Here is a link to Mike Da Bird's page.

Textures edited using Adobe Substance 3D Painter, imported into the Unity and exported to VRChat for testing.

Background Music: Theme of the Universe, Eve Online

Off-the-cuff and emotional moments during the panels.

Furality Aqua turned out to be much better than Furality Legends and I enjoyed almost every moment of it with my close friends. There was at least 10 hours or 54GB of video content recorded and this doesn't include the collection of screenshots I have gathered during the virtual event.

Background Music:
HTFU by Permaband (CCP Games)
Warp to the Dance Floor by Permaband (CCP Games)

Base Rexouium Avatar by Rezillo Ryker available on his Gumroad page for purchase.
Avatar edits made me using Unity, Adobe Substance 3D Painter, and the Furality assets and shader packages provided by Furality Online Xperience.

Videos recorded using OBS Studio and compiled using DaVinci Resolve.

It turns out the NTSB Report that is on file at their website has meteorological data pertaining to the flight in question so I was able to input that data into the simulator to recreate the conditions. And now that I have more time I was able to put in a little more effort in simulating the scenarios you will see here.

My new specs!
Corsair Airflow 7000D Full-Tower Case
ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero AMD Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor
Corsair Vengeance 32GB Memory (2x 16GB)
Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB
Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooling Fan
XFX Speedster QICK319 Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB
Corsair HX 1200W Power Supply

The new rig is surprisingly quiet to the point where the Vive base stations are still louder than the computer despite the load I put onto the computer using Flight Simulator, DCS World, and VRChat.

As for the contents of the video, I feel like this is a good time to learn a little bit from the fatal accident that occurred on May 14 in Miami, FL. In the video you can see two of the alternate scenarios I tried or at least had the time to do given how busy I was these past couple of weeks. In both of these scenarios I still crashed, however it is important to note that Flight Simulator will always render any landing of an aircraft that is not fitted with floats as a crash. The scenario with the landing on the ground doesn't take into account physical barriers such as light posts and moving traffic. Either way, I feel like the pilot who died in the crash had very little, if any, options available to him at the time other than to attempt to land on the bridge. If I had landed on the road ahead of the bridge I would have had to deal with pedestrians, vehicles, trees, and light posts. The bridge still had light posts and vehicles, but no other obstacles. The water that was available to the Northwest appeared to be reachable according to the simulator but Air Safety Institute made a good point that we don't know if the pilot and passengers were able to swim. The incident also happened on a Saturday which meant the beach was likely packed and thus not a safe option.

Summary: I believe the pilot made the best decision possible given the circumstances. And as I previously mentioned, we only have preliminary reports from the crash and the National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the accident. Until we have the final report from the NTSB, we can only speculate.

As usual, fly safe.

The final report from the National Transportation Safety Board is still pending and will likely take a long time to finish. Until then, all we have is speculation on the cause of the accident.

I love it when a plan comes together.

This is not a good year for pilots it seems.

Alright, so it turns out my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be. I just found out after making this video that it was Matt Krol who narrated the video discussing how to implement blockchains into a video game. This video is 3 years old and it seems the confusion stems from the video in the question being posted at a time when Extra Credits was transitioning from Daniel Floyd narrating to Matt Krol narrating. Sorry about that, Matt. Credit where credit is due. No pun intended... or is it? ;)

Also, please pardon the shit mic audio part way through the video.

Almost 18 hours of CCP Games' presentation condensed into 1 hour 12 minutes. Sorry for not making it shorter.

This was just to see how my current hardware configuration can hold up under such a high load. Until I upgrade my hardware, don't expect me to do this very often unless it is to stress test my system again. In all likelihood I will be replacing the computer entirely (case and all).

This video was recorded with the following rig:
Intel i7 4790 Processor
ASRock H97 Anniversary Motherboard
Radeon RX5700 XT Graphics Card
EVGA 1,000WATT Power Supply

HTC Vive Pro Eye with Facial Tracker (using the built-in mic for the voice)
Valve Index Controllers

Software Used:
Eve Online (2x Active Clients at first)
OBS Studio
SteamVR Overlay

We finally reached the end of my technical series covering specifically the Cessna Skyhawk 172M. I hope you guys enjoyed the content. In the meantime I will start brainstorming for the next content. Also, I am using a different public Rexouium that is available in the Jerry's Mod world of VRChat because of its eye & facial tracking feature. The old Gold/White Anubis Rexouium doesn't seem to support those features (at least not right now) so I had to make the switch to take full advantage of the feature. Let me know what you all think.

The solution turned out to be simple yet unnecessary*. Shout out to Tkya at the VRCFaceTracking Discord for helping me out.

*Unnecessary in the sense that I shouldn't have to resort to this method out of the box for a kit that cost me north of $1,300.

Pardon me if the entire video looks rushed.

Making progress so far. Now to deal with that other problem.

As of the time of this video being uploaded, the facial tracker arrived in the mail. Now to wait for the OSC application to be updated now that VRChat broke everything including eye+facial tracking with this update.

It has dawned on me that navigating Eve Online's UI with a pair of Valve Index controllers is not as intuitive as I had previously hoped it would be. The world you see in the background is the Pool Parler world available in VRChat. The avatars I used are Rexouium. At the end of the video I was greeted by someone whom I was waiting for. Playing Eve Online on the side was just me trying something new and I was ready to end it anyways to save my computer from self-annihilation.

Recharging my batteries.

Have you ever noticed the Anubis Rexouium avatar color pallete is the same as the Cessna shown here in the video?


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My backup account in case anything happens to Odysee.

Please pardon the quality of the videos. Since many of the old videos are recordings of past livestreams*, the resolution is not stellar to say the least. This is to keep the videos and the stream clips as smooth as possible and not be as taxing on system since I use an HTC Vive in addition to OBS Studio.


I'm a certified airframe & powerplant mechanic with 6 years of line maintenance experience on Boeing 767's and the General Electric CF6-80C2 family of engines. I am also a private pilot. So a lot of these videos will contain comments about working in the field of aviation and covering various aviation topics in addition to flight simulation and VRChat content. I recommend you visit me on Odysee since that is my primary platform.

*I am beginning to do livestreams using Odysee as the primary platform.