The Mysterious Bluffs.

Host: Micheal Midas.

Serial Killers, arrogant rock singers, over reaching government, and a blind ex-fireman. Micheal reacts to the absurdity of the dark times we live in.

Host: Micheal Midas

After the world succumbs to a strange virus, a lockdown is ordered in The Mysterious Bluffs. Swen and Ebba upload good news videos to their furniture store web site to comfort their clients. However, the videos have a bizarre effect on Micheal Midas that makes him go woke.

The Mysterious Bluffs Comedy Podcast - Audio

Host: Micheal Midas.

The perfect Swedish Neighbours. A dead bikini model. A little ride though hell...

Audio Podcast
Host: Micheal Midas.
Antiques Salesman Micheal Midas takes you on a dark satire adventure in a town called The Mysterious Bluffs. In this episode, Micheal recalls a dark experience at Piper's Panzarotti.
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Host: Michael Midas.

Michael Midas takes on a dark satire adventure in a town named The Mysterious Bluffs. In this episode, a vaccine has been developed to end the Greenland Flu, and it changes Micheal's perspective on fertility.

Greenland Flu episode:


Micheal Midas, takes you on a dark satire adventure in a town named the Mysterious Bluffs. In this episode Becky, a young ambitious women opens a coffee shop, but one of her servers, Stacy, is murdered during the first week of business.
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The Mysterious Bluffs is a free-think fiction podcast that lampoons politics to the paranormal. The episodes are serial fiction and current issues all rolled into one. Is your favourite football star a victim of Russian Interference? Will eased pot laws make life tougher on Billionaires? Is the local supermarket really a mind-control cult? Are aliens messaging us in our dreams?

These questions and more contemplated in each episode.

Written and Performed by Jay Walt.