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CALEA - Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
CARNIVORE and Counter Measures -
ECHELON Global Surveillance -
StingRay ISMI catcher / cellular phone surveillance device-
5 Eyes Alliance -
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Original post July 2020
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Devastating, Sweeping Russian Attacks Across Ukraine
Over 600 People Estimated Gone, Massive Blast From Kh-47M2 Kinzhal Rocket
The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (in Russian: Х-47М2 Кинжал, "dagger", NATO reporting name Killjoy) is a Russian nuclear-capable hypersonic aero-ballistic air-to-surface missile.[10][11] It has a claimed range of more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi), Mach 12 speed (4.1 km/s), and an ability to perform evasive maneuvers at every stage of its flight. It can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads[12] and can be launched from Tu-22M3 bombers or MiG-31K interceptors. It has been deployed at airbases in Russia's Southern Military District and Western Military District.[13][14]

The Kinzhal entered service in December 2017 and is one of the six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018.

Is a high-level CIA Soviet double Agent about to be exposed? Why right now? What timing? Paul Redmond was director of counter intelligence at CIA for many years and many believe he was a top level Soviet Agent and he may be about to be arrested? What’s the back end to all this?

Ex-CIA official says Russian spy invaded US intelligence and aided Putin's rise to power

Please do not be distracted by the nothing burger of the W.H.O challenging US sovereignty via a new agreement. America lost it's sovereignty a long time ago "on paper". The Federal Reserve Act from 1913 should have you palpitating.

No one needed a binding agreement to shut down the world economy in 2020. What makes you think this is anything other than ANOTHER distraction to keep you from the real and present danger of the total takeover of America via infiltration of critical infrastructure, technology transfer and handing over power to state powers in league with Bloomberg, Gates and the giant Rothschild Foundation System they have in place? This is allowing Israel and Russia as well as the CCP deep inside American critical infrastructure. Its instant economic death with one 64 bit string of numbers into the electrical grid, and a hostile foreign power is hoping you don’t notice.......
DEF CON 26 - Christopher Domas - GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors in redacted x86 - DEFCON

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*Industrial Zionism: Espionage, Deception, & Interstitial Compromise*

The first film about Viktor Schauberger’s life’s work. A comprehensive survey of historical facts, current research and various practical applications into both technology and the natural world.
Today the Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger is considered to be a pioneer of modern water research and the holistic observation of Nature. As early as the first half of the 20th century he gave urgent warnings of the consequences of uncontrolled exploitation of the environment. As a way out he proposed a radical rethink and the development of totally new concepts of energy production, in harmony with Nature. Schauberger formulated his “C & C principle”: first one has to comprehend Nature, and then one should copy it.
The applications of his ideas and his inventions include devices for refined drinking water, spiral pipes for carrying water with reduced friction, environmentally-friendly river regulation, as well as power generation from water and air using the principle of contraction and inward vortexing.
Available subtitles: English, Romanian
Click here to watch the German version:
A film by Franz Fitzke
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The award-winning documentary TAKE BACK YOUR POWER 2017 uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments and millions of ratepayers are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of 'smart’ utility meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home surveillance, hundreds of home fires and several fatalities, systemic over-billing, health risks, unprecedented hacking vulnerability, and even extortion.

The insightful and often astounding new material in this 2017 final cut exposes the agenda behind smart meters with even more clarity. And the way to solution is also opened, as the forthcoming sequel – the InPower Movement – is introduced.

With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Josh del Sol’s TAKE BACK YOUR POWER investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. What you’ll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you.

WINNER: Leo Award, Best Feature Documentary Program in British Columbia
WINNER: AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year
WINNER: IndieFest Annual Humanitarian Award
WINNER: NaturalHealth365 Film Of The Year
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One of my favorite inspirational Justin Trudeau quotes, "uhhhhhhhhh"

We don’t know what happened for certain, but I wouldn’t believe school textbooks, movies or television shows.

Liberal: Each time I look in the mirror I want to throw up. What’s wrong with me?
Doctor: Nothing. You’re eyesight is perfect

Clare Daly, from Dublin, Ireland, is frequently a lone voice of conscience in the European Parliament, excoriating her neoliberal colleagues to pursue diplomacy over war and to consider the impact decisions they make have on everyday people in Europe and across the globe. In her latest philippic, Daly demanded that the Parliament consider following up on overtures by Italian, German and French leaders in aggressively pursuing peace in Ukraine as the threat of a global food shortage looms.
MEP Clare Daly- speech from 7 Jun 2022
Video Courtesy of Video Parliament Ireland

I explore our consumer society, looking at the history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology of what consumerism really means. Is it a useful concept? Where did it appear from? Are there alternatives? How is the desire that drives consumption manufactured? Are we shallow? Is there any possibility of ethical consumption? To help answer some of these questions I draw from thinkers including Jean Baudrillard, Fredric Jameson, and David Harvey.

0:00 – Our Consumer Society
4:43 – A History of Stuff
14:46 – Shopping for Definitions of Consumerism
17:33 – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Production of Desire)
25:52 – Copy Cats (Social Mimicry)
31:50 – Shopping for the Problem
43:49 – Real or Hyperreal? (Jean Baudrillard)
54:56 – Fredric Jameson’s Depthlessness
58:23 – David Harvey’s Postmodern Production
1:03:34 – Are We Shallow?
1:11:10 – Ethical Consumption & it’s Problems
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Produced by Graham Wright
Based on a talk by Larken Rose

This 32 minute animation - in 4 Acts - describes the backdrop for The Great Simplification - an economic/cultural transition beginning in the not-too-distant future.
We made this movie, originally as a framing 'teaser' for the new podcast, but the project....expanded over time.
Part 1 describes how our species got to this point, and the role of energy in our economies
Part 2 gives an overview of the relationship between energy, technology, money and the environment and how global human society is (currently) akin to a metabolic heat engine
Part 3 gives an overview of individual (and aggregate) human behavior tendencies in a novel modern environment and why these dynamics are relevant to our current challenges
Part 4 describes how people look at the future wearing different popular lenses, but when wearing a 'systems' lens, it becomes clear that a Great Simplification is soon approaching.
There are show notes pinned in the comments and also at
Please subscribe to this channel or the podcast for more content and context about what we can do to meet the future halfway.
Here are show notes and references hosted on the podcast site:
Part 1 Energy Blind Notes -
Part 2 The Human Superorganism Notes -
Part 3 The Human Being Notes -
Part 4 The Great Simplification Notes -
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SUBTITLED from Ukrainian
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Check this out!
Andriy Naumov, a former close associate of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has been arrested in Serbia. According to the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, Naumov was arrested in the south of Serbia along with a German, allegedly his driver, on suspicion of money laundering. Border police found 607,990 euros and 124,924 dollars in cash and two precious emeralds at the Presevo crossing with northern Macedonia.
They did not report any money or precious stones, so they are accused of acquiring both through criminal activities and trying to leave Serbia with them. <Photos with story>

The Kay Griggs Interviews-1998-Satanism in the Military (Full Length)
Katharine Pollard Griggs was a military wife who learned way too much about her husband's job. Her husband would drink too much and he started talking openly about the real workings of the U.S. military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins. His stories were about murder, corruption, assassinations, and government lies. After he disappeared for a short time, she began receiving threats and decided to tell her story.

Kay is a professing Christian and was married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs in the late 1980s, who raised to an influential position as Chief of Staff. She came to realize that he was entirely mind-controlled. He abused and battered her when he drank.

These unedited interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian, Michigan, were conducted in 1998.
Kay reports of world events and our current global scenario.

During these interviews Kay Griggs exposes a long history of patent wrongs, which include:
- homosexual initiation rites in the U.S. military- -particularly within the Marines;
- well-documented instances of both - homosexual and - hetero pedophilia, often as brazen rape, amongst U.S. military figures and notable senior statesmen, Henry Kissinger being named loudly by Mrs. Griggs.

Griggs, in her videotaped interviews recently, discovered her husband's diary and was suitably horrified at what she read. She then began asking questions of her friends in the military wives club, and many of them confessed to the same dirty little secrets.

Her candor on video is both disturbing and compelling: the woman has come to grips with the fact that this "culture," as she calls it, is rife within senior U.S. military, and that the stain of being called out as a queer is what keeps the men quiet - to the arms - and drugs - running that are a vital function of Our Military.

Pastor Rick Strawcutter had a pirate radio station which was shut down in the early 2000s. Kay Griggs had been urged by friends to call in to his show, and did so in 1998. Pastor Strawcutter kept her on the air for an hour, and invited her to come to Michigan for a longer interview. Kay felt strongly that her experiences and stunning knowledge of how our country is run needed to be known, so she agreed.

Download this full interview and keep a local copy as reference.
You will never find such revelation of the truth at the top levels of the US Military anywhere else.

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#Stocks #Market #Economy #Macro #Economics #Financial #Investing #Inflation #Crash #Stagflation #Recession #Charts #Options #Trading #SPY #QQQ #TSLA #Netflix #NFLX #VIX #AMC #GME #Crypto #BTC #Bitcoin #Macro #Biden #Elon #WWDC

Former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, J. Michael Springmann, talks about his book "Visas for Al Qaeda" at Bus Boys & Poets in Washington D.C. Spingmann talks about how he was over-ruled regarding U.S visas for multiple applications that ultimately belonged to many of the 9/11 hijackers. (4-7-2016)
Michael Springmann was, to all appearances, your run-of-the-mill junior level consular employee, but he was not in a usual place, nor in a usual time. His government sent him to Saudi Arabia right as it was preparing for a battle royale with the USSR in Afghanistan. In this excerpt from his book, Springmann describes a consulate teeming with CIA personnel, and reveals how, as head of the American visa bureau, he was ordered not to follow his best instincts but instead to approve visas for all manner of dubious individuals. In retrospect, he realized he was witnessing the mujahideen pipeline — the flow of young fighters to take on the Soviets — the same people who later became al-Qaeda.

Springmann, it turns out, was not run-of-the-mill at all. He did not behave as expected. He asked too many questions and made too many complaints to too many agencies about what was going on. For sounding the alarm, the State Department fired him. The story, in his words:

“This tale is a sordid sketch of backstabbing, disloyalty, double crosses, faithlessness, falsity, perfidy, sellouts, treachery, and betrayal. All of this is in addition to the stupidity and incompetence normally manifested by the State Department and the intelligence services.”

Trudeau's Justice Minister David Lametti has just announced that people don’t have an “absolute right to own private property” in Canada.
Canada is sliding down the slippery slope into authoritarian confiscation of property, bank accounts and more.

The Truth About GMO Foods, Nutrition & Healthy Eating
by Gary Null Productions.

The world's leading Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys, Politicians and Environmental Activists expose the corruption and dangers surrounding the widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms in the new feature length documentary, "Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs".

Senior Executive Producer / Writer / Director: Gary Null PhD
Executive Producer/Writer/Co-Director: Richard Polonetsky
Producers: Paola Bossola, Richard Gale, James Spruill, Patrick Thompson, Valerie Van Cleve
Editors: James Spruill, Patrick Thompson, Richie Williamson, Nick Palm
Music: Kevin MacLeod (, Armando Guarnera
Graphics: Jay Graygor.

Mark Steyn: The march of monkeypox continues… They’re saying it may have wiggled free of your dangly bits and could be airborne. We've gone from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. When does Sudden Elitist Death Syndrome season start? aka-SEDS.
Courtesy of GBNews

A FEW GOOD JEWS - April 2021
INTRO: Democratic Presidential hopefuls ambushed on the streets
Courtesy of Brendon O'Connell
TOPICS: Israel, GRU, Russia, Trump, China, CCP, technology, cybersecurity

Volker Pispers: German Cabaret Artist speaks about the History of USA and Terrorism
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Free will is the conscious ability to choose, a necessary condition for learning.

To properly employ freewill, you must have full awareness of possible choices. Naivete narrows this perceived range and creates self-imposed limits. Many people have more free will than they realize, but due to spiritual amnesia fail to maximize their potential.

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