Linux requires a lot of focus to be mastered properly.
Learning Linux, Bash and so on, should not count as a waste of time, but rather, should be considered an investment.
Both in terms of pure skills and brain training.
Considering the current direction our society is taking, the shortening time in which people can focus, i would say Linux is a great opportunity to slow down the decline of our intellect.
Let's all switch to linux in 2022 !

#switchingToLinux #Linux #Linux2022 #LinuxForBeginners #selfimprovment
#mentalOutlaw #distrotube #opensource

Linux is opensource and will never mess with my values, unlike google and some other tech giants. Something pretty important, especially in 2022, where some companies do look more and more like governments.
The decentralized nature of Linux make it possible to keep making progress and innovate in the tech field without having to dive into certain cultural influences. Welcome to my mini - series : Why i switched to Linux ?

#switchingToLinux #Linux #LinuxForBeginners #selfimprovment
#mentalOutlaw #distrotube #opensource

Normies's channels getting aggressively shadow banned. get ready for a new wave of migration to bitchute !
#shadowban #shadowbanned #strike #tulsigabbard

As you can see in this demo, google is pushing degeneracy everywhere.
but a few civilizations are staying away from it.
something tells me that the countries that block google will have a lower rate of degeneracy in the next decades.
#google #lying #conspiracy #kardashians #degenerates #degenerate #degeneracy

Facebook's psychology Is hurting men and masculinity.
facebook is no longer suitable for men.
i suggest to delete facebook right now.
Is this what they call the new world order ? lol that will be without me thanks.

Riley Reid has now become a mainstream influencer, being super famous, on par with the likes of logan paul and his friends.

this is the type of "stars" youtube is promoting, perhaps we should mind the influence these "celebrities" and "influencers" have on us.

This is the world democrats and Biden wants us to live in.

#rileyreid #networth #influencers #money #repill #blackpill

Feminism is not understood well enough by normies, and men in general, so here is a new perspective, to help quantify inequalities. Hopefully this new perspective will help us fight true inequalities better. And bring back the focus on reality. This is a pretty Blackpilled topic, since we have no chance of taking down the influence of these giants any time soon, but better take the blackpill than the blue one isn't it ?

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styxhexenhammer666, lauren chen, romanianTvee , and surely many others.


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