From Madonna Covers Compilation 1992 / Exclusive Demo
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Originally released on SPELLBONDAGE vinyl LP-Inner-X-Records 1987. Recorded at Newbury Sound 4/87. Later reissued on Funfundiverzig Records-Germany. SPELLBOUND SUBMISSION CD
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Recorded sometime in 1990. By John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Arthur Woznic. Recorded for the CD ~ SIRKLE ZERO but left off.
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From the 1986 compilation TASTE OF TONGUES. Exclusive material not found else where. Live Pix by Luna Tsuki. Info, pix, products and more on official web site ~
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Recorded at Newbury School of Music 8/86 Released on Funfundiverzig Records-Germany. SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG 1997. (John Zewizz, Elaine Walker, Ashley Swanson, Laura Chopelas)
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Originally from the 1987 vinyl LP- SPELLBONDAGE. Recorded at Newbury Sound-Boston 3/87 Later reissued on Funfundiverzig Records-Germany CD SPELLBOUND SUBMISSION
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Recorded live on WMFO 1984. Released on their 2nd vinyl LP~ SUBMIT TO DESIRE 1985
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Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 1986. Video by John Zewizz. Music by Sleep Chamber member LARRY VAN HORN. Site ~

Recorded on WBRS-RADIO FM- Live 1/1/11. From the CD "STRATOCAST" (featuring John Zewizz, Bob Avakian, Tick, Gimme"Sparks, Zora)
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Recorded at AXIS-Boston 1989. A Rare band line up this show. (Eugene Difrancisco, Jonathan Briley, Arthur Woznic, John Zewizz)
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From the CD & DVD "SIAMESE SUCCUBI" 1993. Video by John Zewizz. (This version is the U-tube edited version). The SIAMESE SUCCUBI videos are considered the Most Sexual collection of Rock videos Ever. 0fficial Web Site ~

Recorded at The Middle East 1995 .Featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES~ LuLu & Semiramis.
Cover pic- BARBITCHUETTES LuLu & Semiramis by Luna Tsuki
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Music by Jessie Last & Malcolm Smith with guest John Zewizz. (only 23 cassettes were made). Then Zewizz reissued the cassette on Inner-X-Musick. Later reissued on VINYL ON DEMAND vinyl LP-Germany Pic iz cassette cover.
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Music from the 1990 CD ~SIRKLE ZERO. One of their most popular mystical releases.
Video by John Zewizz. SIRKLE ZERO~ DVD
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Written by John Zewizz. Almost like Spoken Word; ? From the German Vinyl LP Box Set SIX,SIX,SIX -(the first 6 years ov SleepChamber)
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Recorded at The Middle East Club-Cambridge 1995. Featuring BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis. pix of Semiramis by Luna Tsuki.
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From the 1987 recording fro the vinyl LP~ SPELLBONDAGE. Reissued on CD as the tile SPELLBOUND SUBMISSION. Combining the Vinyl from SUBMIT TO DESIRE-(1995)- with SPELLBONDAGE-(1987)-
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Released on Inner-X-Musick 2010. From the CD~ I AM MY OWN REEDEMER.

Recorded at Inner-X-Studio, Released on SLEEPING SICKNESS CD. 1994. A collection of stray songs and instrumentals. Includes a 40 page booklet. FUNFUNDIVERZIG-Records-Germany. Video by John Zewizz. 0fficial Site~

Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 1988. Released on Vinyl LP, CD & DVD ~ SATANIC SANCTION 1989.
Band: (Laura Chopelas, John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley)
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From the 2012 CD from John Zewizz. Released on OLD EUROPIA CAFE. A second version Unreleased has surfaced. 0fficial Site~


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Official SLEEPCHAMBER Bitchute Channel. Organized by John Zewizz and Friends. We hope to bring you Videos and Music that John Zewizz and SLEEPCHAMBER have created over the past 40 years. From 1982 to present. Featuring: 'Live, Official, Studio Sessions, and Unreleased Material.
Over the past 40 yars John Zewizz has produced and managed the Bands: SLEEPCHAMBER, Daze of Trance, Women of the SS, Vampyress, Hidious in Strength, Noizeclot, Cult ov the Womb and others including Solo projects.
Mr Zewizz's music movement has been an Underground movement from the beginning (1980). His 'pet project' SLEEPCHAMBER carries a main focus on Sexuality, Magick and Individuality. (THE ULTIMATE MINORITY).
John Zewizz has not only created most of the music videos but published THE OTHER SOUND magazine in the 1980's. Focusing on Industrial Bands. Interviews, reviews and connections were the regular content. Eight Issues were published by Zewizz.

SLEEPCHAMBER has gone through many Band member line-ups. Zewizz claims that it keeps the "Concept" from being stagnant or routine. Starting out in the 80's with an experimental industrial style music to a more of a highly sexual cult of female dancers. .Which perform through out a live performance.
SLEEPCHAMBER Live Performances were legendary in the 90's for female fetish vixens known as THE BARBITCHUETTES.
(1990-2000). THE BARBITCHUETTES developed personalities of their own. Most being from his entourage of strippers and professional dancers. Performing live with little to no rules THE BARBITCHUETTES along with John's concept of entertainment has to be experienced to be appreciated. Smoke, Fog, homemade narcotic incense, flashing strobes, and sub-bass frequencies make SLEEPCHAMBER a concept of burlesque music that is more of an anomaly. With their exuberant performances of fetish themes THE BARBITCHUETTES became a true part of SLEEPCHAMBER Live Shows of the 90's.
Currently John Zewizz is producing the 'Last' SLEEPCHAMBER release.(2021). We are partly here for the chosen few. This music is not for everyone. Its not over . And that is why its so great.!

Sandra Pepin / for John Zewizz~ 10/23/20