TM 475.3 Prophecy MUST be fulfilled. Somebody is coming. When HE comes....

Studying using the Bible's appointed study-method brings a whole new light to end time events.

The SDA leaders agree the sanctuary is present truth for today.

God walks us through prophecy so we can know where Jesus is.

God has promised us perfect peace, no matter how difficult the task. No matter how dear the opposite seems to be to us.

Joseph is our second line of Thermopylae.

Binding Off Process is where we demonstrate to God whether we truly accepted Him or not.

God commands His people to be able to read the Bible and understand prophecy as He plans to bring events in our day.

God sent a man during worldwide food shortage twice in the Bible. He has a man ready to send again.

Prevent the ultimate home disaster NOW!!!!

God Tells Us over and over we must know the future and we learn it fro what is written in the past. 1Cor 10:11. Xerxes WINS!!!!

Even When We Mess Up BIG TIME God Expects Us to Go Forward. God uses Deeply Flawed people.

God gave us Revelation so we would know what is coming in our Future.

How can we safely know lies ahead in our future with Donald Trump? Revelation was given to us so we would know what is soon to come in our Future. God Commands His people to be able to know the Bible so Well that they know what is coming in our future, But He tells us how to know if the prophecy is real and to know that's where He is, John 13:19, John 14:29.

God will still use Trump.

Part 6 of this topic.

Guillotine laws already passed in House of Representatives1995 1996 session's. House Bill 1274. We didn't see this happen. Amazing, Code sections 17-10-38 17-10-44.

Why Would Donald Trump be giving a Freemasonry handshake?

Here find Bible exposing the Secret Societies.

Freemasonry is a big issue today. Its what's behind the trouble in our land. See who's here that you didn't expect to see.

Yes, you can find this content on Bitchute, but there are those who will one day view my videos who will not notice the others. Some of this many already know, but some of it will surprise you as you watch the entire series.

What are the people struggling for in this fight to push socialism upon us?

What was the struggle Miller Went Through to get his messge out?

What was Miller's Struggle to get his prophetic message out.

The battle between the church and socialism began long ago. The Bible told of it in about 750 BC.


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Jesus told us that those who have "correct prophecy" using the Rules laid out in the Bible governing Prophecy are where we would find HIM. John 13:19; Jn 14:29. He told us TWICE, that finding correct prophecy, using HIS RULES would show us where HE is.
This Channel is about learning the RULES which Isaiah and Jesus both told us the Pastors would no longer know. And we can see we have come to the day where NONE of the Pastors know because they can't even find the chapter, the whole chapter in the Bible which walks us event by event through the year 2020, including the outcome of the ELECTION! Amos 3:7 told us HE would tell the Prophets about such a year, such an event!
It's an EMERGENCY in the church that not ONE pastor can reveal the chapter! Not knowing the chapter leaves the church without the VISION! Do you know what happens when God's people don't have the vision? The people perish God says, Proverbs 29:18.
We don't want to be destroyed, we don't want our children lost! We must have the vision and where that vision is found, is where Jesus is found, is Christ's counsel to the church.
And there's not a single Pastor who has it on June 26, 2021! You can find it here after you learn the rules God laid down governing Prophecy!
We're all about God's RULES on this channel, not man's ideas, but God's. We allow God's Word to be the foundation of our faith, in these videos. So, don't come here expecting to be entertained or coddled. If you don't want the cold hard TRUTH, this isn't the place for you.