Still trudging along in the sewers, BUT! I got a couple of two for one's!

We are still trudging through the sewers, and braking more boxes

I am back.... I have been busy IRL and I edited this while passing a stone. enjoy

We rap up the old weapon x facility and and go straight to wining women and fight Sentinels like over powered toddlers..... should be fun.

Just Wolverine and Cyclops with his little brother Havok, continue on their miss adventure in the old Weapon X facility.

This is a low energy video, the Summer Boys have a fight, and Wolverine plays sensible nanny.

we continue with out the Harem King and rescue Liliana! Yay!! Then we immediately start our next mission with Cyclops,..... No rest for the Heroic.

Professor X and his harem, are one step closer to rescuing Liliana. We also encounter a new enemy and other epic shit.

We are now in the Astral Plain, and the Professor is flanked by two hot babes! With that lets go get some XP fellas!!

We finished the finished the Mission and take in Colossus's sister in the X-Men's care at Mair Island.

We are going to kick the feds off our lawn!!!

Lets touring the X-mansion, and get little to nothing done.

Well we skip talking to some people on Meir Island and speed right to the check point because I am lazy. enjoy

We push further into the facility and find unexpected allies along the way.

I recorded this two weeks ago so and I forgot I swapped Magma out.

We are in side the nuke facility and and we now have to do a bunch of task for the workers there so we can stop the reactor from melting down. Why us? Because we are motherf****** Hero's that's why!!

We have made entry in the nuclear facility, and made contact with the facility personal. With this accomplished we have establish a forward operating post in the facility.
Ok this was a stupid short video, and only took nine minutes and some change to record. There is nothing special about this video, I am just trying to get back into the groove of things of recording and editing.

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We have little back tracking to do at the beginning, but don't worry Wolvy will get his revenge in the end. We will also start a NEW mission!!! At a nuke site.

We are at it now in the Weapons X facility slaying guards and scaring scientist, and most impotently... getting revenge!!

After the long wait we finish the danger room session with Alison, and move on to greater things... Like doing a flash back mission as Wolverine!!! I am not going to type my explanation about my absence but I will talk about it in the video. But yeah enjoy the video.... or not, not my concern.

Good day Rogues, today we are flying another overwatch mission. With the information provided by LT. Moor, we will be raiding a supply depot. We will take out the shield generator, after which the commandos will start the ground assault of the depot. Once that happens we will provide that wonderful overwatch we so love to do, and the commandos appreciate. Ok, with that and if there are no questions, Rogues to your fighters and "May the Force be with you".

Ok no fancy description on what to expect from the video. (insert motivational role-playing speech here) But mostly an apology for the lack of uploads. I was having truble with my editing software and decided (out of frustration) to take a break. But I am back and will be back on scheduled.

After four attempts to edit this video, the fifth time it finally didn't crash. So here is my many weeks late video of no epic proportions. I'm tired so no role playing.

Today's mission, we are going to escort Gold Squadron as they disable Imperial shuttles with ill gotten goods. You will be taking any sub-fighter you like, thou the X-Wing is recommended on this mission. Even thou the locals are rebelling the Empire still have a strong presence on the planet, expect strong anti-air resistance, hence why we are coming along. We are to take out the missile launchers, and turbo laser emplacements so the Y-Wings will have a clear shot at the Imperial shuttles. With that said watch yourselves, take out those emplacements quickly, and keep Gold Squadron alive. If there are no questions,... Rogue Squadron... To your Fighters.

So we did fix parts of the ship, we did save some sailors,and we did have to abandon ship. well anyway we will spend a good amount of time at the mansion this time with some surprises.


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