Do what you can to be ok.

No Fear.....Be ready, Be Prepared!

Food shortage, so start getting accustom by eating one meal a day.

Merry Christmas!

No action it's still action.

It starts from 19 November when we have the Full Moon in Taurus. People will freeze to death. Find a alternative source to stay warm.

Do as much as you can to prepare for this winter.

Crochet stitch for scarf or blanket. Perfect for cold winter days.

We need to work together in order for humanity to survive.

How to crochet this stitch.

One row repeat crochet stitch, great for scarf, blanket or hat

A easy crochet stitch for many projects.

A nice crochet stitch for blouse, top or vest.

Crochet Stitch for Scarf.

Crochet stitch for blanket, scarf or cardigan.

Great stitch for blanket.How to crochet!

Life chat 8 May 2021

This was the Life Chat that took place on 28 May 2021

Easy 2 rows repeat crochet stitch.

One row repeat crochet stitch.


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Live Chat 21 July 2021. Get Ready!