conspirators. In this video, we look at the way some folks just don't seem to get it, when it comes to life. Please take a look, and feel free to share. You can subscribe at any of our three major platforms: Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute, and find Gardner Goldsmith's Substack here: You also can find him at Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith And join the Liberty Conspiracy Facebook page! Be Seeing You!

The statists politicians and their corporate pals are nothing if not obvious. As Elon Musk announces that he is intent on opening Twitter to free speech, the immoral and unconstitutional DHS announces its Ministry of Truth, and within a week, the head of the immoral and unconstitutional Food and Drug Admin claims Americans are dying due to "misinformation." THEN, Bill Gates (who appears to have encountered no government tie and power-lever that he didn't like) announces a new 3,000 person "truth squad" to police social media! Check out this video, and please feel free to subscribe and share with others! We are at Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute! Gardner's Substack has key articles and links, and you can follow Gard on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith Be Seeing You!

These double-standards are worth noticing and bringing up to the folks who protested or supported said protesters. Yes, these folks are forced to pay for the judges' salaries. But they weren't protesting the polis itself. They were protesting numerous things that they, themselves, actually support when it these are work in their favor. Thank you for being interested in this analysis! Watch and comment on our videos at Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, and visit Gardner's Substack at and find Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith Share the vids as much as you can! Be Seeing You!

20 State Attorneys General just sent a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security telling him that they will sue if the newly created "Ministry of Truth" (run by censorious leftist Nina Jankowicz) is not disbanded. But the Ministry of Truth is only part of the problem. The DHS itself is immoral and unconstitutional. In this video, we look at what the Attorneys General said, what they sorely miss, and how important it is to call out so-called "conservatives" who ONLY NOW are speaking up, and only about one small portion of the DHS. Check out this video, and please share with friends! Subscribe on all our video platforms, including Odysee, Rumble, and Bitchute! And follow Gardner on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith -- while you ALSO subscribe to Gardner's Substack! Be Seeing You!!

In this in-depth analysis, we look at not only the recent move by the feds to force railroad lines to accept clients with whom they never voluntarily contracted, we look at the history of federal rail mandates, trucker mandates, their negative effects, and the period when the feds laid off. Now, Biden is bringing back massive railroad edicts, and the supply of food, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel that already has been damaged by government mandates is suffering, even more... Check it out! There is lots of research in this, with a print basis at Gardner's Substack: Feel free to share, and please subscribe to the SUBSTACK as well as our video platforms on Odysee, Rumble, and Bitchute! Find Gard on Twitter as @GardGoldsmith and on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith! Be Seeing You!

Greetings, Conspirators! In a recently uncovered video from 2020, the newly crowned Ms. Ministry of Truth, Nina Jankowicz, has been revealed calling for a return of the Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" that crushed opinions being expressed on radio and TV for decades, and she also is seen calling for more federal propaganda through tax-funded media. Gardner dissects the immorality, looks at the history and Constitution, and explains the economic axioms that are revealed by this new revelation. Check it out! There's a lot of long-term info for you to view and pass on! Be Seeing You on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee, and Gardner's Substack is under Gardner Goldsmith. You also can find him on Twitter at @GardGoldsmith and on Gab at @GardnerGoldsmith - Spread the word! All the best!

People who believe in and fight for the freedom of the individual might find Elon Musk's various endeavors to be a mixed bag, but his recent moves at Twitter appear to be intended to liberate expression there, to open it to more freedom to exchange ideas. This is something Massachusetts Senator Liz Warren (D) clearly does not like. Not only does she not want what clearly would be freer speech on Twitter, she claims that in attempting to stifle that, she is defending "democracy." And she has the gall to start making erroneous claims about Musk's taxes, even as she never mentions actual government subsidies to Musk's corporations and to many other corporations. It's possible that Musk looks at his acceptance of federal subsidies for some of his corporations as ways to get back some of the taxes he has paid, one cannot be sure unless one were to ask him and he were to offer a reply, but Warren's M.O. is clear. Check out our new video, gather the info, and spread it to others! Subscribe, free, at Odysee, Rumble, or Bitchute! And find Gard on Twitter at @GardGoldsmith on Gab as @GardnerGoldsmith and, of course, on MRCTV! Be Seeing You!

Greetings! Thank you for being part of the Conspiracy for Freedom! In this production, we look at the Supreme Court "Leak" of a draft opinion that appears to overturn the infamous "Roe v Wade" and subsequent "Casey" abortion decisions. We look at the major portions of the opinion, written by Sam Alito, and study the ramifications this has on operational federalism, the demands of the Fourteenth Amendment, and what a deeper moral view of real freedom tells us. This is based on Gardner's new Substack column, which is free (he still has to open the subscription level, which requires writers to have a bank account connection, of course)! You get it free, so check it out, riiiiight HERE! And please subscribe, to it and to our Liberty Conspiracy channels on Odysee, Rumble, and Bitchute! SHARE the videos and articles, if you find the information valuable. We'll call it "informaluable"!!! Gard also is on Twitter (@gardgoldsmith) and Gab (@GardnerGoldsmith) if you want to write or follow his posts, and his main work can be found at and on the MRCTV YT and Rumble channels! Thanks, again!! Be Seeing You!

Thanks to Kit Knightly and David Knight for their excellent work. This video details the shocking, unconstitutional, completely immoral, and anti-economic Biden Conservation Reserve Program, which the Bidenistas birthed last year, and which currently is taking applicants to receive government cash TO NOT FARM land. The central-bank fueled madness continues, as the politicians think they can literally pay people to stop farming... much like the insanity of the "guaranteed basic income" idea they often push. Check out this vid, please like and subscribe, and share the links! Find Gard on Twitter @GardGoldsmith and Gab @GardnerGoldsmith and feel free to subscribe at all of our video platforms, including Odysee, Bitchute, and Rumble! Be Seeing You!

The information via David Knight (The David Knight Show), Salty Cracker (his Odysee channel), Brian of High Impact (this from his Odysee), and Del Bigtree and his guest Shad Sullivan, whom Del interviewed on The Highwire (this from the Highwire Bitchute channel ). Find David m-f from 9a to noon eastern US time on Rokfin (, and his channel on Odysee: Find Salty at Find Brian and HighImpact here and Del and the Highwire Team at

As the head of the federal Department of Homeland Security surprises members of Congress with the news that the DHS has created a new "Anti-Disinformation, Anti-Misinformation" unit, we explore numerous signals that sends to us, and we open a window onto the unconstitutional, IMMORAL, history of the agency. Check it out! If you find the info worthwhile, please like, be sure to subscribe, and share! Spread the word! We'd love to read your thoughts, as well! Be Seeing You!

Obscure documents reveal that the Biden Administration is readying a move to force employers and insurance companies to cover abortions and gender "transition" chemicals (etc). This has shocked many of the small number of people who have become aware of this possible move. But there's a bigger lesson in this, and we nail that down, for a long-term lesson. Thank you for watching! Find Gard on Twitter @GardGoldsmith and on GAB @GardnerGoldsmith and check us out on Bitchute, Odysee, and Rumble! Be Seeing You!

Gendernomics!! Hi, Conspirators! In this presentation, we refute the Bidenista claims that price increases are caused by fighting in Ukraine, and we point out the insanity of thinking that any President or central government can "direct", or even report honestly on, an economy. Feel free to share with others, and remember, we also are on Odysee and Rumble! Visit Gard @GardGoldsmith on Twitter and @GardnerGoldsmith on GAB! Be Seeing You!


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