Add reinforcement and strength to your weak factory stock bracket on your Jeep!

The front track bar reinforcement bracket is made of thick 3/16" hot rolled steel plate, provides additional support to the weak factory mount, and increases the strength and durability of the stock bracket.

The best part? You can order yours today at:

Our NEW Sector Shaft Brace for the Jeep JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator provides additional strength to help protect from steering components and frame damage. The brace mounts at the crossmember splitting the force loads from just the Jeep frame and adds the strength of the crossmember. Additionally, mounting the brace on the opposing side from the steering box keeps the box from being pulled away from the frame and alleviates unwanted stress.

Get your Sector Shaft Brace today at:

MetalCloak's Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders for the Jeep JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator are lightweight tube fender that has increased strength, protection, and clearance over factory fenders.

Get Cloaked, check out the new lightweight Aluminum Overland Tube Fenders for your Jeep today at..

What is CTI and why should you care?

Since 2014 MetalCloak has tested thousands and thousands of rigs at events all across the county collecting specs on the build and cataloging the results. The data collected allows us to make our own products better. No other company possesses that level of research when engineering new products. MetalCloak is a technology driven company with documented CTI data to prove it; the data we have collected shows MetalCloak has the most flex of ANY bolt on production kit period.

Order your CTI proven technologies today at!

Get the most protection with MetalCloak Rear Flares.

MetalCloak offers the only Quick Release Jeep Rear Flare in the industry; these flares mount directly to the MetalCloak rear Exoskins (sold separately)

The Rear flares come in three different coverage sizes. Get our Narrow width flares for 4 inches of coverage, our standard flares providing 6 inches of coverage, or our wide flares for a full 8 inches of tire coverage!

Don't wait until it is too late; get your Overline removable Flares today. In stock and shipping now at...

Need a reliable tire carrier with the strength and security to mount an oversized tire that's also light-weight, but heavy on features?

The SportGate spare tire support system includes everything you need to mount an over-sized spare tire securely on your Jeep JK Wrangler - with the “easy to open” convenience of your OEM tailgate handle.

For more information, visit:

Protection underneath your vehicle is crucial for off-roading.

Get the BEST performing protection for the underside of your 4-Door Ford Bronco 6G. Not just a couple of cut pieces of steel bolted to the bottom of a Bronco, the GOLD zinc plated UnderCloak Armor is a completely formed system that covers vulnerabilities from the front to the back.

For more information visit:

Looking for an upgrade for your Jeep that adds custom styling-with factory fitment, that increases visibility, and function all at an affordable price?

The MetalCloak Rear LED Light Kit is the BEST LED system for the Jeep JK Wranglers. The LED light kit works as a complete lo-profile replacement for the stock taillights.

For more information visit:

Protection underneath your Bronco is crucial for off-roading.

MetalCloak's Bronco Bolt-On Muffler Skid System is easy to install and protects the muffler under the Ford Bronco with strong 3/16" steel.

For more information, visit:

Looking to help your Non-Sasquatch Bronco perform better on the trail?

Ford Bronco 2.5" Lift Brace Kit; Lift your Bronco with the strength of MetalCloak steel. These lift braces bolt directly to existing components on Non-Sasquatch Bronco's to add an additional two inches of lift.

For more information, visit:

Taking your vehicle off-road puts you in situations that can require more protection than you anticipated...

MetalCloak's JK Jeep Wrangler 2 Door & 4 Door Rocker ExoSkins provides strength, reinforcement, and a rugged look for your Jeep.

For more information, visit:

Gain additional rocker protection with the lightweight 1/8” aluminum ExoSkins.

MetalCloak JK Wrangler 2-Door and 4-Door Rocker ExoSkins provide additional strength, reinforcement, and a rugged look for your Jeep body.

For more information visit:

Sun's Out, Jeep's Out! It's time for some Open Air Wheeling.

MetalCloak Aluminum Open Frame Front Tube Door's open-frame design allows for the best visual on obstacles while the light-weight aluminum structure shaves pounds off your Jeep.

For more information visit:

Our Rear Bumper Systems, are a complete kit that includes everything you need to protect the rear of your Jeep JK or JK Unlimited. Choose the MetalCloak Tire Carrier System to securely mount an oversized spare tire to your rig or from our rear bumper system without a tire carrier for a clean and custom look.

For more information visit:

The oil pan skid plate is CAD designed, CNC formed, and laser cut for a perfect fit. This skid plate is the ultimate protection for the low-hanging oil pan of your 4.0 engine!

For more information visit:

Ready to replace that factory plastic or thin steel bumper with a 3/16" thick steel base?

The Frame-Built Combo Bumper Base replaces the weak factory bumper with a 3/16" steel plate that is a sturdy platform for mounting a winch to. The base allows you to choose your end caps, winch guards, stingers or light bar attachments for a fully customized look.

For more information visit:

Looking for the BEST performing protection for the underside of your Jeep?

Our integrated Boat-Sided Armor & Skid Plate System is the undisputed choice. Not just a couple of cut pieces of steel bolted to the bottom of a Jeep, the GOLD zinc plated UnderCloak Armor is a completely formed system that covers vulnerabilities from the front to the back. 🥇

For more information visit:

rotect your Jeep from trail abuse!

The Overline Rocker Rails are boat-side style rockers that are trail-tested and offer maximum protection with rock bashing strength, and also provide the convenience of an unobtrusive tube step/rock rail, that keeps obstacles at a safe distance with the additional benefit of giving you stepping points for accessing your Jeep.

The Rocker Rails are built for abuse, featuring strong 1½" Steel Tubing and 7GA steel-plate, with additional welded gussets for strength.

For more information visit:

Get that extra protection while off-road. Our Overland option is a great choice for running trails and can include the rub-rail/flip step as an added feature.

For more information visit:

Looking to add rugged protection and a customized look to your MetalCloak frame-built bumper?

The Stinger’s low-profile design adds protection without obstructing your line of sight. Made of strong 3/16" hot rolled steel and 1 3/4” steel tubing.

For more information visit:

Looking for heavy-duty protection while out on the trails?

MetalCloak’s trail-tested Overline Rocker Rails are boat-side style rockers that offer maximum protection and rock bashing strength.

For more information visit:

Looking for more clearance and an LED upgrade while still using your stock fenders? Take advantage of your Rubicon Split Fender option with MetalCloak's Fender Gutz Delete & Hi Clearance Bracket - get hi-clearance with a clean factory fender look for your Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon.

For more information visit:

Lookin for an affordable upgrade that adds visibility and a customized look to your Jeep?

The switch from the old bulky, originally equipped, dim-incandescent taillight set is an energy-efficient and modern upgrade for your Jeep.
LED lights use less current, are, waterproof, produce zero heat, have a longer lifespan, and are much much brighter.

For more information visit:

Make sure your Jeep is protected while out four-wheeling on the trail.

The ExoSkins provide protection to the vulnerable rear wheel well openings of your 2-Door or 4-Door JK, without extensive body modifications-AND provides the mounting points for MetalCloak's Overline Rear Flares.

for more info visit:

Looking to upgrade the bumper on your TJ,YJ, or LJ?

Made of 7GA Hot-Rolled Steel and Powdercoated with our Premium Black Textured Powdercoat, the Frame-Built Base is rugged in function and sleek in design.

For more information visit:


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At MetalCloak we are a Systems-Based Company. Our philosophy is to develop systems that work incredibly well together, designing every individual part to function and improve that system.

From Computer Aided Design (CAD) of every part, to CNC manufacturing processes, we set a high standard of quality control to ensure that every product will fit your rig the right way every time!

And, of course, MetalCloak is a Certified Made in the USA company.

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