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What Happened On This Day – May 21
1991 Former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, is assassinated

The attacker was a woman believed to be linked the Sri Lankan separatist militant organization, the Tamil Tigers. At least 14 people lost their lives in the suicide bombing.
1979 Violent clashes follow the lenient sentencing for Harvey Milk's murderer

Milk, the first openly gay U.S. politician, had been shot and killed together with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. The assassin, Dan White, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter only, triggering the White Night Riots.
1951 The 9th Street Show opens in New York

The ground-breaking art exhibition showing works by artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning is considered the birth hour of the artistic avant-garde referred to as the New York School.

1932 Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic

The U.S. aviatress' disappearance on an attempted round-the-world flight five years later is one of the most discussed unsolved mysteries in the history of flight.

1904 FIFA, the world governing body of association football, is founded

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association is responsible for the organization of the World Cup, which is one of the world's most viewed sporting events.
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When Enough Is Enough, What Will You Do?
Heroes Rise And March, To Remove That Boot On Your Face
Being A White Man Is So Hard

Sanctioned.>Adjective-Authorized, Approved, or Allowed: =Unlimited Accumulation of wealth was moral, religiously Sanctioned, and logical.
Half-Baked- Under-Cooked, Not Quite Ready, Not Very Stoned
Theories- The Beginning Of Solution,
The Science Is Settled From The Beginning- 1 : The point at which something begins start
Example> It was clear from the beginning that We The People would win.
2 : The first part We missed> the beginning of the movie.#TheGreatestShowOnEarth.
3 : Origin, source No one remembers what the beginning of this Pandemic was.
4 : A rudimentary stage or early period —usually used in plural
Critical Thinking, A Mind Is Like A Parachute, It Doesn't Work Unless It's Open__Frank Zappa
Enjoy Your Day

#CrimeMinister Is #Trending Everyday
Such A Pathetic #Dimwit,
How Long Can This Keep Going On? 5Years?

Other Examples
He #Deserved A Medal

Into The Abyss= EWE are All Beginning To Accept It
The Icing On The Cake=NETZERO BY 2050
The Order To Things=Digitally Forced Societal Blues By 2024
We Were At The Movies=.Losing Ones Itinerary Or Choosing The Wrong Pathway

Want To Go For A Trip Around The Sun?
What's Your Position?
Downrange One Mile, At Ninety-five Feet Per Second, Roll Completed
Inserting Filters, Returning to Base? No, Stand By, Getting Burnt By The Heat Is Coming Soon,..Downrange 35 Miles, ...,.....-.--.--.--.--This Concludes Our Broadcast,
We Are The Future, May As Well Smoke-em If Ewe Got-em.
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The First=Privacy
The Second=In Writing The Ultimate Check
Don't Think, Just Accept All Terms And Conditions
Then Blame Yourself, Yes It's Too Late, You've Lost It.
Have A Nice Day, While EWE Still Can.

The Smart Ones Survive So Don't Just Stand There, Give Us A Hand! We Do Anything In Those Days We Mastered Solid Rock!
Definition of #Conquer
1 : to gain or acquire by force of arms : subjugate conquer territory
2 : to overcome by force of arms : vanquish conquered the enemy
3 : to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition conquered the mountain
4 : to overcome by mental or moral power : surmount conquered her fear

The One's Who Lead, Get It,
The Others Just Follow Automatically,
They Will Eventually,..Get It> Mommy I'm #Starving!

What I Say, Is That When We Ride, Our Enemies DIE!
Road Dawgs Do Not Speak
There Is Something Terribly Wrong

It's 11 O'clock, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
A Step Back In Time, A Time When Life Was More Brutal,
A Time When A Price Was Put On A Life,
A Time For The Bounty Killers , That Time Has Arrived, Once Again.

Good Evening Ladies And Gentleman, And Nothing In Between.
Oh And,..No Body Cares. Now Rage All You Want.
Aluminium – Melting Point
Melting point of Aluminium is 660°C.
Titanium – Melting Point and Boiling Point
Melting point of Titanium is 1668°C.
Boiling point of Titanium is 3287°C.
Note that these points are associated with the standard atmospheric pressure.

It's Not #TheCats,
It's #TheDogs They
Got Trouble With.

For Now We See Through A Glass Darkly
Let Him Eschew Evil, And Do Good
Let Him Seek Peace, And Ensue It
For Their #Preaching Is Of Cursing And #Lies
Some Fell Among #Thorns

The Saturday Night Underground, Is Where,... EYE, Beaming LIVE From Greenland, Short Out Then, VIEWER DISINFECTION IS INVOLVED
Search The Cosmos For Life Using Wormholes, For A Rare Hump Me Dump Me,
Must Have Open Mind, For A Different View.
Critically Thinking Outside The Box, Is Illegal, Has Been Banned In Danish On The 19mm Band In Greenland, Belgrade, Copenhagen, And Making Good People Helpless, Won't Make Bad People Harmless, But Quite Frankly,, Crazy Things Really Do Happen. When Traveling The Worlds, So Don't Get Upset, You May Disagree, It's Quite Commonplace., Stay In School And Learn The Golden Rule., Don't Act The Fool, No Body Give Ya No Breaks and No F*%KS.

Have A Nice Day,...
While EWE, Still Can.

During The Alignment Process
Coming Into View
The Teams Are Giddy
Ten Thousand Points Of Light
Russia Denies That Claim
So Does He

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) WAS A Rare, Degenerative BRAIN DISEASE
Causes Dementia And Death. Although Its Symptoms Are Similar To
Diseases lLike Alzheimer's, CJD Progresses More Rapidly.
Oh And, There Is NO CURE For Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
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Uh HUH,..Yep,..That's Right,..
Have A Nice Day

Mississauga Miracle In The Nuclear Age Of Leaking Green & Yellow Gas
A Very Bad Day In The Canadian High Witness News History November 11 1979
The Deadly Mix> Propane, Chlorine Gas and Caustic Soda and Nu Finish
"In The Outer Limits Of Your Mind, Satanic Fury Brews
A Scheme To Overtake Mankind, Headline The Daily News"
"I Got A Grand Piano To Prop Up My Mortal Remains"
"Living In A River Of Darkness, Beneath The Neon Lights,.".
"We're Not Saying To Pick Up Guns And Start Shooting People"

Gun Smoked By A Little Black Book

>We< All Knew The Gun Was Loaded
It's The Nature Of The Business Smugglers Blues
Air America Chernobyl Explodes, Shuttle Challenger Explodes
73 seconds Into Flight WUWUfm
Cocaine INXS Florida Rum Runners Never Stopped
Rock Legend Phil Lynott Dies After Overdose Christmas Day Thin Lizzy
Brown Acid The MinuteMen D Boone Thrown From The Van and Killed
Miami Vice World Records Broken MIR Launched Mad Cow Disease Iran Contra

Intentionally Blank>Same As The Gene Editing Therapy Disguised As A Vaxxed Obscene Insert


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