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https://twitter.com/TrueCrimeUpdat something doesn't sound right the way the legal system is handling this so far unless maybe they were involved also in a ring coverup? why else would they even consider a bond!? let him out to clean some other tracks

if they show you a new discovery, they already knew and discovered it 10 to 20 or even more years before you hear about it

this explains why people have Bluetooth connection after the jab and the people dropping dead that were coming out of china when this covid bs all started is the exact thing we see from the vaxed happening now this reminds me of The Cell by Stephen King really creepy movie I don't suggest


saving this for evidence if something happens

How many more disease have been caused by man for their own Profit that they blame nature for? I bet we can find lots I believe both sunscreens and diet cause skin cancer all man made Products or man processed foods that try to imitate what God already Ordained as Good

After the Brazilian government permitted the killing of motorcycle riders who rob & kill citizens - in order to put an end to this menace, this is what the citizens there are doing!!!
When Law Enforcement do not do their job, citizens will...could it be this is what the government wanted the people killing each other with a blood lust so nwo can come in n takeover the savages idk

this is old but its new to me we all know even pictures can be Dr up. but he does bring up some valid points it's all like watching a sci fi to me take everything with a grain of salt


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