This culling is not necessary at all to “clean up the earth”.

Never again for the children, especially the corporate sweets. Homemade birthday cake followed by anti-parasiticks. One sweet treat at Christmas. It wants 0 carbon dioxide to get to zero oxygen. Fuck what it wants. We make this place. We will get to zero sugar and zero parasite. They are already hearing about the “bad worms” in the tummy and the older boy understood when I told him that he messed himself up.

Other than the gross but minor and ignorable unease of fungal infiltration through the sexual organs, I felt great for YEARS feeding the fungus what it wanted. The key point here, that I keep making, is that the morphine somehow kept it from over running my colon. That probably saved me. The water kept getting absorbed, right up until the very end, when I got my reward, the tumour behind my jaw; and an extensively mature parasite, that would approximate in size and effect, in my 36 years, the end of my grandfather in his 70s. By that I mean some of the same symptoms, especially the faint whiff of urine from the leaky urinary system. The well has been poisoned in too many to not carefully analyze the water of life.

Love you all.
Stopped by the reserve on the way down. Native guy, middle aged in there tremoring. He got the tics, or is that ticks. He was talking about some medical stuff when I finished my purchase, I said, “turpentine, the spirit of the trees will help you if you took the poison. Upside down world when a degraded white dude has to try to snap a cbc designated sainted native, out of the medical spell.
I understand the native thing with tobacco even if they don’t anymore.

My oldest is taking monthly turpentine like a champ, it seemed to reinvigorate his lifelong (almost 4) eye goop elimination process. The two un axed kids have zero moles, no chronic anything and this year Halloween is banned, for if I wasn’t so weak the younger boy would never had to raise up his temperature because I allowed his mother to poison him. It was very mild and did not affect his behaviour, except for his noticeably down mood. Does anyone remember the range of normal body temperature being as low as 36.4? Maybe it’s always been that way, but this is parasite tv so we have to consider that our beat down temple runs cooler and cooler as your immune system gets steadily weakened. Have a great weekend!

More More More poisoning the parasight food supply! When I’m out there fasting with water, I will have all manner of medicaments. From wormwood and oregano to the old standbys, like CONSTANT hot peppers.
Living is great. Kids are great. The clouds look paranormal some days. Nothing like the shapeshifting shadow plays of past cumulousity, but its a start. We are headed for paradise if we project. I’m as degenerate and parasight as everyone but if the corruption is focused on and is targeted for destruction in this prison, the bars start to dissolve. I love you.

The parasight is half of the hueman, or so it seems to me. Now it’s looking to possess the rest.

I already read these to my boss and his wife yesterday at lunch and she got a little upset that evening when I told her and of course ran to her scrying mirror to say what exactly, I’m not sure but she wrote back the exact wrong thing, paraphrasing: oh yeah we all have to give the men the business sometimes.
My point last night when we talked, why don’t you stop behaving this way? And as I have said previously, the reversal in her body is underway and the proof is her greater attentiveness, memory, cleanliness of the home etc. Emotional control? It is coming. Love you all.

Cutting loose detachment fucks up the parasight. It only feels like you.

I really fucked up, but if I had of done this 20 years ago. I would have let the children get dragged into hellth, and I wouldn’t have even realized. On balance, the apocalypse is great, because we are slowly withdrawing, and it all works, in morality.
My sister is being rewarded by the beast. She is looking outwardly well, including quitting smoking. Still total crohn life, but outwardly she looks healthier than ever. Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse…utter devil shit.
The evidence here is that it could still go either way in terms of the jabbed.

I love you all.

I can’t 100% prove she got the covid vax pre-pandemic, as “whooping cough” but she did, at least an early iteration.
PS. I got the day off again because every time I mention my 40 day excursion she loses it. I’m trying to save my soul and by extension my family and she just lost it, because of the lawn. Ugh. Parasight brain. I chased her out with Jesus and I wouldnt let her near the devices. The first time I moved voice on the demon I hit the couch so hard and fell asleep for three hours. Now I’m starting to just speak, rather than go full volume and the devil is grabbing her by the legs and hightailing. It’s amazing. Both boys have surpassed her in many ways, because of the brain injury incurred by this beast, the true nature of possession.

It ties everything together when you consider the possibility that parasights have blinded our third eye. From vaccines, to geoengineering/terraforming, the poisons everywhere, the fake health system, agriculture, language I could go on, but suffice it to say the mundane, everyday nature of possession has been made clear to me the moment I began using my voice to tell the demon to leave the mother of my children and it began to work, with the concomitant behavioural changes. But when I began using the name of Jesus Christ, thing really got interesting and her body and mind really began to heal. Now I will face my own weakness and degradation. That’s the plan anyway. The only plan I have for the future, other than love my children. 40 days and nights. Going to be epic.

We have already seen the tech getting cozy with the fungus in the microscopy.
Join with me in following in the footsteps of Jesus this August for 40 days and nights of battling with the devil.

Going to eat some more crushed chili peppers. I am going to get un-lazy and powder these beauties. Much more surface area equals much more parasight poison!

“You don’t get old, you mould.” -Dr. Robert Young

One of two, of the most important interviews in my life in the realm of spell breaking words that needed to be said.
They did a fantastic job (persecution) on me in the “gifted” program. Where they taught me how wonderful and smart I was, all while actively, with my wholehearted cooperation, beginning the process of degradation and destruction. To my eternal shame, I watched virtually my entire family murdered and never questioned anything.
I never throw the baby out with the bath water when meta-analysts confuse some facts, especially in 2017.

Magical Hoof Channel. Listen to the whole thing if you can.

God please make Dr. Jane more. Blessings are parasight black magic.

Everything else is just paperwork.
This is going to get Good.

They either are really doing it or think they are. Either could make sense.

We will win.
They are probably the an-gels, those without structured water. Infecting humanity, especially the he-brews and the an-glos. My ancestors with terrible teeth and no glow. I mean why else would it always be cloudy and rainy in Britain? It’s undeniable that this whole solar system is our mind. We still have some fight left in us. Maybe the human I’m moon (Im mune) system?

Is the rna the corruption? Gnostics, so called, say the archons were a mistake or aberration…what else could you do with half an transceiver? Be envious and mimic?

In the same light, her pupils will constrict much more than her brothers. Is she purer with a more open pineal? I can’t know for sure, but maybe it’s a normal baby thing, or perhaps she will never need as much light through the eyes?


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