The truth about prohibition

Why babysitting should be minimized.

Why debt repayment can not be enforced with violence.

Are people ignorant of politics, or is politics ignorant of people?

How we can avoid the recession

How Putin will emasculate NATO.

About the demented governance of the usA.

Why we no longer need a reserve currency.

Narration: Authoritarians love authority but authority doesn't love authoritarians.


Narration. Political implications of the popularity of the term "normie".

Narration: Advice for resisting truckers.

Narration: Describes how tyrants train the armies that will defeat them.

Narration: Occupational licensing is evil.

Are UFOs projections from another universe?

You don't have to be a hero.
You don't have to be a saint

Musical narration about the aftermath of the vaccine hysteria.

Narration: You Tube took down my Five G Vax narration.

Narration describing my adventures in juste intonation tuning.

Narration: Using economic principles to reform or replace an evil empire.

Narration: It's not just prices that go up in an inflationary spiral.

Narration: There is no scientifically verified way of knowing who is a useless eater.

Narration. Another creation myth.

Narration about a just say no audit.

Narration. about the disadvantages of absolutist thinking.


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