In 1519 Ferdinand Magellan and 270 men on five ships would set sail from Spain in search of a navigable passage around the southern tip of South America and across the Sud Mar (the South Sea, which Magellan would rename Mar Pacifico, or the Pacific Ocean) to the spice islands of the East East Indies. Out of these 270 men, only 18 would complete the voyage and limp back to Spain on a single ship. Magellan met his end in the Philippines and was not one of these men. Antonio Pigafetta, however, was.

Antonio Pigafetta was an Italian scholar who joined Magellan's voyage as a Super-auxiliary with a small stipend. Almost everything we know about the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan came from the written accounts of Antonio Pigafetta who was very diligent about documenting their adventures accurately.
Though historians take everything that Pigafetta wrote at face value, they believe that his account of their adventures in Patagonia were entirely fanciful.... They arbitrarily decided this simply because of the fact that Pigafetta's account of this segment of the journey is contrary to the establishment's set narrative about evolution (Darwinism) and history in general. They are HIDING MANY THINGS FROM US!!! Here is a BEAUTIFUL example....a CAPTIVATING STORY that has never been properly my opinion. I did my best to remedy that.

This is just part of the FANTASTICAL DOCUMENTARY that I am constructing of Magellan's voyage. ENJOY!

Post note:. I have a really old phone and a very basic editing program. I'm sorry if the quality isn't up to your expectations. It did take me three months to make this. The music is mostly Irish, following the theme of this series. Some of the songs are over 100 years old, so there's that... Perhaps if you listen to the lyrics you can understand how they synch with the story....

(Partial) CREDIT: Ben3g

Looks like people are doing their part!
Trust the (our) plan! LOL

Wait for it ..

As Beijing Biden tumbles in the background...

I'm not even embarrassed of this guy anymore. The NWO stooge is just playing his part.....very well!
As America burns.....
The darkest of comedies.

Sorry Grandma. I won't forget next time

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No more need for Crisis Actors! A.I. can just autogenerate one!

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No additional information on this one

Just a quick story about some lady that texted me yesterday. I thought it was hilarious. (And no it was not automated. She responded accordingly for the most part)

5G is NOT for improving our communications or our lives. It is a WEAPON SYSTEM and WE are the targets!

Nothing is by accident. History and news are not the only things being rewritten. Goodbye Europa. You have been captured and enslaved. America is right behind you.

Coffee, coffee, coffee... Who doesn't need a little kick-start? Before you rush off to Starbucks, however, DON'T. Support a local business instead. Or, be smart and brew it yourself. Or.... DRINK WATER, lol. WHATEVER you do, don't support Starbucks---ESPECIALLY if you are a Christian.

Also, I forgot to mention this in the video, but Ishtar was the fertility goddess, and the baphomet head also symbolizes the female reproductive parts (as displayed in one short clip in this video) THAT is the connection between these symbols/icons, among other reasons.

I put together SIGNIFICANTLY OVER one hundred clips of people from around the world collapsing and dying on camera. I made this with a heavy heart. This is not for entertainment, though it is engaging to watch. I hope that someone can use this by showing it to someone who needs to see this degree of evidence to believe and understand that millions of people are getting murdered by these "experimental" substances. I don't think the covid vaccines are TOO experimental. These people, the manufacturers and others, KNEW EXACTLY what these concoctions would do when injected into an organism.

I don't want to get into the WHY or the WHO or the HOW. This is a stunning message itself. The visual imagery... You don't need to understand what people are saying in these clips. The footage makes the story very clear. Please forgive me for the horrible quality of a few of these super short clips. I gathered them from all over the place, and I did my very best to sharpen and enhance and produce this footage properly, but in some cases it's still a little fuzzy. Most of this video is EASY to see and comprehend, however, which is the entire reason I made it.

This is BAD. I called this 100 Vax Attacks but, really, it's probably 120 even with a few repeated scenes. The worst part? I could have made this 200, 300, 400.... The number was only limited by my lack of time to invest in such projects. This took me many, many hours to make. LONG nights sitting up, weary, blurry eyes... I felt as though it was very important, however. I do. I think this is really powerful. I've never seen anything like it. It's stunning. The music is part of the story. I'm sorry if you don't like it. Like in almost all of my videos, the music moves the imagery. It conveys other meanings, sometimes more in some videos than others. I did that here too, but I also tried to be respectful of these dead people by holding myself back from utilizing certain stylistic techniques.
I never expect many people to watch my videos, and I make no money from any of this, but sometimes I really want a certain video to go FAR and WIDE, to be spread to every corner of the internet. Some of my videos have done that in the past on Youtube and from Bitchute but you'll never know by looking at my channel. These videos get mirrored and mirrored and mirrored to the point where nobody knows the original source anymore. Please feel free to do that with this video.

I think if someone saw this in it's entirety and was not previously certain about covid vaccines being dangerous (DEADLY and WORSE) that this production would at least make them SHAKE THEIR HEAD IN AWE.
And think about it, this is just over a hundred cases. These are the ones ON CAMERA. How often does a person normally drop dead on camera in years past? WHY is this happening so frequently now? Why are there SO MANY CLIPS available to find? Even from behind the Great Firewall of China?

The establishment historians' logic and chronology and narrative do not add up.
COPIOUS quantities of ecclesiastical Buildings destroyed.
STAR shaped "pools of water" and the possibility that monasteries, cathedrals, and other ecclesiastical buildings were interconnected by water.
Structures DRASTICALLY "restored" concealing or removing old elements and features.
Intriguing aspects of these "medieval" structures that seem to have been purposefully hidden at some point in the past, usually during restorations and periods of drastic change.
Discrepancies regarding age of architectural styles like Romanesque and Gothic, among other things...
This researcher attempts to make sense of it all, focusing on structures in Britain where he lives.
CREDIT = EWARANON ( Labyrinth of the Lost Guild

There's something very intriguing (and suspiciously altered) about these "medieval" structures...


This is about as depraved, sociopathic, arrogant, and delusional as it gets! And yet, this guy is pushing at the forefront of the Beast System and is beloved by fakestream media everywhere. Surprise surprise.

Gorgeous map that was drawn by Diego Gutierrez in 1526 shows many of the things that famous explorers of the time encountered on their voyages. Gutierrez compiled these accounts as accurately as possible (thus the name, Exactissima Descriptio, or EXACT DESCRIPTION), but keep in mind the portrayal of Neptune and Cherubim are traditional cartographic figures in Sea maps. I'm not claiming that they were spotted by explorers. Besides that....
This information was VITAL to mariners who relied on these maps to avoid getting lost at sea. Only TWO copies of this map now exist. One was owned by Spain and the other is in the Library of Congress.
The evidence keeps RACKING UP -- The Giants of Patagonia --
I am constructing a DETAILED expose on this WELL-DOCUMENTED subject. During the course of my research I came across this AMAZING map that you absolutely HAVE TO SEE!

I dropped EVERYTHING I was working on today the moment I saw this video on Jim Crenshaw's channel. Though the title of this video and most of this description is very similar to the title and description that Crenshaw used, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE WITH EVERY WORD!

- Creep is desperate for his fiber. He is SO CONSTIPATED (he says over and over) He's BLEEDING SO MUCH! (he informs everyone) [Shudder and CRINGE)
- Predator screaming and crying like a child.
- Bullshit store employee getting in the way.
- Weird Creepy pedo meth guy crashes his car as he desperately tries to escape!
- Then he crashes his car AGAIN!
- Creep gets straight-up TACKLED (rugby style) to the pavement
- Gets arrested!
- And, as it turned out, he brought his meth bong and some stuffed animals to share with the thirteen year old kid.

Please note: just because this video is HILARIOUS doesn't mean that it isn't also DISTURBING. There are TOO MANY of these child predators in our societies. The abuse of children, worldwide, is a SERIOUS CRITICAL PROBLEM. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! LOOK OUT FOR THE CHILDREN OF FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS as well, and ANY OTHER CHILD that needs help, guidance, or protection. STAY VIGILANT! GUARD OUR LITTLE ONES AND KEEP THEM SAFE FROM THESE MONSTERS. that live amongst us. God bless you, and thank you.

CREDIT: People v Preds (although I first saw it on Jim Crenshaw here on Bitchute)

CREDIT for footage: SpeakingMyMind
💥Do not pass this up, powerful speech....
Machine gun truth bullets!

This a spiritual battle. Don't stop fighting!

Nothing on this Earth pisses me off more than people who hurt children and little things that cannot defend themselves. I'm so tired of these CRIMINALS taking advantage of GOOD PEOPLE. CPS is NOT A PROTECTIVE SERVICE FOR CHILDREN!!! CPS is the BIGGEST child trafficker in the United States, and they push their way around like they have LAWFUL AUTHORITY. THEY DO NOT!!!!

I struggled hard to find a way to explain to fight these evil people. In the end I decided to call in the services of a trusted associate (DAD vs CPS) who has GONE TO WAR with CPS and knows JUST HOW TO FIGHT THEM. Although Dad vs CPS made this video in a really awkward format, I did my best to make it legible and presentable in this format. I originally zoomed in on the scenes and showed more detail but I realized that it cut off too much of the footage, so I restored it to it's original format (but on a 16:9 ratio)

There's so much craziness coming out of Shanghai right now. It's horrible but definitely worth being aware of. We CANNOT let this happen in our countries! DO NOT BE APATHETIC


I'm not claiming ANYTHING. This ominous red sky could be caused by a plethora of things, and it might indeed portend something disastrous, as the Chinese fear....
Or it could be nothing phenomenal at all....a simple weather event caused by smog and fog....
But ANYWAY you look at it, this is VERY strange. A BRIGHT red sky right before a blood moon? I'm not pagan or superstitious, but I do observe my world with a critical eye and an open mind

Sorry, there are no 7'9" basketball players without gigantism (that I know of, lol). These were normal guys. Twins, in fact. Imagine that family!

I think this is really compelling evidence of REAL GIANTS, as it has been documented by the Library of Congress which, as far as sources go, is pretty credible (although there is a dark underlayer to the Library of Congress as well!)
I have a particular fondness for making these historical documentaries about these fascinating subjects. I love unraveling these deceptions...these myths....

Despite a media blackout ordered by a judge at the request of Rady's lawyers, and enforced by Google which is suppressing search results, I've brought you this breaking news. While it is not possible for me to verify this, it has become a trending hashtag/topic on Twitter and I suspect there is some truth to much? Uncertain. I do know that this could be a "spoof" so use discernment. I narrated the news story because I'm tired of all the garbage videos I see people pump out. At the very least you can hear a non robot voice explaining the story, lol.

Is Rady a fall guy? Or is this all a show? Do you think ANYTHING will come of this?
Personally.... I think not.

Pfizer's report of 1,291 side effects from the covid jab:

An unassailable case that the entire "pandemic" has been planned for a LONG time! This documentary shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have TEN years of ongoing pandemics from 2020 to 2030, revealed by WHO virologist Marion Koopmans. Though this is not shocking to those who have been paying attention (us), it's beautifully laid out to show you the bigger picture and all of the grimy details (of their plan) that are so damning and disgusting.
Credit: Jim Fetzer


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